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    My Colleague and I: Contribution of Coworker Support and Self-compassion to Stress Among Health Workers During Health Crises

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    The devastating Covid-19 pandemic forced health workers to adapt quickly to uncertain circumstances, increasing moral burden, excessive workload, and limited rest time. Many adversities in the hospital setting may increase stress levels due to prolonged and uncertain pandemics. Coworker support and self-compassion are two protective factors that may help health workers to manage stress during the pandemic. This study examined the contribution of coworker support and self-compassion to stress among health workers during the pandemic. A quantitative correlational study using simple random sampling to select samples from a list of referral hospitals for Covid-19 in the Malang area. One hundred seventeen health workers from six randomly selected referral hospitals for Covid-19 completed three instruments: the stress subscale of Depression, Anxiety, Stress Scale 21 (DASS-21), Coworker Support Scale, and Self- Compassion Scale (SWD) adapted to the Indonesian population. The linear regression showed that only self-compassion predicted stress levels among health workers. In contrast, coworker support and self-compassion did not contribute simultaneously to the stress levels of health workers during the pandemic. Therefore, maintaining self-compassion is vital to coping with stress while providing adequate health care during health crises. Keywords: coworker support, health worker, self-compassion, stres

    Designing CRM-CAR (Customer Relationship Management -- Computer Aided Recognition) Based on Facial Recognition Technology to Increase Business Competitiveness by Utilizing Artificial Intelligence

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    The development of SMEs is the flagship of the Indonesian state. 90% of the total businesses in Indonesia are SMEs. In addition, SMEs support 60.34% of the entire GDP of the Indonesian state. Starting from basic needs such as food, beverages, clothing, and others, to supporting needs such as technology and information. The product and service sectors were not spared from the development of SMEs. One way to help improve the quality of business services is to utilize a customer database. By utilizing digital applications, a business service can be adapted to historical customer data so that it will improve the quality of service received by customers. This study aims to design, build, and test a CRM application based on facial recognition that utilizes artificial intelligence to improve the quality of business services. In addition, through this research, it is hoped that the current condition of the use of artificial intelligence to improve services will be known. This study uses a research and development approach. The research stage begins with a preliminary study and user needs, followed by the initial preparation of the application. When the application has been compiled, a validation test will be carried out by an expert who will validate whether the compiled application is feasible. It is hoped that the CRM application software based on facial recognition by utilizing artificial intelligence can be helpful and can be utilized by the business as a whole, or SMEs in particular to improve the quality of customer service, which will directly increase business competitiveness. In addition, through this research, it is hoped that the current condition of the use of artificial intelligence to improve services will be known. Keywords: artificial intelligence, customer relationship management, facial recognition, marketing, SMEs, service qualit

    Improving Student Self-awareness of Cyberbullying Victims Through Reality Counseling Services

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    Self-awareness is an individual process of recognizing oneself. However, this selfawareness does not mean that a person is swept away in the current of his emotions so that the mood completely dominates him. Both the victim and the perpetrator. This study aims to determine the increase in student self-awareness of cyberbullying victims through reality counseling services. Counseling with a reality approach, using WDEP methods (Wants, Direction, Evaluation, Planning) helps individuals become rational and mentally strong. The participants in this study were students at SMP N 2 Selong who had experienced acts of cyberbullying and were declared to be in a psychologically disturbed situation. The study used an experimental method using a single case experimental design. The results showed that from a series of reality counseling assessment processes, such as counseling interviews, the subjects showed positive changes in the formation of self-awareness. Keywords: cyberbullying, self-awareness, reality counselin

    Problematic on Copyright Execution as Fiduciary Collateral When Debtor Defaults

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    The issuance of Government Regulation of the Republic of Indonesia Number 24 of 2022 on Regulation of the Implementation of Law Number 24 of 2019 on creative economy has served as the foundation of the copyright financing concept with an economic value, which can be used as fiduciary collateral. Therefore, problems that arose in the application of the mentioned concept are when copyright as fiduciary collateral is executed. Problem of copyright as fiduciary collateral for executed intellectual property due to defaulting debtor, which includes moral rights that remain attributed to despite the implementation of the execution, void of legal norms on the execution of copyrights and strength of minutes of auction evidence as proof of property rights transfer to copyright, as well as restriction of property rights by Law of Copyrights in the execution of copyright. Moreover, the research method applied in this paper was normative research, by analyzing library materials or primary and secondary data. The first result obtained only economic factors that are transferable in the transfer process of copyright, moral rights attributed to the creator, implementation of copyright execution such as legal objects with similar classification, and auction report as evidence of copyright transfer. Second, different restrictions from Article 28 H paragraph (4) of the 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia may lead to multiple interpretations and conflict of norms. The recommendation is to conduct a comparative study with countries that have the same legal system and revise Law Number 28 of 2014 on Copyright or establish the implementation of a mechanism for copyright execution. Keywords: problematic, copyright execution, fiduciary collatera

    Regulatory Arrangements and Utilization of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Realizing Personal Data Protection in Indonesia

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    Indonesia has several legal instruments for personal data protection that are scattered and only adapt to the main contents of each law, so the legal protection provided is still not optimal. This study aims to examine the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a tool to protect personal data and to examine the urgency of a special regulation in Indonesia to protect personal data. This research method employs both a statutory and a comparative legal approach. The research indicates that it is imperative for the Indonesian government to establish and ratify a dedicated legal framework for safeguarding personal data without delay. Furthermore, leveraging the potential of AI presents a promising opportunity to maximize the protection of personal data.. The use of AI in personal data protection will minimize the occurrence of human errors so that personal data protection can be more secure. Keywords: personal data, artificial intelligence, protection, urgenc

    Contradiction of CIVIL Code with Islamic Law Regarding Children Guardianship Outside Marriage in Indonesia

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    Basically, child custody is the responsibility of both parents; however, in reality, in Indonesia, not all parents do it or get it. Many children do not get protection and rights, even though the related regulations already belong to the Indonesian state. It turns out that this can happen because of various factors that influence one of them related to legal marriage according to Civil law and Islamic law, there are differences between the two regulations. For example, according to civil law, marriage is legal if it is registered with the state, while in Islam it does not have to be. Under the existing rules, this causes an inequality between protection and the rights obtained by children. Based on these problems, this research was conducted to conduct an analysis related to civil law and Islamic law in Indonesia, which regulates child guardianship for children who are considered born out of wedlock, using qualitative research methods. The results obtained from this research show that according to civil law, marriage must be registered with the state to protect child custody and provide clear legal protection, not only for children but also for wives. Meanwhile, according to Islamic law, a marriage that cannot be registered with the state still has a valid law, for example, Siri marriage or underhand marriage. However, in both civil and Islamic law, it is clear that a child in this condition can only have a bloodline relationship between the mother and the mother’s family. The biological father cannot be the guardian of the child. The current condition of society, which tends to take the matter of marriage lightly by ignoring marriage registration and so on, should receive special attention from the government. In this case, the government can more often provide premarital counselling and/or outreach related to marriage in Indonesia. Also, it is very important to increase public awareness. Keywords: child born out of wedlock, marriage, custod

    Correlation Between Parenting Styles, Resilience, and Socioeconomic Status on Emotional Intelligence of College Students

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    The family is the first and most important place for human interaction. Parents are the most important interaction objects. Numerous studies have pointed out that parenting styles can have a large and long-term impact on children. Several studies have linked parenting styles to emotional intelligence and resilience in children and adolescents. However, fewer studies have explored whether parenting styles are associated with college students’ emotional intelligence and resilience. In addition, few studies have explored whether socioeconomic status is related to emotional intelligence and/or resilience. Therefore, this study takes 210 college students aged 18–23 years as research participants to explore the relationship between these variables. The instruments are Parental Bonding Instrument (PBI), Two-factor Index of Social Position, Inventory of Adolescent Resilience (IAR), and Emotion Management Questionnaire. Data were analyzed using Pearson correlation analysis. The findings suggest that parenting styles are associated with emotional intelligence. However, resilience is related to the caring dimension of parenting styles, but not the control dimension. Similar result was also found in socioeconomic status. The developmental changes of these variables and their mechanisms still need further research to explore. Keywords: emotional intelligence, parenting styles, resilience, socioeconomic statu

    Chronic demyelination interferes with normal spermatogenesis in cuprizone-intoxicant C57/BL 6 mice: An experimental study

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    Background: Due to myelin and axonal insults in multiple sclerosis individuals, motor coordination problems and endocrine imbalance may develop. Objective: This study aims to evaluate the role of chronic demyelination on the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis in the mouse model of multiple sclerosis. Materials and Methods: 20 adult C57/BL6 male mice were divided into 2 groups (n = 10/each) as follows: the control group (CONT) received a regular diet for 17 wk; and the experimental group (cuprizone [CPZ]) was fed with 0.2% CPZ for 12 wk and, then CPZ was withdrawn for 5 wk. Serum testosterone, histopathology of the brain and testis, and sperm analysis were evaluated. Results: The hypothalamic myelin content was significantly decreased in the arcuate nucleus following the 12 wk of CPZ consumption compared to the CONT group, and the statistical difference remained until 17 wk. Testosterone levels declined significantly in the CPZ group compared to the CONT group in the 12th and 17th wk. A significant decrease was observed in the height of the seminiferous epithelium and the interstitial tissue area, and the number of seminiferous epithelial cells in the CPZ group compared to the CONT group in the 12th and 17th wk. The sperm count, motility, and viability in the CPZ group significantly decreased compared to the CONT group in the 12th and 17th wk of the study. Conclusion: Chronic demyelination induced by CPZ intoxication, maybe through damage to the hypothalamus arcuate nucleus, leads to the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis disturbance and damage to the testis and spermatogenesis subsequently. Key words: Multiple sclerosis, Cuprizone, Hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis, Spermatogenesis

    Peer Counseling: Addressing Bullying Issues Among Adolescents

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    The problem of bullying is a severe issue among adolescents with far-reaching impacts on mental and social well-being. The increasing number of cases is often caused by poor handling and neglect, so victims do not get the psychological assistance they need. Peers have an essential role in adolescent development and can take a role in efforts to deal with bullying at school by becoming counselors for peers who need it. This study aims to improve the understanding and skills of peer counseling on student council cadres as agents of change in schools. This training combines psychoeducational methods to increase understanding of bullying and its implications, as well as providing peer counseling training to provide counseling skills to help peer victims of bullying. The subjects in this study were adolescents aged 13–15 years who were members of the intra-school organization (OSIS) and were taken using a purposive sampling technique totaling 31 subjects. This research is experimental research with a one-group pretest and posttest design. The results showed an increased understanding of bullying and skills in peer counseling. Based on the Wilcoxon test, it was found that the Asymp. Sig (2-tailed) value was 0.000 (sig. <0.05), so it was concluded that peer counseling training interventions were effective in increasing the understanding and skills of bullying and peer counseling. Keywords: adolescent, bullying, peer counseling training, psychoeducation, schoo

    Implementation of Online Dispute Resolution Sharia Arbitration in the New Normal Era (Basyarnas-Indonesia)

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    Changes in behavior to continue carrying out normal activities or continuing habits that were previously carried out during the implementation of regional quarantine or large-scale social restrictions (PSBB) are the post-Covid 19 new normal era. This also affects behavior in the world of justice, especially trials that are carried out simply and quickly. This research will also discuss the use of online dispute resolution (ODR) that can be applied in Sharia economic dispute cases at Basyarnas, and understanding in terms of examinations based on electronic evidence other than written evidence. Also for the sake of caution that must be examined regarding physical evidence in court so that this evidence gains strength and validity according to the law as an update in court administration to overcome obstacles in the process of conducting an effective and efficient trial. The nature of this research is an analytical perspective and modernly the Supreme Court with Permanya Number 1 of 2019 regarding trials in court electronically implemented for the sake of legal certainty. So dispute resolution is non-litigation in the muamalah field. Though Sharia Arbitration, can be done by ODR. Keywords: implementation, Sharia arbitration, OD


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