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    Design basis of industrial acoustic separators

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    This study presents the process of obtaining a basic design for an industrial scale acoustic separator based on flow characteristics inside the separation chamber, on acoustic analysis within the chamber and calculated particle trajectories combining these two analyses. Adequate criteria for subsequent optimisation were evaluated. Results showed that positioning the piezoelectric transducer surfaces perpendicular to the flow direction and introducing chamber partitioning with multiple flow lanes to enforce laminar flow, resulted in high particle retention. The average particle displacement was found to be related to acoustic pressure in the fluid, showing large retention at peak pressures above 1 MPa or average pressures above 0.5 MPa for small (10 µm), near buoyant (1100 kg/m3) particles at a flow speed of 3.5 cm/s, thus providing comprehensible criteria for subsequent optimisation

    Gastrointestinal obstruction by solidification of enteral nutrition: a result of impaired digestion in critically ill patients

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    Introduction:Solidification of enteral nutrition may cause gastrointestinal obstruction, with severe complications. The effect of the composition of enteral nutrition on the tendency of casein to coagulate is increasingly acknowledged and new formulas may prevent solidification. To recognize patients in need of specific enteral nutrition, we have to identify the clinical risk factors for the development of gastrointestinal obstruction by the solidification of enteral nutrition. Materials and methods:The 58 cases summarized in this review were identified through a PubMed search. Results:Critically ill patients have several risk factors, including impaired digestion, and they are treated with medication that interferes with gastrointestinal function. Surgery of the upper gastrointestinal tract is thought to be the most important risk factor, leading to changes in both the anatomical structure and neurohormonal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, and to altered secretion of digestive enzymes. Conclusions:Awareness of risk factors in critically ill patients may help intensivists and surgeons take appropriate measures to prevent this complication. Critically ill patients with impaired digestion (e.g. after Whipple surgery) should be considered for alternative enteral nutrition formulas with noncoagulating proteins or hydrolyzed proteins

    Leadership ambidexterity: Key to stimulating team learning through team-oriented HRM? An explorative study among teacher teams in VET colleges

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    In vocational education and training (VET) colleges worldwide, teacher teams work on innovations to improve their educational quality. To foster this process, teams benefit from team-oriented human resource management (HRM) aimed at stimulating teachers’ team learning. This qualitative study explores in-depth how team leaders enact team-oriented human resource practices and how this affects teachers’ perceptions of these practices and their engagement in team learning. Interviews with four team leaders and group interviews with 11 teachers from these four teams were conducted in one VET college in the Netherlands. The results showed that team leaders were both controlling and stimulating in their enactment. To foster team learning, it appears not just necessary that team leaders’ enactment and teachers’ perceptions of this enactment should be aligned, but that team leaders’ enactment also should be geared towards the team’s needs. This study therefore shows team leaders’ crucial role in the effective implementation of team-oriented HRM in VET colleges

    Including context in consumer segmentation: a literature overview shows the what, why and how

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    Consumer segmentation is often used as a helpful tool to classify consumers into heterogeneous groups, for example, for marketing strategies or customized policy. Although previous studies generally show the relevance of context in understanding consumer choices, the amount of segmentation studies that include context is limited. This chapter provides an overview of the available literature and highlights the advantages of contextual consumer segmentation. We show that consumer choices are not made in isolation, but these choices are dependent on the context. Also the limited number of segmentation studies show that consumers have different preferences across different situations, such that a person-by-situation segmentation has promising results, resulting in highly relevant practical and theoretical possibilities for including context in consumer segmentation. This chapter provides a guideline of how to include context in consumer segmentation

    Auxin Response Factors : Output control in auxin biology

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    The phytohormone auxin is involved in almost all developmental processes in land plants. Most, if not all, of these processes are mediated by changes in gene expression. Auxin acts on gene expression through a short nuclear pathway that converges upon the activation of a family of DNA-binding transcription factors. These AUXIN RESPONSE FACTORS (ARFs) are thus the effector of auxin response and translate the chemical signal into the regulation of a defined set of genes. Given the limited number of dedicated components in auxin signaling, distinct properties among the ARF family probably contribute to the establishment of multiple unique auxin responses in plant development. In the two decades following the identification of the first ARF in Arabidopsis, much has been learnt about how these transcription factors act, and how they generate unique auxin responses. Progress in genetics, biochemistry, genomics, and structural biology has helped to develop mechanistic models for ARF action. However, despite intensive efforts, many central questions are yet to be addressed. In this review, we highlight what has been learnt about ARF transcription factors, and identify outstanding questions and challenges for the near future

    Haiti Start-Up mission design cold chain mango-avocado : Technical and financial evaluation for a logistics service for the control of the cold chain in the export of fresh products between Haiti and the United States

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    This report shares the findings of the first start-up mission to Haiti, exploring all relevant elements pertaining to the design of the mango and avocado cold chain for fruit export to the USA, with the possibility to extend logistics services to other fruits like pineapple. Findings of the mission will be used to produce a report on the technical design of the cold chain from tree harvest till arrival in Miami. The mission was exposed to the current realities and experiences of fruit production and export in Haiti and will factor these into the design of the proposal. Basic data and information on the two value chains are presented in chapter 2. During the mission a number of ideas and suggestions to improve the value chain have been discussed and explored, including logistical, economic and social elements. These are presented in the chapters 3 and 4 of the repor
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