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    Balanced scorecard. ¿Gestión del rendimiento o gestión estratégica?

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    En la era actual de la gestión empresarial, la medición del rendimiento ha evolucionado más allá de los aspectos financieros, gracias al Balanced Scorecard (BSC) de Kaplan y Norton en 1992. A pesar de su desarrollo, Kaplan señaló en 2012 que la literatura seguía anclada en su concepción original, centrada en la medición del rendimiento, sin apreciar su enfoque estratégico. Este estudio bibliométrico longitudinal analizó 2.088 documentos de Web of Science sobre el BSC desde 1992 hasta 2023. Se utilizó el modelo SPBLA (Systematic Process of Bibliometric Longitudinal Analysis) para un mapeo sistemático. Los resultados revelaron que, aunque emergieron áreas estratégicas como la gestión de activos intangibles, la sostenibilidad y la Responsabilidad Social Corporativa, el enfoque predominante sigue siendo la gestión del rendimiento en lugar de la gestión estratégica. Esta investigación, a pesar de sus limitaciones, ofrece valiosas implicaciones teóricas y prácticas, y propone direcciones futuras para una comprensión más profunda del BSC en su dimensión estratégica.Universidad de Málaga. Campus de Excelencia Internacional Andalucía Tech

    Measuring engagement on Twitter using a composite index: An application to social media influencers.

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    Engagement on social media networks is a complex concept involving numerous interconnected and challenging-to-evaluate elements. We propose a composite index as a tool to quantify the engagement on the social network Twitter, recently converted on X, and we use this composite index for evaluating a group of Social Media Influencers (SMI). Due to the multicriteria nature of the engagement, we calculate the synthetic indicator using the multicriteria method TOPSIS (Technique for Order of Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution). We consider two approach for measuring the engagement: the production approach, the follower. Consequently, we obtain three rankings, one for each approach and a third, which is global. A comparison of these three rankings shows the suitability and pertinence of the three approach. This represents a recent finding when contrasted with previous research, which solely focused on either one of the approaches (Harrigan, et al.2021, Veale et al. 2015Universidad de Málaga. Campus de Excelencia Internacional Andalucía Tech

    Producción de cine en Andalucía: balance del estado del cine andaluz contemporáneo desde una perspectiva industrial

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    La producción de cine andaluz conforma un tejido empresarial que ha permitido consolidar un sector relativamente estable, a pesar de haber tenido que sortear dos crisis económicas, la financiera y la derivada de la pandemia de covid-19. Sin embargo, mantiene las debilidades estructurales del modelo empresarial nacional. La digitalización de la industria introduce la producción de cine en el hipersector audiovisual-TIC. El objetivo principal de este trabajo es analizar el sector de la producción de cine en Andalucía en el año 2022 desde una perspectiva industrial. Se pretende así identificar pautas y modelos en la producción de largometrajes en 2022 por parte de las empresas productoras con sede en Andalucía y categorizarlos. Se aplica una metodología mixta sobre una muestra de 51 largometrajes de producción andaluza, donde se aplican diferentes categorías de naturaleza industrial y de contenido. Los resultados recogen que Andalucía supone la tercera comunidad autónoma en producción de largometrajes. Sin embargo, los datos llevan a concluir que las audiencias no respaldan el buen momento de la producción andaluza. Se identifica como condicionante fundamental para explicar los títulos con mejores resultados comerciales la implicación de grupos mediáticos y de plataformas VOD en la financiación de las obras

    Tuning the activity of cobalt 2-hydroxyphosphonoacetates-derived electrocatalyst for water splitting and oxygen reduction: insights into the local order by pair distribution funcion analysis

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    Electrode materials generally exhibit complex heterostructures wherein both amorphous and crystalline phases may coexist [1]. Advanced techniques, such as Pair Distribution Function (PDF) analysis, may offer valuable structural insight into the local order and domain sizes of the active phase present in these materials. Herein, cobalt pyrophosphate- and phosphide-based electrocatalysts were prepared from the corresponding metal (R,S)-2-hydroxyphosphonoacetates by pyrolysis in N2 and 5%-H2/Ar at different temperatures (500 – 800 ºC) [2]. Their electrocatalytic performances toward the hydrogen and oxygen evolution reactions (HER, OER) and oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) were compared with those resulting from the N-doping and P-enrichment of the electrocatalysts. In addition, differential PDF (d-PDF) analysis of the spent electrocatalysts revealed that, regardless the amorphous or crystalline nature of the metal pyrophosphate/phosphides obtained, all of them transformed into biphasic cobalt oxy(hydroxydes) under tested OER conditions. Conversely, d-PDF demonstrated that most effective electrocatalysts for HER and ORR maintained their stability during the experimental conditions.Universidad de Málaga. Campus de Excelencia Internacional Andalucía Tech; PID2019-110249RB-I00/AEI/10.13039/501100011033; TED2021–129836B-I00/AEI/10.13039/501100011033/Unión Europea NextGenerationEU/PRTR (MICIU, Spain); P20-00416 (Junta de Andalucia, Spain/FEDER

    Diabatic Approach for SERS: From Quantum Dynamics to Spectra.

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    SERS (Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy) has established itself as an important characterization technique, owing to both its characteristically high intensities and the large amount of information it is capable of yielding; however, this high sensibility also implies intrinsic complexity when it comes to extracting valuable information from the spectra. Electrochemical SERS (EC-SERS), in which the substrate is a nanostructured electrode for which the electrode potential (Vel) can be tuned, poses further challenge given the sensibility of SERS spectra of certain molecules to Vel. This is the case for Pyridine, the most emblematic SERS molecule, for which the interaction between Charge-Transfer (CT) states and Plasmons has been proven to play a crucial. In this work, we have performed full diabatizations for systems consisting of Pyridine attached to different silver clusters, giving the possibility to readily define CT states, whose energy is tunable by an applied external field E, a microscopic analogous to Vel. Nuclear wavepacket propagations on the coupled potential energy surfaces including both local excitations of the metal and CT states were performed to retrieve Resonance Raman spectra. Our results show that the population transfer from bright metal states to CT states plays a most pivotal role when it comes to the shape and absolute intensities of EC-SERS spectra of Pyridine.Universidad de Málaga. Campus de Excelencia Internacional Andalucía Tech

    Dataset Robustez del ANOVA de medidas repetidas bajo no normalidad.

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    Datos pertenecientes a una investigación sobre robustez del ANOVA de medidas repetidas bajo ausencia de normalidad.Proyecto PID2020-113191GB-I00 del MCIN/AEI/ 10.13039/50110001103

    Vote choices and valence: intercepts and alternate specifications

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    Valence is a crucial concept in studying spatial voting and party competition. The widely adopted approach is to rely on intercepts of vote choice models and to infer, based on their size and direction, how valence affects party strategies in empirical settings. The approach suffers from fundamental statistical flaws. This contribution provides the statistical fundamentals to advance the empirical modeling of valence. It proposes an appropriate modeling approach to interpret intercepts as valences and alternate specifications to parameterize the effects of valence.Funding for open access charge: Universidad de Málaga/CBUA. This work was supported by the program EMERGIA, Junta de Andalucia (EMC21-00256 to I.M.)

    A theoretical investigation of the diradical character and cyclophane formation in π-conjugated diradicals.

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    π-Conjugated diradical compounds which feature unpaired electrons in the ground state are essential for understanding the nature of chemical bonds and have potential applications in material science1. In fact, an important research effort by our group has been directed towards carbazole-based diradicaloids2, aiming to explore how external stimuli impacts on supramolecular organization, and thus on the resulting optical and electronic properties. Thanks to this research, we have demonstrated that these materials are potential building blocks for dynamic covalent chemistry (DCC)3. In our present work, we wanted to explore beyond carbazole-based diradicals and analyse what would be the diradical character after modification of the chemical structure of the carbazole skeleton. For this purpose, we will analyse the structural and electronic properties of carbazole-based diradicals after the following chemical modifications: (i) heteroatom substitution, (ii) core elongation and (iii) insertion of donor/acceptor groups. In addition, the effect of the heteroatom substitution on the dynamic interconversion between the monomer and cyclophane aggregates will be also investigated.Universidad de Málaga. Campus de Excelencia Internacional Andalucía Tec

    The impact of family policies in Europe. A reflection on the need to approach work-family balance policies from a family perspective

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    The main aim of this paper is to offer a reflection about the different EU welfare states support in relation to work-family balance. In order to achieve this goal, it has been developed a descriptive analysis of Work-Family Policies in Europe and the families/parent’s current situation through some Second Demography Transition indicators. In addition, based on a critical literature review of sociological studies on Work/Family Policies Impact it is presented a reflection about the expected consequences of the different political practices according to diverse social contexts. This work allows us to observe the objectives and values that have inspired the European Conciliation Policies in recent years in a way that have been promoting individuals as the focus of inspirations and units of analysis and, a mean to reach other structural objectives such as a higher GDP, a higher level of employment of both sexes, a higher level of gender equality,…) or promoting families as the first agencies providing essential needs. It has been observed that the former has been the predominant way of acting and the latter seems to be a new tendency. Based on the data related to the government support through w-f policies and the socio-familiar indicators (SDT) it is offered a reflection about the position place to family by W-F Balance Policies in Europe. This makes us wonder about who are the losers in the present European Scenario of W-F Balance Policies. And about the impact of these policies on family as an institution. This analysis will lead to a reflection on whether family and gender mainstreams are complementary or exclusives and to think about if Work/Family Policies have the same impact on all types of families.Universidad de Málaga. Campus de Excelencia Internacional Andalucía Tech

    The Reinvention of a Literary Space by Vassilis Alexakis.

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    In 2012, after a big operation on one leg, Vassilis Alexakis spends a month and a half on crutches at a hotel near the Parisian Luxembourg Garden. Just like the main character of his fourteenth and second to last novel, L’enfant grec, that he wrote then. The author seems to have the need to talk about space. Not only in this book, but in all his books, the author offers countless spatial references. Is it because of his health condition then, or is it because of his current (and for many years already) life divided in between two beloved countries, that Vassilis Alexakis needs to constantly speak about space? Is there a link between all the physical spatial references and the existential need of knowing where he is? Does his identity depend on his spatial location? With his literary combination of reality and fantasy, Alexakis might very well be reinventing space. His books could be the space in between, where he can freely just be: a Greek and a French author; narrator and character; in Greece or in France. A space in between just like the catacombs where we see the main character at the end of the book, depicted as the place where “la frontière entre le réel et l’imaginaire” is (page 307), or the space where he feels himself in every time he opens one of the volumes of his dear companion, the Grand Robert dictionary: “un espace qui n’appartient à aucun lieu, dépourvu d’addresse, qui flotte à la surface du temps comme le jardin de Callithéa” (page 281). The relation between Vassilis Alexakis and space is worthy to revise in this particular novel since as its main character states, “C’est un livre sur la vie et la mort […]. Sur la santé et la maladie, […] le mouvement et l’immobilité, le geste et la parole.¨Universidad de Málaga. Campus de Excelencia Internacional Andalucía Tech


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