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    Prikaz ženskih likova u Tramvaju zvanom čežnja Tennessee Williamsa

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    The play A Streetcar Named Desire, often regarded as one of the best plays of the twentieth century, was written in 1947 by American playwright Tennessee Williams. One of the recurring themes in the play is the conflict between fantasy and reality, honesty and lies, best depicted through the female protagonists of the play: Blanche DuBois and Stella Kowalski. They are sisters, the last representatives of a once aristocratic yet now moribund family. Blanche and Stella are both dependent on men in different ways and they both live in their fantasies, choosing to ignore the parts of reality they do not like. The first chapter of the paper is thus a short description of the theoretical approach utilized in the textual analysis of the play. The second chapter focuses on the play’s women characters: first, on Blanche DuBois and her relationship with her sister Stella, her brother-in-law Stanley, and her love interest Mitch; then on Stella Kowalski, her marriage with Stanley, and her relationship with Blanche, and lastly on one of the minor female characters in the play – Eunice

    Neverbalna komunikacija u razredu

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    When it comes to communication, language allows people to communicate with great precision as it represents an important tool of communication. However, it is not always the most important one and it is often said that how people act is more important than what they say. If our nonverbal communication is not aligned with the words we have spoken, our message will be misinterpreted. Majority of messages we exchange with people around us have a nonverbal component to them. We are often unaware of both our as well as of other people’s nonverbal communication since it consists of numerous channels or subcodes, such as proxemics, haptics, physical appearance, kinesics, vocalics, and many other. When children reach school age, a whole new world of communication opens to them and they also learn how to express themselves. Therefore, teachers must be able to approach children on their level of communication, and one way to do it is via nonverbal communication. Every skillful teacher must be aware of his/her nonverbal communication. Despite the fact that it is not easily controlled, nonverbal behaviour plays an important role in teaching process. Bearing in mind the power of this type of communication, the aim of this thesis is to give an overview of the forms of possible teachers’ nonverbal communication behaviours and the effects they have on students’ success, especially in light of the fact that teachers play an important role in raising children, not just educating them

    Validation of the immersed boundary surface method in computational fluid dynamics

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    Cilj ovog rada je predstaviti teorijsku i praktičnu pozadinu metode uronjene granice implementirane u foam-extend 4.1, odnosno njene prednosti i nedostatke. Glavni cilj metode uronjene granice je pojednostavljenje izrade mreža u računalnoj dinamici fluida, što može dovesti do značajnog smanjenja količine ljudskog rada koji se mora uložiti pri pripremanju simulacija u računalnoj dinamici fluida, pogotovo kod simulacija sa složenim geometrijama. Također, metoda uronjene granice može donijeti određene prednosti kod simulacija s pomičnim mrežama, u vidu smanjenja računalne zahtjevnosti takvih simulacija. Glavni nedostatak metode uronjene granice je smanjenje točnosti rješenja na uronjenim granicama (površinama simuliranih objekata). Metoda uronjene granice implementirana u foam-extend 4.1 je ovdje validirana na trima slučajevima: unutarnje strujanje u 2-D slučaju u cijevi sa naglim proširenjem, vanjsko strujanje oko Onera M6 krila i strujanje u Francisovoj turbini, što je pogotovo zanimljiv slučaj za metodu uronjene granice. Rezultati simulacija izvedenih uporabom metodom uronjene granice su uspoređeni sa rezultatima simulacija izvedenim konvencionalnim načinom izrade mreže. Rezultati simulacija su zadovoljavajući, odnosno, smanjenje točnosti rješenja na uronjenim granicama je dovoljno maleno da implementaciju metode uronjene granice u foam-extend 4.1 možemo ocjeniti kao dobru.The aim of this thesis is to describe the Immersed Boundary Method version implemented in foam-extend 4.1, both its advantages and shortcomings. The main goal of the Immersed Boundary Method is to simplify the mesh generation process in Computational Fluid Dynamics, which can lead to drastic reductions of human time needed for setting up simulations, especially for simulations with complex geometries. Additionally, it can offer certain advantages in simulations with moving meshes, as it can decrease the computational requirements of such cases. The main shortcoming of the Immersed Boundary Method is loss of solution accuracy on immersed boundaries (surfaces of simulated objects). The foam-extend 4.1 Immersed Boundary Method is here validated on three cases: internal 2-D flow over a backward facing step, external flow around the Onera M6 wing, and the flow in a model Francis turbine, which is an especially interesting case, concerning the Immersed Boundary Method. The results of the Immersed Boundary Method simulations are compared to the results of equivalent body-fitted (conventional) simulations. The simulation results are generally satisfactory, as the loss of accuracy was modest enough to assess the foam-extend 4.1 implementation of the Immersed Boundary Method as successful

    "Američka horor priča" kao adaptacija "Pada kuće Usherovih" E. A. Poea

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    In the year 1839 one of Edgar Allan Poe’s greatest macabre masterpieces “The Fall of the House of Usher” was published. This piece, along with others Poe wrote, such as ''The Black Cat”, “The Cask of Amontillado”, “The Raven”, was used as an inspiration to numerous other authors and TV show producers in creating their horror works. Through comparative interpretation, this paper aims to highlight the similarities between Edgar Allan Poe’s short story “The Fall of the House of Usher” and FX’s TV show American Horror Story which has eight seasons with more to be aired in the next couple of years. Themes used for comparison, which happen to be some of the most frequently used tropes in gothic literature, are the haunted house, mental illness, claustrophobia, incest, burying alive and coming back from the dead. In analysing the TV show, its four seasons were used: Murder House, Asylum, Coven and Cult

    Importance of Oeko-Tex Standard for Textile Industry

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    Textile production is extremely complex and involves a multitude of mechanical and physico-chemical processes. It is often very demanding in terms of energy, water and chemicals, in relation both to the environment and the employees in the production processes. Textile product which is produced in eco-friendly manner and processed under eco-friendly limits is called ecotextile. In ecotextile production it is very important to be aware about economic, social and environmentally sustainable product development processes. The producers are the most important factor for environmentally friendly textiles production. For textile consumers the most important interest is the issue of possible influence of hazards from textile products on human health which is called - human ecology. From human-ecological point of view it is clear that the most important tendency is that the product has no harmful effect on health. Ecolabelling is only one type of environmental labelling that refers specifically to the provision of information to consumers about the relative environmental quality of product materials and substances used in textile industry. Such labelling take the form of Ecolabels awarded by programs operated at national or regional levels. OEKO-TEX® (the International Association for Research and Testing in the field of textile and leather ecology) is the most widespread and best known label for textiles tested for harmful substances on a global level. OEKO-TEX Standard 100 focused on the development of methods for testing of pH, dangerous substances like heavy metals, toxic dyes, crop protection substances and carcinogenic substances like formaldehyde, phenols or pesticide in testing articles. In addition, test methods must also be in accordance with the requirements of these standards. If all components of a textile comply with the requirements of the Oeko-Tex criteria catalogue without exception, the textile manufacturer receives certification and is entitled to use the Oeko-Tex label to mark the products in the shops. The Ecolabel and Oeko-Tex Standard recognition and purchases of ecolabelled products is the criteria used as "guidance tools" and key indicator for development and sustainability of the textile industry. Institutes as participants of certification by Oeko-Tex standard are one of the most important factors. Based on their expertise and competence, testing and compliance statement, the customer is able to gain insight into 4 the quality of the product due to the impact on human health and the conditions of production including the environment

    Oštećenja vida uslijed diskinetskih poremećaja pokreta očiju u djece s diskinetskom cerebralnom paralizom

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    Despite the fact that ocular and cerebral visual abnormalities are shown to be very frequent in cerebral palsy (CP), children with CP are underreferred to rehabilitation services for visual impairments. Visual component is, together with the motor disorder, an integral part of the clinical picture of CP and not an associated symptom. Therefore, an accurate detection of visual disorders and visual function not only lead to a complete clinical diagnosis but also to an appropriate intervention plan. Hence, the need for a study aiming specifically to describe all the aspects of visual involvement in the dyskinetic CP. Research goals were aimed at gaining insights into the nature of visual impairments and functional vision of children with dyskinetic CP, determining the nature of connection between visual functions and functional vision, with an emphasis on searching for dyskinetic eye movement disorder for understanding the difficulties in performing visual activities of two children with dyskinetic CP from the Zagreb’s county register of CP, which is part of national C28 RCP-HR-Register of cerebral palsy of Croatia included in Surveillance Cerebral Palsy Europe (SCPE). The data were collected using standardized and non-standardized tests for visual function assessment. Dyskinetic eye movement disorder was tested comparing the tested results of visual functions. Functional vision was tested through the observation of the children’s behavior and through open structured questions addressed to parents. Cerebral visual impairment was examined by a questionnaire for cerebral visual impairment screening. Qualitative research analysis shows which ocular and cerebral visual impairments are present as well as their relation to visual functioning. Moreover, it shows clinical features of dyskinetic eye movement disorder that haven’t been shown present among tested children. Since this is the second research up to this date, testing an eye movement disorder that specifically occurs in dyskinetic CP, its characteristics are further discussed and defined. In contrary to previous study, in a child where highly inefficient visual functioning was shown, the cause goes wider from the abnormal eye motility. It consists of combination of several motor and sensory problems (lacking binocular visual acuity, contrast sensitivity, fixation, voluntary eye movements and oculomotricity). Due to the small sample and findings that are, on account of heterogeneity of dyskinetic CP hard to compare, future research is needed to expand overall knowledge of functional vision and visual functions needed for planning rehabilitation and education management for children with dyskinetic CP.Unatoč činjenici da su okularne i cerebralne vizualne abnormalnosti česte u cerebralnoj paralizi (CP), djeca s CP nedostatno podliježu uslugama rehabilitacije oštećenja vida. Vizualna komponenta je, zajedno s motoričkim poremećajem, sastavni dio kliničke slike CP, a ne samo pridruženi simptom. Točno otkrivanje vizualnog profila djece s CP dovodi do sveobuhvatne kliničke dijagnoze i do odgovarajućeg plana intervencije. Stoga je potrebna studija čiji je cilj opisati sve aspekte vizualne uključenosti u diskinetskom tipu CP. Ciljevi istraživanja bili su usmjereni na stjecanje uvida u prirodu vidnih funkcjia i funkcionalnog vida djece s diskinetskom CP, utvrđivanje prirode povezanosti vizualnih funkcija i funkcionalnog vida, s naglaskom na otkrivanje diskinetskog poremećaja pokreta očiju, kako bi se poboljšalo razumijevanje poteškoća u izvođenju vizualnih aktivnosti dvoje djece s diskinetskom CP iz zagrebačkog županijskog registra CP-a, koji je dio nacionalnog registra C28 RCP-HR cerebralne paralize Hrvatske uključen u Surveillance Cerebral Palsy Europe (SCPE). Podaci su prikupljeni korištenjem standardiziranih i nestandardiziranih testova za procjenu vidnih funkcija. Diskinetski poremećaj pokreta očiju testiran je uspoređujući testirane rezultate vidnih funkcija. Funkcionalni vid testiran je promatranjem dječjeg ponašanja u vizualnim zadacima i kroz otvorena strukturirana pitanja upućena roditeljima. Cerebralno oštećenje vida ispitano je upitnikom za screening na cerebralno oštećenje vida. Kvalitativna analiza podataka pokazuje koja su okularna i cerebralna oštećenja vida prisutna kao i njihov odnos prema funkcionalnom vidu. Budući da je ovo drugo do sada istraživanje ispitivanja diskinetskog poremećaja pokreta očiju koji je karakterističan za diskinetsku CP, opisana su njegova klinička obilježja. Suprotno već objavljenoj studiji, kod djeteta kod kojeg je prikazano vrlo neučinkovito vizualno funkcioniranje, uzrok je širi od abnormalne pokretljivosti oka. Sastoji se od kombinacije nekoliko motoričkih i senzoričkih problema (nedostatna binokularna oštrina vida, kontrastna osjetljivost, fiksacija, voljni pokreti očiju i okulomotorika). Zbog malog uzorka i nalaza koji su zbog heterogenosti diskinetičke CP teško usporedivi, potrebna su buduća istraživanja kako bi se proširilo sveukupno znanje o diskinetskom poremećaju pokreta očiju, funkcionalnom vidu i vizualnim funkcijama potrebnim za planiranje edukacije i rehabilitacije djece s diskinetskom CP

    Distopijski elementi u Igrama gladi Suzanne Collins

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    Suzanne Collins’s most popular work The Hunger Games, published in 2008, is the first novel in The Hunger Games trilogy. Although the entire trilogy contains the elements of dystopia, the first novel in the trilogy best explains how the dystopian universe that Suzanne Collins created works. The aim of this paper is to single out the dystopian elements in The Hunger Games and to explain how they work in the narrative space of the novel. The dystopian elements that are going to be discussed are: inequality, the abuse of advanced technology (especially throughout the reality show), the pessimistic outlook on life, oppression, the loss of free will and identity, the control of information, scapegoating, and distraction

    Applying the Dispa-SET model to the analysis of the water-power nexus in the Western Balkan and neighbouring countries

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    U ovom radu proučava se poveznica između tri postojeća modela. U svrhu energetskog modeliranja i prikaza rezultata za različite ulazne podatke stvara se poveznica između LISFLOOD hidrološkog modela i Dispa-SET modela koji simulira energetski sustav definirane regije. Odabrano simulirano područje obuhvaća zemlje Zapadnog Balkana, Srbija, Bosna i Hercegovina, Sjeverna Makedonija, Crna Gora, Albanija, Kosovo, te tri susjedne države, Hrvatska, Slovenija i Grčka. U sklopu zadatka bilo je potrebno pokazati poveznicu između hidrologije i energetskog sustava promatranog područja. Cjelokupni model sastoji se od tri povezana modela. LISFLOOD model je hidrološki model koji se koristi za simuliranje hidrologije i/ili poplava na određenom području, a u sklopu ovog rada koristi se u obliku ulaznih podataka vezani na protoke rijeka i padalinama na definiranim područjima. Protoci rijeka i padaline potrebni su kao ulazni podaci za proizvodnju hidroelektrana u Dispa-SET modelu. Dispa-SET model može se podijeliti na dva zasebna modela. Prvi model je Dispa-SET Medium-Term Hydrothermal Coordination (Dispa-SET MTHC) model koji se na kratkoročnoj razini, u ovome radu na razini jedne godine uz vremenski korak od jednog dana, koristi za izračun proizvodnje protočnih hidroelektrana i razine vode hidroelektrana koje koriste akumulacije. U Dispa-SET MTHC modelu detaljno se definiraju tehnički podaci za pojedinu hidroelektranu dok su ostale proizvodne jedinice definirane uz osnovne tehničke značajke. Rezultati Dispa-SET MTHC modela i podaci dobiveni iz LISFLOOD modela koriste se kao ulazni podaci za Dispa-SET Unit Commitment and Dispatch (Dispa-SET UCD) model u kojem se detaljno definiraju tehnički podaci za pojedinu elektranu vezano na njenu fleksibilnosti i cjelokupnu proizvodnju u definiranom energetskom sektoru. Rezultati Dipsa-SET UCD modela daju detaljan prikaz rada pojedinog postrojenja i njihove isplativosti kao i ekonomske pokazatelje cjelokupne regije. U sklopu rada prikazan je utjecaj različitih hidroloških godina na energetski sustav promatranog područja koji je definiran u sklopu pojma poveznice hidrologije i proizvodnje energije. (eng. water-power nexus, water-energy nexus)This study describes the implementation of three different models for detailed analysis of impacts on the regional power system for different hydrological years. The region includes countries Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Albania and Greece. Combining the hydrological LISFLOOD model with Dispa-SET models for simulation of the regional power system, three scenarios for dry, average and wet year were studied to investigate the regional power system output for different hydrological conditions. The first part of the study included gathering data needed for detailed representation of regional power system participants and analysis of data from the LISFLOOD model provided by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC). Data on regional power systems were obtained from available databases and documentation published by regional TSO’s. Details on region hydrology and power system of each country is described in the first two sections. Three mentioned models are in more detail described in Section 3. The LISFLOOD model is included in the study in the form of its results that are needed as input data for Dispa-SET models. Water inflows are crucial for a successful run of Dispa-SET models that can be divided into Dispa-SET Medium-Term Hydrothermal Coordination model (Dispa-SET MTHC) and Dispa-SET Unit Commitment and Dispatch model (Dispa-SET UCD). Dispa-SET MTHC model is used to in detail represent hydropower generation of each unit included in the study. Results in the form of hydropower generation for run-of-river units and reservoir levels of hydropower units with accumulations are used as input data for Dispa-SET UCD model. Besides power generation, results from UCD model include economical, commitment and power dispatch values for each unit and aggregated by country or region. The model was validated based on the hydropower generation for the reference year (2015). Results on three different hydrological years, 2007, 2015 and 2010 used as dry, average and wet year, respectively, are shown in Section 6. Region hydropower generation was compared to available statistical data from ENTSO-E and International Energy Agency. The study shows model results on power system operation for different hydrological conditions

    Učenje engleskog izgovora u nastavi engleskog kao stranog jezika iz perspektive učenika i nastavnika

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    This study focuses on EFL learners’ and teachers’ perspectives of, pronunciation teaching, but also of pronunciation and accent in general, because of their importance and connection with pronunciation teaching in foreign language. The participants in the study were high school learners and teachers from Grammar school in Vinkovci, Croatia. The results have shown that the learners are keen on perfecting their pronunciation to sound as native-like as possible, but that they also do not really mind sounding foreign. When it came to pronunciation teaching, learners stated that they would prefer their teacher to speak with an American English accent, but would not mind her having a Croatian accent, as long as it did not make it hard for them to understand what she was saying. Almost half of the learners stated that they did not do pronunciation exercises for segments that differ from the sounds of the Croatian language in class. More than half (60%) of the learners do wish that they did the exercises. The results also show that the vast majority of learners think that the media has a greater effect on their pronunciation and accent than their teacher does. Teachers, on the other hand, expressed little interest in perfecting their pronunciation, and admitted that they did prioritize grammar and vocabulary over pronunciation when teaching

    Reprezentacija ženskih likova u CW seriji Supernatural (Lovci na natprirodno)

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    The handling of female characters in Eric Kripke’s Supernatural has long been a questionable one. In its fifteen-year air time, Supernatural has not wavered far from its twomen core cast but has introduced many side characters that accompanied the Winchester brothers along their way of fighting the supernatural across the US. Considering the essential role women have played in establishing and creating for the gothic and horror genre, from which Supernatural draws inspiration and pays homage to, this work aims to present an analysis of the role women played in this TV series concerning their roles in the plot, possible character development, longevity, visual and first appearance. In its main part, the paper takes six of the most notable female characters featured and categorizes them into three character archetypes most commonly represented in gothic and horror literature and media: Damsels (Mary Winchester and Jessica Moore), Villains (Lilith and Abaddon) and Heroines (Jo Harvelle and Charlie Bradbury). The paper also references heavily works concerned with traditions of horror, female representation within the genre, works written specifically about the show, and the show itself as source material for the arguments presented. What is gained from this analysis is that often enough, the show follows the simplistic blueprint of writing women without providing enough to make them fully formed characters, more often than not using them to drive forward either plot or main (male) character development and getting violently rid of them as soon as their purpose is served. The instances of subverting what is expected of the characters are few and non-satisfying, leaving a show with a predominantly female fanbase devoid of relatable female characters.Način obrade ženskih likova u seriji Erica Kripkea Supernatural (Lovci na natprirodno) već se poduže smatra upitnim. Tijekom svog petnaestogodišnjeg emitiranja, serija Supernatural nije puno proširivala svoju središnju postavu od dva glavna lika, ali je uvedeno mnoštvo sporednih likova koji su pratili put braće Winchester u njihovom lovu na natprirodno po SAD-u. Uzimajući u obzir veliku ulogu žena u utvrđivanju i stvaranju za horor žanr, iz kojeg Supernatural vuče inspiraciju i kojem odaje počast, cilj ovog rada je predstaviti analizu ženskih uloga u ovoj seriji, primarno njihovih uloga u radnji, mogućnost razvitka lika, dugovječnost, izgled i način kako su prvi put prikazane. U glavnom dijelu, ovaj rad uzima za analizu šest najupečatljivih ženskih likova iz serije i analizira ih unutar tri arhetipa koji su zastupljeni u gotičkoj i horor literaturi i medijima: damu u nevolji (Mary Winchester i Jessica Moore), ženskog negativca (Lilith i Abaddon), te heroinu (Jo Harvelle i Charlie Bradbury). Ovaj rad se također poziva na radove pisane na temu tradicije horor žanra, reprezentaciju ženskih likova u žanru, radove pisane specifično o seriji Supernatural, te samu seriju kao izvorni materijal za predstavljene argumente. Zaključak ove analize je da serija često samo prati jednostavne predloške za stvaranje ženskih likova, bez dovoljno informacija da bi lik bio potpun i trodimenzionalan, da su ženski likovi najčešće samo način da se pokrene radnja ili dodatno okarakterizira glavni (muški) lik, i da nestanu s ekrana čim ispune svoju svrhu. Primjeri svrgavanja onog što se očekuje od likova su rijetki i ne zadovoljavaju, što ostavlja seriju s većim dijelom ženskih obožavatelja bez ženskih likova s kojima bi se mogle poistovjetiti


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