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    Practical Guidelines to Legal Writing for Young Researchers and Professionals

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    Research about the law requires a degree of mastery of both the existing knowledge about the topic of research and the necessary methodological tool-kit to communicate the analysis and the findings to the targeted audience. This paper aims to provide young researchers and professionals in law with a step-by-step guide to write different types of legal writings. This research starts from the assumption that well situating the topic of the research within an appropriate context and adopting an adapted analysis condition a cogent structure that reflects the degree of consistency between the research gap and the aim of the research, on the one hand, and the findings and the recommendations, on the other. Keywords: Legal Writing, Context, Baseline, Method, Structur

    Designing A Proposed Educational Program Based on the Principles of Green Chemistry and Measuring its Effectiveness in Developing Related Concepts for Secondary School Students in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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    The study aimed to design a proposed educational program based on the principles of green chemistry and measure its effectiveness in developing related concepts among female students of the natural sciences track at the secondary stage in Mecca. A random sample of (30) female students was selected, and the research followed the mixed approach, and data was collected using a cognitive achievement test and semi-structured interview questions. Quantitative data were analyzed using the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) program, and qualitative data were analyzed using the rooted method. The results revealed that there were statistically significant differences at the significance level (α ≤ 0.01) between the average scores of the study group in the pre- and post-application of the cognitive achievement test in favor of the post-application. They also revealed a high effectiveness of the proposed educational program. The qualitative results also confirmed the pioneering role of the educational program in providing female students with green chemistry concepts, and based on the research results; A set of recommendations and suggestions for future studies related to the topic of the current study were presented. Keywords: design of the educational program, principles of green chemistry, High School

    Restricting the Meanings according to the Hanafi Fundamentalists: Principles and Results

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    This research aims to review the phenomenon of restricting interpretations among Hanafi fundamentalists, through an investigation of the historical stages and its most prominent symbols, in light of the clarification of the criteria that limit the sections of meanings, and the foundations on which the restriction was based. To achieve this goal, the study followed the inductive approach that confines the history of Hanafi fundamentalist research on the subject of verbal meanings, while relying on the deductive analytical approach. It is based on tracing the fundamentalist tendencies that appeared among the late Hanafi scholars to clarify the nature of these tendencies in determining the foundations and criteria for the exclusive division according to two Sheikhs namely Shams Al-Imam Al-Sarkhasi and Fakhr Al-Islam Al-Bazdawi, and the fundamentalist consequences resulting from the narrowing of meanings. It has been shown through the study that Judge Abu Zaid Al-Dabusi is considered the first to present a vision about limiting the divisions of meanings according to the Hanafi school of thought, and he was followed by Shams Al-Imam Al-Sarkhasi and Fakhr Al-Islam al-Bazdawi. The later discussions were extensive about the basis on which the division is based and the criteria that support it. The researcher concluded that the basis is what the division of meanings is based on is how the word denotes it, and the division is based on two main criteria: the criterion of subjectivity, and the criterion of intentionality

    Designing A Proposed Educational Program Based on Geographical Cloud Computing and Measuring its Effectiveness in Developing Research and Analysis Skills for Remote Sensing Big Data for Spatial Phenomena among Humanities Track Students at the Secondary Stage in Makkah

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    The study aims at designing a proposed educational program based on geographic cloud computing and measuring its effectiveness in developing research and analysis skills for remote sensing big data for spatial phenomena among humanities track students at the secondary stage in Makkah. To achieve this; An available random sample of (29) students was selected from the study population. The study followed the quasi-experimental approach with a one-group design and used the observation card, and the attitude test to collect data. Results showed; There are statistically significant differences at the level (α≤ 0.05) between the mean scores of the study group in the pre and post measurements of the variables approved in the observation card and the attitude test in favor of the post measurement. Results also showed a significant (high) impact of the educational program in developing research and analysis skills for the sample, as the effect coefficient of the two dependent variables reached (2.11, 8.27), respectively. The results showed a strong, positive, direct correlation at the significance level (α≤0.01) between the two dependent variables for each of the research and analysis skills, where the coefficient of determination for the dependent variables was (0.685). Results also showed a linear predictive relationship (simple regression), where the regression value for research and analysis skills were (0.019, 35.656), respectively. Based on the results, a set of relevant recommendations and proposals were presented. Keywords: Geographical cloud computing, effectiveness, research skills, analysis skills, big data, spatial phenomena, remote sensing, humanities track, secondary stage

    The Reasons of Cyberbullying on Children in Kuwait: A Comparative Study between Parents\u27 Perspectives

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    This study aimed to identify the reasons and the suggested solutions for cyberbullying in children in the Kuwaiti society. The study compared the Kuwaiti fathers’ and mothers’ points of view, using the descriptive analytical approach. 377 surveys were randomly distributed among parents in Kuwait. The study identified some reasons for cyberbullying in children as follows: (1) reasons related to the media, such as imitating social media celebrities and watching violent movies and series; (2) reasons related to the family, such as domestic violence, not allowing the child to express their feelings, and the lack of house rules that ban cyberbullying; (3) reasons related to the school, such as the lack of awareness programs at school concerning the dangers of cyberbullying and the lack of strict rules to forbid it. The study findings also showed that there were no significant differences concerning the degree of relation variable between the fathers’ and the mothers’ points of view on the reasons for cyberbullying. Hence, some key solutions were suggested to limit cyberbullying. According to the parents, it is vital to focus on increasing children’s awareness at school. It is also necessary that parents have more monitoring over their children and their electronic devices. Keywords: Early Childhood, Early Education, Comparative Education, Cyberbullying, Educational Media

    Effectiveness of Raising a Topic for Public Discussion as a Tool of Parliamentary Oversight of Government Actions: A Comparative and Applied Study

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    analytical approach to address the nature of the problems accompanying the means of raising a topic for public discussion as a method of parliamentary control over government actions. This is done by searching for the concept of a request for public debate, the constitutionality of this method, and other topics related to this method; so that we can arrive at a legal and practical evaluation of the effectiveness and accuracy of this method in terms of its inputs and results in achieving the public interest in comparison and approach with other parliamentary means. Within this context, the objectives of the research revolve around demonstrating the effectiveness of this method in light of the limited practice of this method by members of Parliament in comparison with the use of other parliamentary control means such as the parliamentary question, which gives very important indications about the feasibility of raising a general topic for public discussion, both in terms of procedures as well as from the question of practical results, a phenomenon that will be treated with an analytical approach based on the neutral and objective critical method. In conclusion, the research recommended several recommendations, the most important of which are for the Jordanian legislator to find a specific and disciplined constitutional formula that gives legitimacy to the request for public debate; being an effective means of parliamentary control; and that there should be a more influential role for the parliamentary committees within the Parliament with regard to activating the mechanisms of requesting public debate, given that these committees represent the most technically specialized legal place to study this request, and they have the ability to study the request from all its legal and realistic aspects

    The Influence of Unidroit Principles on the Evolving Interpretation of the Contract

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    principles, are not mere agreements in which some clauses were inserted by the will of the parties, but rather are real common economic projects between the parties, these contracts are intended to achieve the common contractual interest of the parties by ensuring that their effects remain effective. Because these contracts are in a situation of constant interaction with reality, this requires preserving them from the risk of rescission and invalidity as much as possible, and by various legal means. Perhaps the most important and qualified way to preserve the international commercial contract (the common economic project) is to resort to the interpretation of the contract in a way that the interpreter puts in mind the purpose of the contract in society, which gives the interpretation the character of (advanced), which is characterized by trying to achieve harmonization between the contract and its changing reality, thus ensuring in the end the contractual common interest. In this sense, the advanced interpretation of the contract means the mental process that attempts to determine the intention of the contracting parties from outside the terms of the contract by harmonizing the contract with the reality and customs of the transaction, as well as maintaining its efficiency and integrity. The advanced interpretation of the contract is also characterized by an objective tendency that is concerned with the search for the contractual intent according to the reasonable person\u27s understanding of the terms of contracts at the time of their conclusion, it is also concerned with the purpose of the contract in light of the circumstances surrounding it. The research concluded that the features of the advanced interpretation in the principles of Unidroit lie in the fairness and efficiency of the contract, in addition to its integrity and realism

    Teachers\u27 Viewpoints about the Effectiveness of Distance Education on Kindergarten Children\u27s Developmental Skills during the Pandemic

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    This study aimed to identify the effectiveness of distance education in developing the developmental skills of kindergarten children from the point of view of kindergarten teachers in light of the Corona pandemic. The researcher used the descriptive analytical method, and the questionnaire was used as a tool. The sample was randomly selected, consisting of (70) female teachers. The results were analyzed by (SPSS), the study reached a set of results, the most important of which are: The effectiveness of distance teaching in developing the developmental skills of all Kindergarten children (with regard to memory activities, perception activities and thinking and developmental activities) from the point of view kindergarten teachers it was ahighiy rated. As for attention activities, from the point of view of kindergarten teachers, they were moderate. The results of the study showed that there is a difference in the viewpoints of kindergarten teachers about the effectiveness of Distance education in developing the developmental skills kindergarten children according to age in favor of the older group. The results of the study also showed that there is a difference according to their professional experience in favor of more years. Keywords: Effectiveness, Distance education, Developmental skills, Kindergarten kids, Corona pandemic

    Guarantees of Payment of Wages in Enterprise Contracts and its Contemporary Applications in accordance with the Enforced Legislation in Palestine

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    remuneration under the contracting contract, and the mechanisms of enforcing the employer to implement his obligation to pay the remuneration, in light of the Palestinian legislative reality, which is still dependent upon the Mejella (Journal of Judicial Rules), as the Civil Law in force in Palestine. The study attempted to find a solution to the legislative shortcoming represented in the fact that the provisions of the Mejella devoid of a clear and explicit regulation of the provisions of the contracting contract and the responsibilities of the parties to that contract, especially with regard to obligating the employer to pay the remuneration and the means of compelling him to implement such obligation, by expanding the implications of the Mejella’s codes, and the jurisprudential analogy on them in an analytical and critical manner. It will be relying on a special reading of the codes of the Mejella and interfacing them with other legislation in force in Palestine, opinion of scholars and Judges, and the Palestinian courts’ judgments on the issue. Accordingly, the study disused the effects of the employer\u27s obligation to pay the wage, and the means of enforcing the employer to implement his commitment to pay the remuneration. Then the study concluded with a set of results and recommendations, which we consider necessary to be adopted, to fill the legislative gap in Palestine, especially with regard to the contractor’s option to retaining the work, and the expansion of the Mejella’s provisions regarding the precluded excuse, which is synonymous with the principles of force majeure and unforeseeable circumstances

    Effectiveness of Community-Based Vocational Instruction on Teaching Job Skills for Female Students with Intellectual Disability

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    The purpose of this study was to examine the effectiveness of Community-Based Vocational Instruction (CBVI) to teach three young females with intellectual disability job skills (Writing Formal Letters Skill, and Formal Letters Coordination Skill). The methodology of this study was (Single-Subject Design) multiple baseline design, with three young females with mild intellectual disability, who graduated from high school and joined a vocational rehabilitation program in a daily care center. The results showed that CBVI were effective and efficient at teaching job skills to three young females with intellectual disability and showed that three young females maintained improvement in their performance due to the intervention. The study showed high social validity to CBVI with female students with intellectual disability. KeyWords: vocational Rehabilitation, transition services, Job Skills, Intellectual disability, Community Training


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