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    Öffentliche Bibliotheken 2024: Stand und Entwicklung

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    For this report, 50 randomly selected annual reports from public libraries in the German-speaking countries were analyzed. These reports generally referred to the year 2023, although some already contained plans for the year 2024 or put certain figures, such as those on circulation or active users, in relation to previous years. The reports were coded according to what the libraries addressed in them, i.e. which topics, challenges, developments, results or examples were mentioned

    La gestión de la comunicación externa digital en bibliotecas universitarias. El caso de las bibliotecas pertenecientes a la Red de Bibliotecas de Universidades Católicas y de Orientación Católica en Argentina

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    The management of digital external communication within the Catholic and Catholic-oriented University Libraries Network (BUCOC) is examined in terms of policies and plans. The professional training of individuals responsible for management, as well as collaborators involved in this task, is also explored. The results stem from a descriptive study of a non-experimental design, specifically of a transectional type, conducted from July 2020 through January 2022. In conclusion, there is limited evidence of the development of management documents for organizational communication. The training of collaborators appears to be more focused on social media management and digital marketing

    Proyecto InfluScience: la ciencia española a través de sus altméricas [The In-fluScience project: Spanish science through its altmericas]

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    The article focuses on the description of the InfluScience project and the results achieved. It outlines the project's objectives, which center on analyzing Spanish scien-tific production from the perspective of altmetrics. The project aims to measure the mediatic, social, educational, and political impact of Spanish publications in Web of Science. Additionally, the methodology of the project is detailed with all the data col-lected, and it provides a description of the InfluScience rankings and their coverage of authors, institutions, publications, etc. The article describes the interface and offers some original results focused on universities and their performance through altmetric indicators and influential researchers. The text is accompanied by complementary publications, access to data, and other platforms such as Alt-Andalus or InfluScience UGR

    The Relationship Between Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Organizational Performance of Librarians

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    Purpose: The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between organizational citizenship behavior and job performance among public librarians in Ilam province. Methodology: The methodology applied for this research was descriptive and correlational in nature, with data collected through survey methods. Utilizing the organizational citizenship behavior questionnaire developed by Podsakoff et al. (1990) and the job performance questionnaire by Paterson (1970), the study focused on the librarians in Ilam province in 2023. With three predictor variables considered, a confidence level of 0.95, test power of 0.90, and G*Power software indicating a minimum required sample size of 99 individuals, a total of 103 participants were included in the analysis after accounting for an additional 5% sample volume. Findings: The findings revealed significant relationships between altruism and civil virtue among librarians, as well as associations between respect for librarians and their job performance. However, no significant correlations were found between conscientiousness or chivalry and job performance. Conclusion: In democratic systems, increasing attention is being placed on citizen participation. Active engagement from organizational members as good citizens is crucial for fostering positive behaviors within an organization. Recognizing organizational citizens as valuable resources, their behavior plays a key role in overall success. This study highlights the positive link between organizational citizenship behavior and librarian performance in Ilam province. Value: This study adds to the existing literature by examining the impact of organizational citizenship behavior on librarian job performance and underscores the importance of this relationship in enhancing professional performance. The results can offer valuable insights for cultural officials, public library managers, and policymakers seeking to motivate library staff effectively

    The future of evaluation and publishing in open science contexts = El futuro de la evaluación y la publicación en contextos de ciencia abierta

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    Presentation at the International Science Council, Global Knowledge Dialogue Latin America and the Caribbean (ISC-GKD-LAC), Santiago de Chile, 11 April 2024. https://council.science/events/isc-gkd-lac

    Identificação das marcas de proveniência no acervo da Biblioteca Brasiliana Guita e José Mindlin/USP e suas contribuições para a ampliação dos critérios de raridade bibliográfica nacional: um estudo preliminar

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    This article presents the collection of the Biblioteca Brasiliana Guita and José Mindlin of the University of São Paulo (BBM-USP) and the need to identify the provenance marks of Brasiliana and Brasiliense works, in order to establish procedures and library processes for identifying rare and special works in the library context, thus contributing to the expansion of the national discussion about bibliographic rarity criteria. This is a discussion to define these bibliographic rarity criteria, based on theoretical references within the scope of Rare Book Librarianship, for the safeguarding, conservation, preservation, curation, digitization, availability, use and development of the collection, taking into account consideration of the specificities, aspects, its context and the role of BBM-USP at the University of São Paulo

    A Descriptive Analysis of AI Guides in Academic Libraries

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    The purpose of this work is to do an exploratory descriptive analysis of topics included in Artificial Intelligence (AI) electronic library guides of academic libraries. AI library guides from members of the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) are chosen for selection. Of the 48 libraries randomly selected, 25 have AI guides. Data collected was subject to a content analysis process which included the use of terms co-occurrence using the VOSviewer software. The results show three clusters of terms, which are complemented with the discussion of materials found in the guides

    Combatiendo la desinformación desde la Universidad. Talleres de fact-checking en asignaturas de Periodismo [Fighting disinformation from the University. Fact-checking workshops in Journalism subjects]

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    Journalism is going through difficult times to defend its role as gatekeeper of fake news. Perhaps, itsnext challenge will beto focus on the future communication professionals, today still university students. Promote active methodologies, applicable to the real case in university classrooms, prepare students to detect disinformation, hoaxes and lies, and especially, focus on how to prepare the news by inserting the marks of informative qual-ity (contrast of sources, use of background, contextualization, explanation and interpre-tation of the facts, in addition to an informative language) and combat the risks in a necessary digital scenario

    El periodismo local reinventa estrategias. Decálogo para los desafíos en tiempos de inteligencia artificial [Local journalism reinvents strategies. Decalogue for the challenges in times of artificial intelligence]

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    Local and hyperlocal journalism is experiencing times of great change. It is reinventing and reinforcing strategies to survive in a scenario where news deserts have increased, many local media have disappeared and many news projects are finding it difficult to keep up with the pace of production and innovation imposed by the digital ecosystem. The digital transition has led to the appearance of many native media, especially due to the reduction of procedures and the ease of creating a platform on the web, but few had solid projects. Now, with the massive arrival of Artificial Intelligence (AI), many of these media outlets that have resisted the onslaught of adaptation, are convinced that they must review their strategies and look back at their audiences, who have not always been known in depth or understood their needs and demands, despite the multiple metrics that exist to monitor media consumption

    Inteligencia Artificial y propuesta de una nueva Constitución.

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    On September 4, 2022, and December 17, 2023, two proposals for a new Constitution for Chile were submitted to plebiscite, both of which were rejected by the citizens, which in economic terms meant a significant expense for the national treasury and a considerable level of uncertainty. Will it be possible to draft a Constitution with a national and consensual vision, through the so-called Artificial Intelligence, that achieves unity and leaves the majority of the members of Chilean society in agreement? The author of this paper attempts to answer this question through a conversation between university professors and systems enginee


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