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    [出版社版]博士の専攻分野の名称 : 博士(学術) 学位授与年月日 : 平成29年9月22


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    [出版社版]Introduction: To clarify the characteristics and trends of medical emergencies during school activities by analyzing information from fire departments. Methods: From January 2009 to December 2013, all nine fire departments in Fukui Prefecture handled 856 emergencies at schools. We investigated these 856 cases by type of injury/illness. Results: During this 5-year period, emergency medical dispatch service was provided to 571 male students and 285 female students at schools, 643 (75.1%) of whom were elementary to high school students. Daily average dispatches were 0.51 cases on weekdays, 0.37 on Sundays, 0.31 on Saturdays, and 0.07 on holidays. Analysis of environmental factors revealed that class, extracurricular activity/competition, and other school-related activity had similar case numbers. Classification of injuries/symptoms by emergency type showed that the most common injury/symptom was wound and contusions in the general injury category, contusions and bone fracture in the athletic competition category, and seizure in the acute illness category. Discussion: In Fukui Prefecture, 2.2% (0.14/6.5) of all injury/illness cases on school premises required ambulance transport. Emergency dispatches to schools were requested frequently for incidents involving intense sport activities, distinguishing them from common emergency dispatches. Therefore, it is necessary for sport club coaches and staff to improve first-aid treatment skills

    Chemistry Education in Japan and Thailand

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    [出版社版]This paper reports study about chemistry education in Saitama University and Saitama High School (Kawagoe Girls High School). The aim of the report is to show difference of chemistry education of Japan and Thailand. For the first part, from the view point of visiting foreign chemistry teacher from Thailand, we described the content of lecture classes on chemical experiments, lectures (chemistry), exercises (chemistry exercises) for subjects of science specialization students in Saitama University in Japan. In the second part, we briefly summarize the chemical lecture and experiment classes at the Kawagoe Girls High School. Finally, the chemistry education in Japan and Thailand was critically compared based on the text book, teaching style and quality of experimental class. and Thailand’s chemistry education. During experiment classes teachers in Saitama University and Kawagoe Girls High School give students certain time to think deeply before experiments following instruction sheets. This method gives all students much confidence to proceed the chemistry experiments in the class. Moreover, teachers in Saitama University and Kawagoe Girls High School have given interesting questions and discussions. At the result, it has brought students strong motivation and challenging split to study chemistry in advanced level. Above these teaching methods and teaching system will be applicable in chemistry experimental classes in Thailand’s junior and senior high school

    Educational Practices for Speaking Ability in Elementary School with Resource Rooms : Virtual Conversation Training Using Voice Recognition and 3D Characters

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    The Distribution Channel Strategy of Western Multinationals : Unilever and Proctor & Gamble in Asia

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    [出版社版]This article analyzes Unilever and Proctor & Gamble's strategy for building distribution channels in Asia. It describes the history of each company's subsidiaries in India, China, Indonesia and Thailand while also referring to theory on distribution channels and international marketing. It was found that Unilever has built channels covering numerous cities and villages with exclusive wholesalers, and in some cases it uses wholly-owned depots, while Proctor & Gamble has built similar channels using more general wholesalers and small retailers in a narrower area, since it has no subsidiaries in China. As stated above, differences exist between one multinational and another in each country. However, the most meaningful finding is that the overseas distribution channels of a single multinational differ so much from country to country

    Trial of Textbooks Utillization in Japanese History Education

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    [出版社版]博士の専攻分野の名称 : 博士(学術) 学位授与年月日 : 平成29年3月22


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