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    Leveraging Douyin for Enhanced Learning Motivation: A Study on Educational Strategies and Student Attitudes

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    This study investigates the integration of Douyin, known globally as TikTok, in educational settings to enhance student learning motivation. The research aims to understand how the use of Douyin, a platform predominantly used for entertainment, can be effectively repurposed for educational purposes. The study is structured around several key areas: student engagement, self-regulation, teacher facilitation, peer collaboration, personalized learning, and student attitudes towards using Douyin in an educational context. A mixed-method approach is employed, involving both quantitative and qualitative data collection through surveys, interviews, and observational studies. The quantitative data assesses the impact of Douyin on various learning motivation factors, while qualitative data provides in-depth insights into student and teacher experiences. The findings suggest that when used strategically, Douyin can significantly enhance student engagement, promote active learning, and foster a positive learning environment. The study also highlights the importance of teachers’ roles in facilitating effective use of Douyin and the influence of student attitudes on learning outcomes.This research contributes to the growing body of knowledge on digital technology in education, offering practical implications for educators seeking to integrate social media platforms like Douyin into their teaching practices

    The Kaleidoscope of Thucydides: An Analysis of Thucydides as the First Social Scientist through His History of the Peloponnesian War

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    In this paper, I reevaluate the portrayal of Thucydides as the first social scientist in the context of international relations, through his work on the monumental History of the Peloponnesian War. I challenge the traditional interpretation of Thucydides' primary goal, questioning the one-sided analysis that limits him to identifying war causes between Athens and Sparta. I also delve into Thucydides' broader objectives, emphasizing the dangers of simplistic labeling and the need for a diverse understanding of his work. Finally, I argue for a critical, open-minded approach to his history, highlighting the potential for multiple interpretations and the importance of considering the context of international relations during Thucydides' time. This approach helps in understanding the History of the Peloponnesian War as more than just a scientific analysis of war, but as a rich text offering various insights into human nature, politics, and society

    Survival of the Fittest in Canadian Gothic Literature between: Ghetto and Garrison Mentality

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                This paper offers a study of some selected Asian-Canadian literary works that have capitalized, in Graham Huggan’s terms, “on their perceived marginality while helping turn marginality itself into a valuable intellectual commodity” [1:viii]. The study of contemporary Canadian literature has been marked by the emergence of various ethno-racial writers such as Hiromi Goto, Joy Kogawa and Gurjinder Basran. The focus of this study will be on three gothic narratives notably, Basran’s Everything Was Good-Bye (2010), Goto’s Chorus of Mushrooms (1994) and Kogawa’s Obasan (1981). The ethnic women writers selected, namely, Kogawa, Goto and Basran write their gothic novels based on their traumatic memories as dislocated Asian-Canadian minorities and their gloomy present as well. Such ethnic writers find themselves lost between various identities and this is what they seek to reflect through their female characters’ internal exile and their efforts to determine which identity they should have embraced in order to be accepted as Asian-Canadians with their in-between identities. This paper seeks to provide a critical analysis of the so called ‘The Canadian Theme of Survival’, or let us call it the survival of the fittest, and the paradoxical notion of ‘garrison mentality’ as represented in such Canadian gothic literature.                                                                                      

    An Effective Research Methodology for Studying Film Tourism in Iran

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    One out of five destination tourists have been attracted by a film [8]. This means tourism research needs to experience more research at this remarkable growth area in future. To produce scientific research in this research area, it is essential to develop skills in the specific research area or method. It is not only need to understand tourism research method, but also, we need to find and merge research method in the field of media’s research area. The goal of any researcher is to find a solution for a gap with sufficient knowledge of understanding. Research design and methods are used for data collection. First part of this paper is to highlights what is research and research methodology. Second part focuses about qualitative and quantitative methods and approaches on data collection methods in this area. In fact, this article summarizes basic steps and methodological prerequisites and principles for the research area of film tourism as the research guide throughout the research period for research areas including cultural studies, tourism, and media

    Evaluation of Seismic Potential Performance of Unej College Buildings in Lumajang Using the Pushover Method

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    The regulation on seismic safety design standards for building structures states that Indonesia is one of the countries with a high risk of earthquakes in most areas. To know the strength of structures during an earthquake, it is necessary to evaluate the performance of buildings using a nonlinear static analysis method (pushover). This analysis is used to assess the structural performance of buildings and to design them for seismic resistance in the event of an earthquake at the building's location. This indicates that structural components have been damaged and become less rigid, but are still strong enough to withstand collapse. Non-structural components still exist, but are no longer functional, but can be reused after repair. Strong column design concept when a beam weakness is met, this is indicated by the initial formation of plastic connections on the beam elements.  &nbsp

    French Language and the Teaching of Cameroonian National Languages in Secondary Schools of the West Region: Asset or Obstacle?

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    The syllabus of Cameroonian national languages in secondary education provides for the teaching of basic notions in linguistic and the General Alphabet of Cameroonian Languages at the observation sub-cycle and the teaching of a specific language, that of the locality where the school is found, from the orientation sub-cycle, i.e. from the 4e. This paper tries to answer the following question: What is the role of the French language in the teaching of Cameroonian national languages? The main objective of the study is to examine the role of the official language, more specifically French, and its impact on the acquisition of communicative skills in the national language. Based on Hymes' (1984) theory of Communicative Approach, we analysed data obtained from questionnaires administered to 42 teachers and 320 students, and from semi-structured interviews with Regional Pedagogic Inspectors. Conducted in 23 public secondary schools in the West Region that have teachers trained in National Languages and Cultures, the study found that the French language is very prominent in national language classes. This is due to the multilingual context of the classrooms, the sometimes approximate mastery of the national language by teachers, the inability of national languages to express all realities, among others. This strong presence of French does not favour communication in the national language. The reduction or even cancellation of French from national language classes would make it possible to stop teaching about national languages in order to truly develop the language skills of young Cameroonians in their mother tongues; this requires a certain number of measures on the part of all members of the education community

    Factors Related to Work Productivity Employees of Health Department in Maybrat Regency, West Papua Province

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    Background: Work productivity is very important to note in order to create discipline in good work management. Due to the many factors that can affect work productivity, it is necessary to pay attention to the factors that most influence work productivity for employees. Objectives: This study aims to determine the factors associated with work productivity. Methods: This type of research is analytic with a cross sectional study approach. This research was conducted in November 2022 at the Maybrat District Health Office. The sample in this study was Civil Servants of the Maybrat District Health Office with a total sample of 77 respondents. Data were analyzed using the chi-square test, at a significant level of 5%. Result: The results of the study showed that the work productivity of employees at the Maybrat District Health Office was mostly in the good category, namely 45 respondents (53.5%). From the results of the bivariate test, the variables that are significantly related to work productivity was the need for appreciation with a p value of 0.009 <0.05, while the variables that were not significantly related to work productivity are physiological needs (p value 0.497 > 0.05), self-security needs (p value 0.142 > 0.05), social needs (p value 0.380 > 0.05), and self-actualization needs (p value 0.156 > 0.156)

    Evaluation of the Factors Affecting Classification Performance in Class Imbalance Problem

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    In binary classification, when the distribution of numbers in the class is imbalanced, we are aimed to increase the accuracy of classification in classification methods. In our study, simulated data sets and actual data sets are used. In the simulation, the "BinNor" package in the R project, which produces both numerical and categorical data, was utilized. When simulation work is planned, three different effects are considered which may affect the classification performance. These are: sample size, correlation structure and class imbalance rates. Scenarios were created by considering these effects. Each scenario was repeated 1000 times and 10-fold cross-validation was applied. CART, SVM and RF methods have been used in the classification of data sets obtained from both simulation and actual data sets. SMOTE, SMOTEBoost and RUSBoost were used to decrease or completely remove the imbalance of the data before the classification methods were applied. Specificity, sensitivity, balanced accuracy and F-measure were used as performance measures. The simulation results: the imbalance rate increases from 10 to 30, the effect of the 3 algorithms on the classification methods is similar accuracy. Because the class imbalance has become balanced

    Natural Radioactivity Levels and Radiogenic Heat Production in River Sediments from Gulu and Amuru Districts, Northern Uganda

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    The activity concentrations (AC) of 238U, 232Th and 40K in sediments from Gulu and Amuru districts, Uganda were determined using NaI(Tl) detector at Physics Department, Makerere University, Kampala to obtain; radioelement concentrations (RC), radiogenic heat production (RHP) and associated heat flow (Hf). The AC varied from (36.1 ± 2.3 - 261.2 ± 15.3) for 238U, (97.4 ± 13.5 - 334.2 ± 36.6) for 232Th, and (47.5 ± 3.9 - 1442.3 ± 58.9) Bq kg-1 for 40K, with averages of 89.6 ± 6.3, 168.6 ± 17.9, and 275.4 ± 14.0 Bq kg-1, respectively, above the world limits of 35, 30, and 400 Bq kg-1, for 238U, 232Th and 40K. The RC varied from (2.9 ± 0.2 - 20.8 ± 1.2) ppm for 238U, (23.9 ± 3.3 - 82.0 ± 9.2) ppm for 232Th, and (0.2 ± 0.01 - 3.2 ± 0.1) % for 40K, with averages of 7.1 ± 0.5 ppm, 41.3 ± 4.3 ppm, and 1.1 ± 0.05%, respectively. The 238U and 232Th averages were above the Earth’s crust values of 3 ppm and 12 ppm, respectively. The 40K average is below the Earth’s crust value of 2.33%.  The RHP varied from (2.5 ± 0.6 - 10.2 ± 2.6) µW m-3 with an average of 4.5 ± 1.1 µW m-3, above the world average of 4µW m-3. High and moderate RHP, each account for 50% of the samples. The overall RHP mainly depended on 232Th amounts, with 60% contribution. However, an increase in the AC of 238U, 232Th and 40K reflected the integrated effect of RHP. The Hf varied from (19.6 ± 1.0 - 80.0 ± 4.0) mW m-2 with an average of 35.3 ± 1.8 mW m-2. The high RHP and Hf values indicates feasibility for geothermal exploration. This calls for further studies to validate these findings

    Oxidative Stability of Fish Oil And Impact of Oregano Essential Oil on The Prevention of Lipid Oxidation-Study By FTIR-Spectroscopy

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    The thermal stability and fatty acid composition of oregano fish oil (FIO) was studied by comparing; pure fish oil, fish oil with 1% oregano oil, fish oil with 2% oregano oil, applying FTIR (Fourier - Transform Infrared) - spectroscopy and GC /MS (gas chromatography - mass spectrometry). The physico-chemical parameters analyzed (value of peroxides, value of iodine (g) and value of acids (mg/g)) have resulted in significant changes in different components of the composition of the year of origin fish, the value of peroxide (mmol/ kg) for pure fish oils, oils with 1% oregano oil, and with 2% oregano oil. Then the iodine value (g) for pure fish oils, oils with 1% oregano oil, and with 2% oregano oil as well as the acidity value for pure fish oils, oils with 1% oregano oil, and with 2% oil oregon. FTIR spectroscopy is an analytical device (method) which clarifies the basic principles of the mechanism of stereo-chemical changes in the analyzed substances, as well as to understand which of the chemical components are responsible for increasing the thermal stability of fish oil. In this study, in addition to the above-mentioned parameters, it was found that temperature (°C) is adequate for increasing the stability of origin fish oil, because this phenomenon corresponds to the processes when oxidation reactions and Maillard reactions form compounds with maximum antioxidant activity (lipid stability)


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