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    Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) include various forms of physical and emotional abuse that lead to detrimental long term effects. Agalychnis callidryas (red-eyed tree frogs) have been identified as a novel biomedical model for ACEs. Red-eyed tree frogs demonstrate an escape hatch mechanism under stressors including those from predators, flooding and hypoxia where the embryo undergoes an accelerated developmental process similar to what is observed in the human population regarding precocious puberty. In order to assess this model for neurobiological outcomes of ACEs, morphological and genomic protocols must be developed and validated which is this study’s focus. Paraffin embedding and microtome sectioning were identified as the best method of presentation, embedding and sectioning. The validation of this protocol using H&E staining, cresyl violet staining and CRF antibody studies to explore differences associated with the two rearing groups (early and normal hatched tadpoles) will be presented. RNA sequencing was used to validate the approach of different rearing conditions. Developing this model is crucial to characterize the mechanisms by which ACEs lead to altered behavior and physiology. This work brings us closer to creating better treatments for the hundreds of thousands of people suffering from ACEs and their effects

    Australasian Lophothamnion J.Agardh aligns genetically with Pleonosporium Nägeli (Wrangeliaceae, Spongoclonieae): new species from the western Atlantic

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    During a genetic analysis of western Atlantic Wrangeliaceae J.Agardh, specimens closely related to the generitype of Lophothamnion J.Agardh fell into a clade including the generitype of the earlier described Pleonosporium Nägeli, causing us to subsume the former genus. Two new species are described, P. novae-angliae G.W.Saunders & C.W.Schneider, sp. nov. for specimens from southern New England and New York, United States, formerly identified there as P. borreri (Smith) Nägeli, and P. ricksearlesii C.W.Schneider & G.W.Saunders, sp. nov. from Bermuda. The relationship of Pleonosporium with its sister genus Spongoclonium Sonder is discussed with the transfer of Spongoclonium australicum Womersley to Pleonosporium

    The Influence of Preventive Dental Care and its Role on the Patient-Provider Relationship

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    Identität in Schwarz und Weiß: Die Übersetzung der Afro-Deutschen Identität in den Werken von May Ayim

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    Many parts of our being are attached to how we identify and with whom we identify. Theoretically, how we identify is based largely on one’s own choices, but such freedom is not always the case. Unfortunately, identity is often imposed upon one by the surrounding racial and ethnic majority. Like many non-white people in a white environment, this was the case for the German poet and activist, May Ayim. May Ayim (1960-1996) was born to a white German mother and a black Ghanian father. Although Ayim spoke German, grew up in Germany, and was fully acculturated into German society, she moved through German society as a foreigner. Ayim’s racial and cultural identity were incompatible with one another. In order to combat the German socially defined concept of “German-ness,” Ayim and a group of black German women began the Afro-German movement. This thesis discusses the concept of Black racial and cultural identity within a German context. Through an understanding of German colonial history and the German politics of identity, this thesis will make clear the catalyst for the Afro-German Movement. The Afro-German Movement was created and led by black German women, and it was sustained by their will for self-identification, self-determination, and sense of belonging in their own homeland. This movement broke down walls through creative mediums, such as music and literature. May Ayim, one of the leaders of the Afro-German Movement, used poetry to voice her experiences and identity as a black woman in Germany. In this thesis, I examine the Afro-German identity in Ayim’s poems, and how it has been translated into English. More specifically, I examine the intricacies of the Afro-German Movement through the analysis of language in Ayim’s poems. Language and translation act as the bridge between cultures, a main goal of the Afro-German movement. Therefore, through the examination of translation and language, I can fully uncover the impact of the Afro-German Movement. Finally, I present my own English translations of five poems written by May Ayim

    Parent Experiences Navigating the Hartford Youth Scholars Program Application

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    In the United States, large disparities in education and educational attainment across racial and ethnic groups continue to exist. To combat this disparity, families may look for opportunities that will help their child succeed such as academic programming/enrichment. Hartford Youth Scholars (HYS) is one such program, located in Hartford, CT. While programs such as HYS exist, these programs are usually in demand and unfortunately, due to lack of resources and funding, there are only a limited number of students programs have the capacity to admit. While this is the case, it’s important that all families have a fair shot at applying to programming. Through this qualitative study, I interviewed 13 parents in both English and Spanish and asked them questions pertaining to their experience navigating the HYS program application and the accessibility of the application. Based on my analysis of parent interviews, participants found the HYS application to be accessible for Spanish, Bilingual, and English-speaking parents, however, some parents pointed to obstacles inside the organization, such as the limited number of Spanish-speaking staff, or related to the organization’s application process (such as the requirements like teacher recommendations, etc.). Parents overcame these difficulties through their motivations of applying to HYS and through the help of supportive and accessible staff within the program

    Do Resilience and Treatment Satisfaction Moderate the Association between ADHD and Quality of Life?

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    This study examined how resilience moderated the association between ADHD symptom severity and general Quality of Life (QoL) in emerging adults. Using data from an anonymous online survey distributed at six US colleges/universities, participants (N=4396; 73% female-identifying; 72% White) reported on ADHD symptomatology and their diagnostic status; resilience; perceived QoL; and satisfaction with pharmacological and behavioral treatment for ADHD (if diagnosed). As hypothesized, overall ADHD severity was inversely associated with the different facets of QoL (rs = -.18 to -.29). However, contrary to our hypothesis, inattentive symptoms showed larger inverse associations with QoL compared to hyperactive/impulsive symptoms. There was a significant interaction between ADHD severity and resilience on QoL (p \u3c .001), with moderation analyses indicating that the inverse association between ADHD symptom severity and QoL was weaker among participants reporting higher family coherence, one of the four types of resilience examined. Resilience did not moderate the association between ADHD symptom severity and treatment outcome satisfaction; however, resilience did predict treatment satisfaction directly (B = 0.2578, SE = 0.0722, t = 3.5726, p \u3c .001). Ultimately, these results support QoL being inversely associated with ADHD severity, resilience moderating this association, and underscores the protective role of familial cohesion in buffering the negative impact of ADHD symptoms on QoL

    Die Entwicklung von Computern und Videospielen in Deutschland – Wie eine geteilte Nation eine Industrie beeinflusste

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    Technology plays an important role in the history of any country. It has the power to change entire political landscapes and be the deciding factor in winning a war. The industry has remained at the forefront of societal development. Better technology means better quality of life, and more advancements in other industries, such as medicine, environmental science, and urban development. A subsection of this massive industry includes those who produce video games and other forms of online entertainment. Video games were one of the earliest uses for computers outside of mathematical computation. They were a way for programmers to express their creativity, devising new and exciting forms of entertainment. Games were also a useful way in getting the general populace to be interested in computers. Before video games, computers were almost exclusively used for research in the science and engineering fields. But video games made this technology accessible to all, and computers started appearing in every household. Today, the video game industry is worth about $365 billion dollars, and that number continues to grow. Germany in particular has an interesting history with technology. Before World War II it was at the forefront of technological development, creating some of the earliest computing machines. Unfortunately, the war had a mostly negative impact on this progress, as many engineers and scientists were drafted and were either sent to fight in the trenches, or develop new weaponry. Even after the war Germany was facing problems. It was divided into the East and the West, with the East being cut off from western technology while under the control of the Soviet Union. This means that computer and video game development were very different in these two regions. The hardware in the East was typically slower, with less computing power, and the code needed to run these computers was not used by the rest of the world. Still, people in the East worked with what they had and produced many games of their own. Under the rule of the Soviet Union however, video games were closely monitored by the Stasi, who viewed many of them as anti-Soviet. When Germany was eventually unified, eastern technology was rendered obsolete. Those in the East had no experience with western technology, which made it difficult for the two sides to integrate. There were many years of struggle, as the people of the East had to adapt quickly, and problems still persist to this day. In this thesis I will detail the history of computers and video games in Germany and how the industry changed before, during, and after WWII. I will also discuss the role this technology played in shaping the cultural and political landscape of the country, and finally, what the German video games industry looks like today


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