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    Boat Dad

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    A divorced dad returns home to reconnect with his estranged teenage daughter, but there’s one problem: she’s a serial killer who feeds tourists to the local lake monster

    Mini Break

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    Grab a drink of water, take a big stretch, and recharge

    Lunch/Rest Break

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    Take a forty-five-minute screen break, grab a snack, and come back refreshed

    Dead Cat Bounce

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    With millions riding on the outcome of an election, an amoral political fixer concocts a scheme with his gambling-addict brother to infiltrate a campaign and sabotage it from within

    “Personal, Relational, and Extraordinary”: Learning from the Spiritual Language of Gen Z

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    This paper explores the crucial role of language in understanding the spiritual lives of young people today, commonly known as “Gen Z.” Though significant disaffiliation rates among young people often cause alarm within faith communities, this paper argues that listening carefully to the language of young people provides a more nuanced, in-depth picture that statistics on religious affiliation do not capture, which is critical in developing effective pastoral care for young adults. This paper opens with a sociocultural approach to Gen Z, drawing upon generational analysis and sociological data to demonstrate how different types of research yield varied results in their findings on young people’s spiritual lives. The exploration section is followed by a Christian perspective on finding faith in unexpected voices through exegesis of Matthew 15:21-28. This portion of the paper argues that, when we encounter people whose worldview differs from our own, language is integral to challenging and transforming our viewpoint. As a response to this matter of taking young people’s spiritual language seriously, the final part of this paper proposes a listening session for teens and their families in the context of a high school Confirmation program. Ultimately, the goal of this paper is to emphasize the rich interior lives that are already active in young people, even if on paper they may describe themselves as unaffiliated, and that the best way to become part of those ongoing spiritual journeys is through a pastoral ministry that is grounded in accompaniment and listening

    Research Tools Petting Zoo

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    Presenters will talk about the tools they\u27re using in their research

    Feedback, Farewell

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    Don\u27t sleep on this session. Everyone who shows up gets a prize

    Pop quiz

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    Get ready for a series of research-related pop quiz questions. This is just for fun, you won\u27t be graded. There will be prizes

    Smoke & Sons

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    A kindhearted sharpshooter and his father, a greedy wild west showman, conspire to rob Flagstaff’s first movie palace. But when the son falls for the owner’s daughter, more than just the heist goes awry

    Mini-workshop: Survey Design

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    Watch Christine Chavez transform a survey from bad to good, in real time. In this session Ms. Chavez will address the principles of good survey design while she revises a survey, showing how you can make simple changes in your own surveys to improve the reliability of responses and make sure you capture the data you need. All attendees will receive survey design resources that you can use when designing your own future surveys


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