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    Case of Resection of Hepatobiliary Cystadenoma, Difficult to Differentiate from Adenocarcinoma

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    症例は79歳の女性。主訴は上腹部痛であり,前医の腹部超音波検査で20 cmを超える嚢胞性病変を指摘され当科紹介された。血清腫瘍マーカーの上昇は認めず,腹部CTで肝右葉全体を占拠する内部に充実成分を伴った嚢胞性病変を認めた。術前画像診断では肝嚢胞腺腫と肝嚢胞腺癌の判別は困難であり,内容の確認と病変の縮小を企図して経皮的嚢胞穿刺吸引を行った後に拡大肝右葉切除術を施行した。摘出標本の病理検査で肝嚢胞腺腫と診断された。嚢胞腺腫と嚢胞腺癌の術前の鑑別診断は困難であり,特に巨大な嚢胞性病変に対しては切除を念頭にマネージメントすることが必要と考えられた

    Predict State of the Incomplete Information Game with Game Agent

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    In this paper, we can thaw an incomplete information game with artificial intelligence. The incomplete information game game covers a part of the information to a player and is carried out. In this study, It is intended to let the game agent predict the invisible part of the incomplete information game game. However, we do not know whether you can expect artificial intelligence. Therefore I prepare for a simple incompleteness information game to know whether you can expect artificial intelligence and can thaw it. The simple incomplete information game game searches towards a goal in a small field. The agent searches for the field of this game many times and learns the position of the goal. The agent imitates a successful example once. The agent begins a search with the start. When an agent arrives at the goal by few steps, We think the agent able to learn an incomplete information game. If an agent was able to predict the position of the goal, We may apply the artificial intelligence for the reality world


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    福井大学教育・人文社会系部門紀要(人文科学) , 1, 201

    自己組織化写像を利用した財務諸表データ分析に関する一考察 : 経営者の裁量的行動把握への利用可能性を中心として

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    福井大学教育・人文社会系部門紀要(社会科学) , 1, 201

    Using Picture Books and Dual : Language Books in Elementary-School English Classes in Japan

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    『腿風新話』 : 大野藩の洋学者が翻訳した航海術書

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    Symplectic Covariance of Phase Point Operator on Discrete Space

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    The phase point operator 0(q, p) is a quantum counterpart of classical phase point (q, p) . Its discrete version was formulated for an odd number of lattice points by Cohendet et al. and even case by Leonhardt. They both have symplectic covariance which is of fundamental importance in quantum mechanics. But its explicit form of the projective representation of the symplectic group which appears in the covariance relation is not yet known. We show in this paper the existence and uniqueness of the representation and a method to construct it using the Euclidean algorithm

    福井大学生のためのふくだいプレス Vol.28

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