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    Creating a Safe, High-Quality Healthcare System for All: Meeting the Needs of Limited English Proficient Populations; Comment on “Patient Safety and Healthcare Quality: The Case for Language Access”

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    The article by Cheri Wilson, “Patient Safety and Healthcare Quality: The Case for Language Access”, highlights the challenges of providing Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS) to patients with Limited English Proficiency (LEP). As the US pursues high-value, high-performance healthcare, our ability to meet the needs of our most vulnerable will determine whether we succeed or fail in the long run. With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), this is more important than ever before, as it is estimated that the newly insured are more likely to be minority and less likely to speak English than their currently insured counterparts. As such, we must create a safe, high-quality healthcare system for all, especially in this time of incredible healthcare transformation and unprecedented diversity. Improving Patient Safety Systems for Patients With Limited English Proficiency: A Guide for Hospitals provides a blueprint for achieving this goal, and Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) is taking action

    اتو اتنو گرافی روش پژوهشی جديد در پرستاری

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    چکيده: (9612 مشاهده) مقدمه : اتواتنوگرافی از جديدترين روش­های پژوهش کيفی است که به تدريج در پرستاری نيز به کار گرفته شده است. با توجه به اهميت اين روش در پرستاری و نبود منابع فارسی اين مطالعه مروری برای روشن سازی و تبيين تعريف­ها، طبقه‌بندي­ها، اصول و مبانی مفهومی اين روش با استفاده از کتابها و مقاله‌های معتبر و در دسترس انجام شده است. روش : جستجويی رايانه‌ای در داده پايگاه­های CINAHL, Proquest, PsychINFO, Social Sciences Index, Sciencedirect, scopus, MEDLINE با کليد واژگان اتواتنوگرافی و پرستاری در بين مقالات منتشره انجام شد. مضمون­های عمده، موارد توافق و عدم توافق بين متون مورد بررسی قرار گرفت. نتايج: اتواتنوگرافی يکی از زير شاخه ­ های قوم نگاری محسوب می ­ شود که پژوهشگر به توضيح تجربه ­ های خود می ­ پردازد و از تجربه فردی به عنوان منبع داده ­ ­ها سود می ­ برد. بحث و نتيجه­گيری : اتواتنوگرافی روشی بسيار مهم است که می تواند نقش بسزايی در توليد دانش جديد در پرستاری داشته باشد. . واژه‌های کلیدی: اتواتنوگرافی، پژوهش کيفی، روش شناسی، پرستاری

    The Evaluation of Some Academic Nursing Lessons Application in Clinical Practice from Recruiting Nurses' Point of View in Some Selected Hospitals in Isfahan

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    Background & Objective: Nursing is a combination of knowledge and art and all aspects of theoretical and practical teaching of nursing must emphasize on these two points, but practically the gap between what is theoretically taught at university and what is practically experienced at work is very big. Therefore in this study it is aimed to evaluate the application of some academic nursing lessons in practical work from recruiting nurses' point of view. Methods : This research is an analytical- descriptive one. Some hospitals in Isfahan were selected using random sampling method. All recruiting nurses in mentioned hospitals were 78 and all of them were questioned by the research questionnaire which was in two sections: demographic information and a section about the application of nursing lessons in clinical practice. Results : The findings indicated that most of the subjects were female (84.6%), graduated from Azad universities (64.1%) had a 6-12 months career experience (47.4%) and were working at emergency wards(20.5%).In addition, the highest mean( ±SD) of the applied lessons at work was for medical-surgical nursing lessons 34.68( ± 2.43) and the lowest one was for maternity child nursing lessons 11.58( ±4.34) there was no significant difference between the mean application of different lessons and it was the same regarding gender but the increase in career experiences showed the decrease in clinical application mean in community health nursing and psychiatric nursing (P=0.025 and P=0.04 respectively). According to Azad universities graduates' point of view, medical surgical nursing and, maternity child nursing lessons were more applicable in clinical practice (P=0.03 and P=0.016 respectively). Conclusion : According to the above findings and studies which were already conducted, it seems that there is a noticeable gap between nursing theoretical lessons and nursing clinical practice. Therefore this gap must be filled by changing the outlines of university lessons and nursing educational curriculums. Keywords: University lessons, Practical work, Nursing, Theoretical gap, Clinical Practice

    Designing Criteria and Indices for Educational Ranking of Paramedical Sciences Schools in Iran

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    Background: Assessing the statue of educational services in schools of Paramedical Sciences can help authorities to plan for further promotion through identifying schools' strengths and weaknesses. Objective: To design criteria and indices for educational ranking of associate programs of Paramedical Sciences including Laboratory Sciences, Operating Room Nursing, Technology of Radiology, Anesthesiology, Nuclear Medicine, Technology of Radiotherapy and Medical Emergencies in Iran. Methods: In an expert committee, criteria used in worldwide rankings and medical education standards were reviewed. Then a set of criteria and indices which were compatible to Iran educational system was devised and their weights were defined through consensus developing methods. Each school was asked to introduce a representative to collect schools’ information and schools were visited to verify the gathered data. Then schools' scores for each criterion were calculated. Results: A set of 42 criteria sorted as a tree diagram was devised. Main branches of this tree included input branch consisting of National Entrance Examination (Weight: 2%), faculty members (weight: 18%), and facilities and equipment (weight: 20%), process branch consisting of administrations (weight: 40.5%) and support and counseling systems (weight: 4.5%) and output branch consisting of students' output (weight: 9%) and faculty members' output (weight: 6%). Conclusion: This study provided the educational strengths and weaknesses of Paramedical Sciences programs in Iran. The results can be used in devising practical strategies for qualitative and quantitative improvement . Keywords: Education, Allied health, Ranking, Stratification, School, Associate program

    The Concept of Educational Achievement and its Effective Factors according to the Overseas Graduates’ Point of View: a Qualitative Study

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    Background & Objective : The importance of dispatching students to foreign countries to continue education is so obvious that even developed countries are not needless of that. Hence, this study was conducted to evaluate the opinion of overseas graduates, who were on a scholarship, about the meaning and concepts of educational achievement and its effective factors. Methods : In this qualitative study, 11 faculty members of Kerman University of Medical Sciences who have been graduated from foreign universities participated. They were inquired into their opinions about assessment criteria of educational achievement and its effective factors using an open interview. Results : Among the most important concepts of educational achievement regarding education quantity, attending seminars and conferences can be pointed out. The efficiency of learned materials and learning professional scientific topics are important considering education quality and learning extra topics, respectively. The interviewees also believed that personal factors including personality, family, economic affairs, having professional knowledge in the field of study, necessary skills in the language of the target university and its status especially tutors, topic and field of research were also substantial. Conclusion : Our findings suggest that concepts of academic achievement are vast and one cannot be considered successful assessing only one or some criteria. Hence, duration of study, the amount of scientific products and their quality, the amount of scientific connections and the application of learned topics by the learner are to be noted. Keywords: Educational achievement, Overseas student, Medical sciences, Overseas graduate

    Learning styles of Paramedical students of Kashan University of Medical Sciences (2005)

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    Background: Every one has a preferred style of learning. Although teachers should adapt their teaching method with their students’ learning styles, it seems that in most cases this fact is disregarded which in turn may decrease the quality of teaching and consequently educational goals . Objective: To determine the learning styles of paramedical students in Kashan University of Medical Sciences. Methods: In this descriptive- analytical study, 130 nursing, midwifery and allied health students were investigated. For data collection a standardized questionnaire according to Joy Ried model was used. The questionnaire consisted of 30 questions in six learning domains of visual, tactile, auditory, group learning, individual learning and class participation and was justified by Likert scoring scale. Results: From 130 participants, 32.3% were male and 67.7% were female and 45.4% were nursing students, 40% were health students and 14.6% were midwifery students. Minimum mean score (29.2) and maximum mean score (38.7) were respectively related to group learning and class participation. There was no significant difference in learning style scores based on sex and field of study. Conclusion: Considering the obtained results showing the variety of learning styles and their differences, all teachers are advised to avoid limiting their teaching method to just one method and to use various techniques compatible with the type of teaching materials. Keywords: Learning style, Student, Teaching method, Education

    Study Skills in Bachelor Students in the School of Public Health, Yazd, 2006

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    Background & Objective : One of the most important factors which prevent students from achieving their attempts’ desirable result is lack of study skills. Study skills are effective on decreasing tiredness and anxiety, saving time and increasing students’ motivation, leading to better learning and educational improvement. This study was conducted to evaluate the students’ study skills and to determine educational priorities in order to hold improving study skills classes. Methods : In this descriptive study, all bachelor students in Yazd school of public health (240 students) participated. Data was collected using a valid and reliable questionnaire. 192 questionnaires were completed and returned. Results : According to our findings, the mean (±SD) score of all 30 study skills was 20.1(±4.2). The highest mean score (±SD) which was 5.1(±1.2) belonged to taking class notes while the lowest mean score which was 2.6(±1.3) belonged to time management. Most of the students’ study skills were of moderate level (54.7 %) and 30.7% were weak whereas only 30.7% were considered good. The mean daily studying duration was 2.5 hours. There was no significant statistical relationship between study skills and age, sex, field of study, semester, doing morning or evening courses, daily studying duration, and Grade Point Average of the previous term. Conclusion : As only 30.7% of all students were considered good regarding study skills, it is suggested to hold organized and continuous educational courses to improve study skills. Defined factors in this study are time management, taking exam, concentration, reading and taking notes, in order of priority. Keywords: Study skill, Student, School of public health

    مقايسه چگونگي تصوير ذهني از جسم در دهندگان و گيرندگان كليه، قبل و بعد از عمل پيوند در بيمارستان هاي منتخب شهرهاي اصفهان و تهران در سالهاي 76-1375

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    پيوند كليه اغلب همراه با مشكلات رواني است. يكي از اين مشكلات تغييرات تصوير ذهني از جسم است. تصوير ذهني از جسم به صورت درك فرد از شخصيت فيزيكي خود تعريف مي گردد كه تغيير در ساختار، عملكرد يا ظاهر بدن موجب اختلال در آن مي گردد. لذا اين پژوهش به منظور مقايسه تصوير ذهني از خود در دهندگان و گيرندگان كليه انجام گرفت. نمونه اين پژوهش مشتمل بر 50 نفر از دهندگان و 50 نفر از گيرندگان كليه بود كه طي 6 ماه به بيمارستان هاي منتخب شهرهاي اصفهان و تهران مراجعه كرده بودند. ابزار گردآوري داده ها پرسش نامه اي براساس مقياس 5 درجه اي ليكرت بود و جهت تجزيه و تحليل داده ها از آزمون هاي t و t زوج، آناليز واريانس يك راهه و توكي استفاده شد. نتايج نشان داد كه تصوير ذهني از جسم در دهندگان بعد از عمل نسبت به قبل از عمل كاهش و تصوير ذهني از جسم در گيرندگان بعد از عمل نسبت به قبل از عمل بهبود يافته بود (P < 0.0001). همچنين تفاوت معني داري در تغيير تصوير ذهني افراد دهنده برحسب سن (P < 0.01)، تحصيلات (P < 0.05) و شغل (P < 0.04) و در گروه گيرنده برحسب تحصيلات (P < 0.05) و نسبت فاميلي با فرد دهنده (P < 0.04) مشاهده گرديد، به طوري كه افراد دهنده در گروه سني 35-27 سال، داراي تحصيلات ليسانس و بالاتر و شاغل در مشاغل دولتي و افراد گيرنده با تحصيلات دپيلم و بالاتر و بيماراني كه از فاميل هاي دور و يا دوست و آشنا، كليه پيوندي خود را دريافت كرده بودند، بيش از ديگران دستخوش تغييرات تصوير ذهني از جسم شده بودند

    Paying People to Be Healthy

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    User Financial Incentives (UFIs) have emerged as a powerful tool for health promotion. Strong evidence suggests that large enough incentives paid to individuals, conditional on behaviour they can control, encourages more of the desired behaviour. However, such interventions can have unintended consequences for non-targeted behaviours. Implementation difficulties that result in individuals not understanding the nature of the incentive, unintended opportunities to “game” the system and inefficient roll-outs, can dampen results. Moreover, the legitimacy of paternalistic interventions by health planners requires careful consideration if we accept that the families involved will almost certainly be better judges of their own best interests than outsiders. Keywords Incentives; Behavi

    Knowledge, attitude and performance of wood painter about harmful effects of solvents and dyes on human health

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    Background: Solvents, which are widely used in industry, are able to dissolve another substance for creating a solution. Solvents have various effects on human health based on their type and chemical composition. Methods: This was a cross-sectional study to investigate the harmful effects of solvents on wood painters in Yazd city. To achieve information, a census questionnaire was prepared and distributed among wood painters. The studied parameters include the mean score of knowledge, attitude, and practice of wood painters about harmful effects of dyes and solvents on body according to age, work experience, education, hours worked per day, and smoking. The data of survey were analyzed by Chi-square test and T-test in SPSS. Results: The average age and work experience of wood painters were 29 and 7.5 years, and the age of 25 years and work experience of 5 years had the highest frequency among them. Analysis of data indicated that 71.8% of people had middle school and lower education level, 68.3% was married, 31.7% was single, and 37.5% was smoking. Average working hours were 8 hours in day. Conclusion: Results show that attitudes had significant correlation with education level and different age groups. None of the studied parameters were not significant correlation with performance. Also, there was significant correlation between knowledge with experience. Keywords: Solvent effects, Knowledge, Attitude, Practice, Wood painte


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