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    Temsil edilmeyenin temsili: resimli çocuk kitaplarında engellilik

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    Thesis (M.A.)--Özyeğin University, Graduate School of Social Sciences, Department of Design, Technology and Society, January 2019.This study examines the representation of disability in pre-school children’s fiction picture books. It aims to investigate and identify the characteristics of how disability is represented in order to raise awareness about the issues surrounding the depiction of disability and in this way, help to make picture books more inclusive. Additionally, the goal of the study is to inspire and motivate illustrators to change current misrepresentation or non-representation of disability and diversity in picture books. The focus of this thesis is on the children’s picture books published in Turkey in the last decade, which belong to local and foreign authors. This thesis uses qualitative analysis as a method. It examines a total of 52 picture books in detail via 40 different codes. The results show that there is an increase and improvement in the representation of disability in picture books published in the last decade. However, the analyzed picture books usually use disability as a theme, they have stereotypical approach to the types of disabilities and aim to present information about the type of disability rather than a story. Furthermore, the disabled characters are mostly main characters and they are generally children. This study emphasizes that picture books need to be more inclusive and equitable as they are influential educational instruments for children.Bu çalışma, okul öncesi çocuklar için resimli hikaye kitaplarında engellilik temsilini incelemektedir. Engellilik tasvirini çevreleyen konular hakkında farkındalığı artırmak için engelliliğin nasıl temsil edildiğinin araştırılmasını, tanımlanmasını ve böylelikle, resimli kitapların daha kapsayıcı hale getirilmesine yardımcı olmayı amaçlamaktadır. Buna ek olarak, çalışmanın gayesi, resimli kitaplarda engelliliğin mevcut yanlış temsili veya (tamamen) temsil edilmemesi durumunu değiştirmek için illüstratörlere ilham vermek ve motive etmektir. Bu tezin odak noktası, son on yılda Türkiye'de yayımlanan yerli ve yabancı yazarlara ait resimli çocuk kitaplarıdır. Metot olarak nitel analiz kullanılmıştır. Toplam 52 resimli kitap, 40 farklı kodla ayrıntılı olarak analiz edilmiştir. Elde edilen bulgulara göre, son on yılda yayımlanan resimli kitaplarda engelliliğin temsilinde bir artış ve gelişme yaşandığı görülmektedir. Bununla birlikte, analiz edilen resimli kitaplar engelliliği genellikle bir tema olarak kullanmakta olup, engellilik tiplerine klişeleşmiş yaklaşıma sahiptir ve bir hikâye yerine engellilik tipi hakkında bilgi sunmayı amaçlamaktadır. Ayrıca, engelli karakterler çoğunlukla ana karakterlerdir ve genellikle çocukturlar. Bu çalışma, resimli kitapların, çocuklar için etkisi yüksek bir öğrenim aracı olmaları nedeniyle daha kapsayıcı ve eşit olmasının gerekliliğini vurgulamaktadır

    Sustainable development from millennium 2015 to sustainable development goals 2030

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    In modern economies, the advancement of well‐being of the citizens should be in an inclusive and sustainable way. In this respect, the sustainable welfare targets should exclusively include three main pillars: economic growth, social inclusion, and environmental protection. These pillars consist of qualitative and nonmonetary, as well as monetary and quantitative indicators to monitor. Although sustainable development today is well‐appreciated in most governments' agenda, yet it is generally not a trivial task to measure its progress especially due to multidimensional nature of some targets. In this article, sustainable development is measured by using a wide range of indicators within multidimensional perspective of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) 2015. Indicators cover wide spectrum of areas such as poverty reduction, health, education, gender equality, and environment. An index creation method is developed for measuring the level and the performance of countries' progress through achieving MDGs. The index score levels and the rankings of countries are compared with similar indexes developed by United Nations. Finally, countries are classified according to their achievements relative to other countries (which is measured by the index) versus their self‐achievement performances (in terms of improvement of the index over years) in a big matrix. Results demonstrate the importance of measuring country performances in both dimensions. Understanding the progress in MDGs can help settle on binding targets for achieving the country specific goals in economic and noneconomic areas and on the mechanisms to implement the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030, which set amid on the success of MDGs.Post prin

    Addressing endogeneity in the causal relationship between sustainability and financial performance

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    Due to copyright restrictions, the access to the full text of this article is only available via subscription.The existing empirical literature on the relationship between corporate sustainability performance and corporate financial performance casts doubt on the direction of this relationship although more studies point out a direction from sustainability to performance. Literature also presents a gap in addressing the mechanism(s) of the relationship that hinders the convergence of the empirical findings and only recently the question of causality is being addressed with modern econometric techniques. We argue that due to the potential endogeneity problem in the relationship, an empirical strategy without a theoretical base may result in inconclusive or misleading conclusions. We address the potential endogeneity problem in the relationship and identify the possible causes of this endogeneity as: (i) firm level heterogeneity in financial returns, (ii) the relationship between firm's productivity level and the marginal cost of sustainability initiatives, and (iii) measurement error. We implement Instrumental Variable (IV) technique to overcome these biases. Our results present empirical evidence to support the hypothesis that corporate sustainability is positively related (possibly causally) with corporate financial performance. We further find that sustainability initiatives are more costly for companies that are more productive; thus, they have less incentive to invest. Finally, measurement error in the sustainability metrics does not play a crucial role.Nuclear Science and Technology Research Institute ; TÜBİTA

    NS/NNS models in teaching speaking

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    Due to copyright restrictions, the access to the full text of this article is only available via subscription.Having distinctive individual qualities based on their background, pedagogy, and linguistic abilities, both native English‐speaking teachers (NESTs) and non‐native English‐speaking teachers (NNESTs) play crucial roles in supporting EFL learning. This entry gives an overview of the body of knowledge about what the research states about NEST/NNEST models in teaching speaking, states what challenges both groups experience while developing learners' oral competence and, finally, suggests some pedagogical implications in relation to turning these differences into opportunities to improve students' speaking as well as teachers' teaching techniques in EFL classrooms

    Stepping into the global: Turkish professionals, employment in transnational corporations, and aspiration to transnational forms of cultural capital

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    This article explores the narratives of professionals from Turkey working in transnational corporations to contribute to discussions of new middle classes and global stratification focusing on emerging forms of cultural capital in the domain of the transnational business field. Analyzing respondents’ narratives about their careers, it argues that as these professionals try to differentiate themselves within the neoliberal market, transnational corporations structure the access to transnational forms of social and cultural capital, including a cosmopolitan self-narrative, and work as a means of institutionalizing distinction at the global level. As such, this article contributes to discussions on emerging cultural capitals as well as cosmopolitanism as cultural capital and emphasizes the transnationalization of class distinction strategies of the new middle classes in Turkey as it situates these strategies within a stratified neoliberal global market.National Science Foundation Dissertation Improvement Grant in Sociolog

    Diachronic transformations of urban routes for the theory of attractors

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    Recent urban morphology studies consider urban tissues as living organisms changing in time (Strappa, Carlotti, Camiz, 2016), following this assumption the theory should examine more analytically what Muratori called ‘medievalisation’ (Muratori, 1959), a term describing some of the transformations of urban routes happened in the middle ages. The paper considers the diachronic deformation of routes, and other multi-scalar occurrences of the attraction phenomena (Charalambous, Geddes, 2015), introducing the notion of attractors and repellers. Archaeological studies already do consider attractors and repellers as a tool to interpret some territorial transformations, following the assumption that “the trajectory that a system follows through time is the result of a continuous dynamic interaction between that system and the multiple 'attractors' in its environment” (Renfrew, Bahn, 2013, p. 184). There are different elements that can act as attractors in an urban environment, such as bridges, city walls, city gates, water systems, markets, special buildings, and it is possible to consider each of these anthropic attractors as equivalent to a morphological attractor at the geographical scale. We can even interpret the ridge-top theory (Caniggia, 1976) as the result of attraction and repellence of geographic features on anthropic routes. The territorial scale analysis is the methodological base of the theory, but the attractors herein considered operate at the urban scale, deviating locally across time from a rectilinear trajectory and defining a specific urban fabric. The research interprets and reads the effects of attractors on urban routes and fabrics as a method for the reconstruction of Nicosia’s medieval city walls, in continuity between the Conzenian approach (Whitehand, 2012) and the Italian School of Urban Morphology (Marzot, 2002)

    Eigenvalues and dynamical properties of weighted backward shifts on the space of real analytic functions

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    Usually backward shift is neither chaotic nor hypercyclic. We will show that on the space A(Omega) of real analytic functions on a connected set Omega subset of R with 0 is an element of Omega, the backward shift operator is chaotic and sequentially hypercyclic. We give criteria for chaos and for many other dynamical properties for weighted backward shifts on A(Omega). For special classes of them we give full characterizations. We describe the point spectrum and eigenspaces of weighted backward shifts on A(Omega) as above.National Center of Science (Poland) ; TÜBİTA

    5G için hybrid TV yayını ve görünür ışıkla haberleşme ile kablosuz ınternet sağlama

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    Thesis (M.A.)--Özyeğin University, Graduate School of Sciences and Engineering, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, January 2018.Visible light communications (VLC) is a future promising communication technology to be utilized in future 5G networks satisfying energy efficient outdoor and indoor communications with existing hardware components such as LED bulbs, TV screens and camera receivers. Existing outdoor VLC architectures have signi cant challenges in terms of data rate, robustness to outdoor channel and requirements of high power transmitter resources. In this thesis, a cellular outdoor VLC architecture is introduced by utilizing arrays of LED bulbs as transmitters and telescopic cameras as receivers. The proposed system promises high performance cellular uplink communication channel reaching hundreds of Kbps for the ranges of tens of kilometers. It exploits array transmitters consuming less than hundred Watts power consumption at each house and telescopes improving the communication range. Besides that, the proposed system architecture is combined with existing TV downlink radio frequency (RF) network architecture to realize internet service providing (ISP) system with low cost and low complexity system design. Networking architecture utilizes commercially available display screens at home for downlink data. Performance analysis and comparison of various next generation display technologies such as quantum dot (QD) and organic light emitting diode (OLED) based displays are performed in terms of response time, color gamut, spectral color output, contrast ratio and power consumption. VLC-RF hybrid architecture promises widespread utilization of ISP services in suburban areas with high reliability, low cost and energy e cient system design utilizing already available hardware platforms.Gorünür ışıkla haberleşme potansiyel olarak 5G ağ yapIlarInda faydalanmak üzere, hem kapalı hem de açık ortamlarda enerji verimlililigi y uksek yapısı ve hali hazırda var olan LED aydınlatma, TV ekranları ve kamera alıcıları gibi donanınım komponentleri ile gelecek vaad etmektedir. Fakat varolan VLC mimarilerinin data hızlı, açık ortamdaki kanal dayanıklılığı ve yuksek güç iletici kaynakları anlamında gelismesi gereken noktalar vardır. Bu tez calışmamızda,verici tarafta LED lamba dizilerinden, alıcı tarafta teleskop kamera sisteminden faydalanılarak, açık ortam hücresel bir VLC mimarisi tanıtılmıştır. Önerilen sistem her bir ev icin 100 Watt güçten daha az güç tüketimi ile LED dizilerinden faydalanarak, y uzlerce Kbps hızlarda, onlarca kilometre menzilde yuksek performans hücresel uplink haberlesme kanalı sunmaktadır. Bunun yanında, önerilen sistem mimarisi düşük maliyet ve basit tasarımı ile internet sağlamak için varolan TV downlink RF ağ mimarisi ile birlestirilmistir. Ağ mimarisi downlink kısım icin ticari olarak hazır panel ekranlarından faydalanmıştır. Quantum dot (QD), organic light emitting diode (OLED) gibi gelecek nesil panel teknolojilerinin tepkime hızı, renk uzayı, spektral renk cıktılarına, kontrast ve güç tüketim performanslarına göre kıyaslama ve performans analizleri yapılmıştır. VLC ve RF melez mimarisi, hali hazırda mevcut bulunan donanm platformları ile yüksek güvenilirlik, düşük maliyet ve enerji verimliligini esas alan sistem tasarımı ile internet hizmeti sağlama servislerinin kırsal kesimlerde genis sekilde yayılmasını sağlamayı hedeflemektedir

    Kampüs bazlı dağıtık fotovoltaik sistem uygulaması ve entegre tasarımı

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    Thesis (M.A.)--Özyeğin University, Graduate School of Sciences and Engineering, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, May 2018.After releasing the regulations on unlicensed electricity generation in Turkey, the main structure of the regulatory mechanism has just finished in 2014 and renewable energy generation started to grow dramatically. Ozyegin University Campus Wide Solar Energy Application is the first large-scale building integrated, grid-connected system. From the idea of the project to the implementation processes, it is a great success story for the development of the academic researches and solar energy market. The complete process of technical, economical and bureaucratic side will be investigated for the future development while giving insights about the operation period as well. Ozyegin University has completely rooftop PV system distributed on 4 buildings with a total capacity of 378 kWp. The whole system has a unique design that could be implemented on each buildings similarly. Solar energy production simulations with 4 different database systems, selection of the each component, complete system design, 3D models, financial analysis, static measurement and reports, governmental appointment mechanism, legal approval, installation, commissioning and operation are the main topics that will be covered within the thesis. The most important extraction over the analysis of system outputs is the Operational Performance Index, which should be used as a performance KPI for the photovoltaic system. At the end, the value and the originality will come from not only the system integrity but also modals generated for the development of the market.2014 yılı itibari ile Türkiye'de lisanssız elektrik üretimi ile ilgili düzenlemelerin yayınlanmasıyla birilikte, düzenleyici mekanizmanın ana yapısı tamamlanmış ve yenilenebilir enerji üretimi dramatik bir şekilde büyümeye başlamıştır. Özyeğin Üniversitesi Kampüs Geneli Güneş Enerjisi Uygulaması, Türkiye'deki ilk büyük ölçekli bina entegre, şebekeye bağlı sistemdir. Aynı zamanda döneminde birçok konuda sektörel gelişime öncülük etmiş proje fikrinden uygulama süreçlerine kadar, akademik araştırmaların ve güneş enerjisi pazarının gelişimi için büyük bir başarı hikayesi oluşturmuştur. Teknik, ekonomik ve bürokratik süreçler incelenecek ve operasyon süreci ve sistem performansı hakkında detaylı analiz sunulacaktır. Özyeğin Üniversitesi, toplam 378 kWp kapasiteli 4 bina üzerine tamamen çatı üstü entegre PV sistemine sahiptir. Bütün sistem benzer şekilde her bina üzerinde uygulanabilir benzersiz bir tasarıma sahiptir. Tez kapsamında, 4 farklı veritabanı sistemi ile güneş enerjisi üretim simülasyonları, ekipman seçimi, komple sistem tasarımı, 3D modeller, finansal analiz, statik ölçümler ve raporlar, proje başvuru mekanizması, yasal onay, kurulum, devreye alma ve işletme ana konuları oluşturmaktadır. 4 yıllık system çıktılarının analizi sonucundaki en önemli çıkarım ise fotovoltaik sistemler için kullanılması önerilen Operasyonel Performans Indeks'i olmuştur. Projedeki değer ve özgünlük, sadece sistem bütünlüğünden değil aynı zamanda pazarın gelişimi için yol gösterici oluşundan gelecektir

    Elektrikli araçların enerji tüketimi modellemesi ve hız profili optimizasyonu

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    Thesis (M.A.)--Özyeğin University, Graduate School of Sciences and Engineering, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, May 2018.In recent years, there is a surge in research on Plug-in Electric Vehicles (PEVs), as PEVs are one of the ways that we can reduce carbon emissions. Dramatic cost reduction in PEVs has resulted in their becoming mainstream vehicles. However, there is still one big hurdle before they can take over other types of vehicles, and that is their limited range. Lack of charging stations exacerbates the situation further, and proliferation of charging stations does not completely alleviate the range problem as charging can take a few hours. Therefore, a PEV should cover as much distance with a given battery charge, or equivalently, should consume as little energy as possible for a given distance. The choice of the instantaneous control algorithm plays a role in this energy minimization problem, but on the other hand, the most critical aspect of this minimization problem is the speed pro le of the vehicle, which is given as a reference input to the instantaneous control algorithm. This thesis o ers a signi cant contribution to the literature in range optimization of PEVs given a realistic vehicle model, which it does through a combination of Monte Carlo and Newton-Raphson optimization methods


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