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    Vol. 2, no. 1, Fall 2006

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    Privatization, Monopoly, and Structured Competition in the Water Industry: Is There a Role for Regulation

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    This paper provides an overview of privatization andcompetition in the water industry from a public policyvantage point. In particular, it contrasts the contractoperations model with the private ownership withregulation model. Advantages and disadvantages ofeach model are summarized. The monopolistic natureof the water industry and the potential need forstructured competition and economic regulation arediscussed

    Scholarly Program Notes

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    This document is a compilation of biographical and musical information to aid in understanding the music and composers presented at the graduate recital of Mr. Keenan McCarter; including “Avant de quitter ces lieux” from Faust by Charles Gounod, “Questo amor vergogna mia” from Edgar by Giacomo Puccini, “Bess you is my woman now” and “Oh Bess” from Porgy and Bess by George Gershwin, and “Wheels of a dream” from Ragtime by Stephen Flaherty, Les cloches, Mandoline, and Romance by Claude Debussy, Und willst du deinen Liebsten, Fußreise, and Verborgenheit by Hugo Wolf, Calvary by Betty Jackson King, I want to be ready by Clarence Carter, and I want Jesus to walk with me by Lloyd Larson

    The Structural and Magnetic Properties of Ni2Mn1−xMxGa (M = Co, Cu)

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    In Ni2MnGa (cubic structure of L21 type) a first order martensitic structural transition, from the parent cubic (austenitic) phase to a low temperature complex tetragonal structure, takes place at TM = 202 K, and ferromagnetic order in the austenitic phase sets at TC = 376 K. In this work, the Mn sites in Ni2MnGa have been partially substituted with magnetic Co and nonmagnetic Cu, and the influence of these substitutions on the structural and magnetic properties of Ni2Mn1−xMxGa (M = Co and Cu) have been studied by XRD and magnetization measurements. X-ray diffraction patterns indicate that the Co doped system possess a highly ordered Heusler alloy L21 type structure for 0.05\u3cx\u3c0.12, and the Cu doped compounds possess L21 structure for 0.05\u3cx\u3c0.10. The ferromagnetic ordering temperature increases with increasing Co concentration for this system, and rapidly decreases with increasing Cu concentration. Both systems show the increase in TM with increasing Co and Cu concentration. (T-x) phase diagrams have been plotted. The results are discussed in terms of 3d-electron concentration variation

    Element-Specific Magnetic Properties of Co2MnSi Thin Films

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    Co2MnSi thin films were grown on Al2O3 (a plane) and GaAs (001) substrates and on thin silicon nitride windows using pulsed laser deposition. Angle-dependent magneto-optic Kerr effect measurements reveal both a uniaxial and a fourfold magnetocrystalline anisotropy for films grown on GaAs (001). X-ray magnetic circular dichroism spectra were measured at the L2,3 edges of the thin films as a function of aluminum cap layer thickness, and transmission mode L2,3 x-ray absorption through a 1000-Å Co2MnSi film grown on a silicon nitride membrane were measured, indicating that deviations from metalliclike spectra are likely due oxidation or contamination. Element-specific moments for Co and Mn were calculated from the X-ray magnetic circular dichroism data of a nonoxidized film

    Any Other Name( A Documentary Recounting a Chinese Family Saga of Identities Through Generations)

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    As China’s visibility to the world rapidly increases, the perception of Chinese identities is of concern by the Chinese themselves and by the world outside of China in trying to understand this burgeoning global power. The Chinese are very conscientious of how the world views them, and go to great lengths to effect this impression. One group that is representing China’s image to the world is the “80 Hou”, the post-80’s generation that are travelling and studying abroad more than their predecessors. They are unique in Chinese history and are the subject of interest in this research. Within this generation of “80 Hou” is a sub-culture that has become known as the “little emperors”. As China’s economy grows within the instituted one child policy and this new generation replaces the current leadership the phenomenon of the “little emperors” may have a negative effect on the future of China. Under this context, I made this documentary project in order to document a journey of a young Chinese woman took to discover her old grandfather’s forgotten life stories

    Scholarly Program Notes of Selected Trumpet Repertoire

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    Jesus The Philosopher.

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