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    Features of Mandarin Chinese in Parameters

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    This paper focuses on the features of Mandarin Chinese in terms of head parameter, V-to-T parameter as well as the order of subject, verb and object. The purpose of this study is to show the performance of Mandarin Chinese in the scope of three major parameters. The study compares manifestations in parameters among multiple languages and examines previous views and related findings to illuminate some areas of the features of Mandarin Chinese. It is concluded that Chinese seems to have a mixed word order with head-final and head-initial properties co-exiting and exerting differences in different syntactic structures. The paper also raises an already heated topic and renders a possible explanation that other than all the parameters in hand, Mandarin deserves a new one to fit into

    Tafsir and Qur’an Translation

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    This article investigates the relevance of the religious science of Tafsir in the translation of the meanings of the holy Qur`an. The study aims to highlight the significance of exegesis / Tafsir in elucidating the contents of the Qur`an through the analysis of selected translations of Quranic verses which display semantic ambiguity that requires reference to Tafsir for clarification. A qualitative, descriptive, and analytical approach is adopted to highlight the need for exegesis in explaining their meanings. The study provides context and exegesis for each verse according to different sources. Afterward, the English translations of these verses are analyzed and compared to the source text to ensure that the intended meanings, according to the provided exegesis, are considered and preserved in the rendered texts. This study underscores the critical finding that translating the Holy Qur’an requires referring to the most important books of Tafsir to explain and interpret the verses at different levels. This research thus aims to contribute to a deeper understanding that collaboration across various disciplines, mainly Islamic religious and translation studies, is essential to uncover the hidden meanings within the Quranic text

    Narrative Innovation in Chinese Mythological Animation within the Context of Traditional Culture

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    The research aims to provide a comprehensive analysis of the narrative expression of Chinese mythological themes in animated films from the perspective of traditional Chinese culture, integrating insights from film narrative studies and traditional Chinese philosophical texts. The past decade has been a booming period for mythological-themed animation films in China, during which a multitude of outstanding works emerged. Creators have drawn inspiration from traditional Chinese culture, creating uniquely Eastern mythologies. Innovation can be felt in the portrayal of narrative characters, the configuration of temporal and spatial structures, or the use of traditional thinking to tell stories. This has revitalized Chinese animation, instilling it with cultural confidence, and has also poured new energy into traditional Chinese culture

    Level of Motivation and Determining Factors of In-Service Training among Health Care Workers in South Sharqiya Governorate

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    Due to the vital role of health care workers and the effects of scientific advances on patient care, providing high-quality health care is not possible without participating in in-service training programs and becoming familiar with the new techniques. In-service training is considered as an important input in human resources management, which has an impact on quality health care delivery and contributes to strengthening the human resources pillar of every health system. In-service training of Health Care Workers is associated with their motivation, and without workforce motivation, productivity will be in danger. Assessing the level of motivation and its contributing factors to in-service training is really a priority area of intervention for the improvement of human resources in health care settings and has not been studied. Such studies help health management planners and decision makers to consider these interventions for further health care improvement and satisfaction. This study aimed to assess the level of motivation and determine the motivational factors influencing participation in the in-service training courses among health care workers working in the south Sharqiya governorate. A cross-sectional survey, using a quantitative descriptive design, was used in this study. The study involved 275 randomly selected health care providers from hospitals and primary health care settings in South Sharqiya Governorate. The study used self-administered survey questionnaires, and the tool has been reviewed by experts from the same field of topic. The data was analysed descriptively and analytically using SPSS version 21. Results showed that there is a significant relationship between the contributing factors and the level of motivation influencing participation in in-service training (B = .044, p < 0.01). Multiple regression furthermore showed that a 35% variation in the motivation contributing factors is accounted for by variation in the 3 motivation statements, namely, positive work environment, overall motivation, and intrinsic motivation. The study also showed that the three motivation statements can be used to explain the substantial association with the motivation contributing factors. These results prove that there is a fair influence of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation on healthcare engagement in these training programs, which cannot be ignored. Thus, these contributing factors pertaining to the healthcare providers, such as a sense of achievement, recognition, career advancement and working environment, have been revealed to have a positive impact on their commitment, performance, satisfaction and timely and quality service delivery. In conclusion, the importance of fostering intrinsic and extrinsic motivators for healthcare providers to participate in in-service training to achieve optimal performance and service delivery has been highlighted. In-service training that is tailored to the specific needs of health workers should be conducted along with more opportunities at various institutions.

    Theorizing Filipino Pedagogical Beliefs: Narratives of Preservice Elementary Teachers’ Before and After Teaching Immersion

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    The purpose of this paper is to examine selected preservice elementary teachers' pedagogical beliefs before and after the teaching immersion program using Calderhead's Five Aspects of Pedagogical Beliefs. It aims to uncover meaningful experiences, challenges, and factors that contributed to the change in preservice teachers' pedagogical beliefs. This study employed a qualitative narrative research design with six preservice elementary teachers. The data revealed that the preservice teachers' beliefs significantly changed after the teaching immersion program. The factors contributing to their changes were time constraints, classroom management, and pedagogical responsibilities. However, two factors transcended Calderhead’s framework. Thus, the development of an enhanced framework, Seven Aspects of Pedagogical Beliefs, to include the participants’ beliefs on school culture and mentoring practices. The results of the study provide the pedagogical beliefs, meaningful experiences, challenges, and changes in pedagogical beliefs of pre-service teachers. However, the study is limited to Bachelor of Elementary Education. The study reveals that quality education in teacher education could be furthered through curriculum changes; therefore, it is critical to investigate how pedagogical beliefs influence preservice teachers' classroom decisions. This study uses a qualitative approach to provide a comprehensive picture of preservice teachers' pedagogical beliefs. Given that their beliefs differed before and after their teaching immersion, it is vital to provide new insights into the factors causing this difference

    Multimodal Discourse Analysis of the Poster of the Movie Octagonal

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    With the development of multimedia and the Internet, meanings are expressed in diverse forms. A movie poster is a multimodal discourse that integrates text, image, color, composition, and other elements, which not only gives the audience visual aesthetic enjoyment but also conveys the theme of the movie in a highly concise and effective way. Based on the theory of Visual Grammar, this study taking the poster of the recent popular movie Octagonal as the research object, conducted a multimodal discourse analysis on the poster in a qualitative way. It studied the expression of the meaning of the poster from three dimensions, namely representational meaning, interactive meaning and compositional meaning, and explored the role of the design of the poster in conveying the theme of the movie

    The Study on English Reading Anxiety of Chinese College Undergraduates Based on the Broaden-and-Build Theory

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    Among many factors that affect students' English reading performance, reading anxiety, which is an important emotional factor in English learning, has gradually attracted attention in recent years. There is enough evidence that anxiety, as a kind of negative emotion, can significantly affect students' reading performance. However, the current researches mainly focus on the differences in students' reading performance caused by anxiety. Relatively few studies have been carried out on the correlation between reading anxiety, anxiety causes and coping strategies. Therefore, this paper aims to explore the causes and coping strategies of English reading anxiety based on quantitative and qualitative research. The research refers to Saito's Foreign Language Reading Anxiety Scale to design a questionnaire and measure the degree of Chinese college students' English reading anxiety. Based on the broaden-and-build theory and combined with the interview results, it is concluded that Chinese college undergraduates have English reading anxiety in general. Nevertheless, by establishing pleasant reading resources and adopting effective coping strategies, learners can reduce English reading anxiety, thus improving reading ability and enhancing reading interest

    Development of Processing of Agricultural Products by Women in Villages and its Role on the Economy of Rural Families

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    The current research aims to investigate the development of the process of agricultural products by women and its role in the economy of rural families in Takhar villages. Although rural women in Afghanistan work with a traditional approach to promote agricultural education, they have been able to play a key role in promoting their agricultural products. The present study was carried out in Takhar province, Afghanistan, in 2023. The Cross-Sectional design method was used to collect the data. The research questionnaire includes five basic parts and two districts: (Kalafgan and Baharag). A multistage sampling technique was used to collect the data. In the present research, we selected 80 respondents randomly for the study. The findings of the present study show that agricultural products of rural women in Takhar province are considered one of the important achievements that provided not only the job of them but also their agricultural incomes a helpful and meaningful impact on the economy of their families, which means 47.5% of respondents agree that their agricultural products can play a good role in their family's economy, so 40% of them have a moderate view for this and the rest of them (12.5%) considered their agricultural products are not enough to grow of their family economy. Therefore, we can recognize that agricultural products can impact the economy of rural families in Takhar province. Also, the interview findings of the present research show that creating a foundation for the work of rural women in the field of agricultural products can help achieve the following goals: Women achieving independence in all matters, especially economic matters, getting Women rid of poverty unemployment and finding prosperity, empowerment and capacity building for rural women, freeing rural women from family violence due to economic problems, raising the economic level of rural families, proper use of rural women's labor force for the growth of the local economy and finally laying groundwork for the activation of women in all matters

    Unveiling the Depths of the African Woman Experience: An Africana Womanist Interpretation of Sefi Atta's Swallow

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    This study is an attempt to analyse Sefi Atta's novel Swallow (2010), from an Africana womanist perspective. The objective is to contribute a deeper and more unique understanding of the African woman’s experience. Additionally, it seeks to challenge the superficial labelling of S. Atta as merely a feminist, based on Western standards. The research adequately demonstrates the key features of Africana womanism that are effectively integrated by the female protagonists in Swallow. The traits of these womanists encompass authenticity, true affiliation via sisterhood, compatibility with males and a natural aptitude for mothering and caring. This study assesses the African woman’s struggle against patriarchal oppression and subjugation, aided by the doctrines of Africana womanism. The research highlights the importance of Africana womanism as an essential theoretical framework for evaluating women's experiences and accomplishments in African and African American literature, using the principles of Africana womanism

    Blockchain Applications in Retail Cybersecurity: Enhancing Supply Chain Integrity, Secure Transactions, and Data Protection

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    Blockchain technology has proven a powerful tool for reinforcing cybersecurity in the retail sector. This research offers an extensive overview of the applications of blockchain in retail cybersecurity, particularly, underscoring supply chain integrity, data protection, and transaction security. The research explored how blockchain can facilitate provenance and traceability well as prevent counterfeiting and enhance vendor management in the supply chain. It also explores how blockchain-based payment frameworks and fraud detection systems can boost transaction security. Moreover, the study assesses the capability of blockchain to safeguard data via privacy and consent management, and secure and immutable data storage. The findings outline the capability of blockchain technology to diminish risks, enhance transparency, and affirm trust in retail cybersecurity. While challenges are inevitable, such as regulatory and scalability considerations, the research infers that blockchain technology presents noteworthy opportunities for innovation and advancement in the retail industry's cybersecurity landscape


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