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    Le fonctionnement des figures de style dans la publicité alimentaire française

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    En tant que vecteur de l’information, la publicité se rattache à tous les secteurs de la société. En profitant de la publicité, les entreprises recommandent activement leurs produits ou services aux consommateurs, cependant, l’attitude du consommateur est relativement passive. En l’occurrence, l’annonceur est tenu d’utiliser les moyens rhétoriques, dans lesquels les figures de style occupent toujours la première place, pour se rapprocher des lecteurs-consommateurs. En s’appuyant sur des publicités alimentaires françaises recueillies à Paris, nous analysons en détail le fonctionnement des figures de style sous les aspects de diction, de mot et de syntaxe

    Metaverse: The Re-Confirmation of Human Subjectivity

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    The metaverse is a major product of the entry of human beings into digital civilization. Under the spirit of Report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the wave of information revolution and the new model of “metaverse+”, it is a major issue to promote Chinese path to modernization and create a new form of human civilization, and it is important to discuss the re-confirmation of human subjectivity in the metaverse, and it is important to answer a series of questions such as what is human and what is the role of human subjectivity in the metaverse. This paper takes the environment and characteristics of human beings as the starting point to answer the question of human subjectivity, and analyzes the confirmation of freedom and consciousness in choosing living space, the confirmation of autonomy in switching cognitive perspectives, the confirmation of dynamism in expanding social interactions, and the confirmation of creativity in empowering digital technology in the metaverse, and deeply examines the relationship between human beings and the metaverse

    Analysis of the Potential of International Migration Issues in the Context of Economic Indicators is Provided in Time Series Analysis: The Case of Turkey

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    The phenomenon of migration, starting with the existence of humanity and continuing until today, can be evaluated in the context of two main functions, especially in recent years. The first is the phenomenon of illegal migration and the other is the phenomenon of international migration.The phenomenon of illegal immigration is a phenomenon that gains importance with the change of international security perceptions and is considered as a security threat.Turkey, both geographical location as being sourced from the environmental status of developed country by country, international migration and illegal immigration, as well as being the country of transit countries also come to the fore. However, it is clear that it does not have as strict measures as other countries that have a say in the context of migration effects. This situation is directly related to the phenomenon of irregular migration as well as lack of data on migration and other migration related issues.In this study, since the realization of the basic concepts explaining the phenomenon of migration for international migration in Turkey will be discussed likely to cause socio-economic problems. Turkey should both source and transit in migration issues in the target countries qualify as international issues will be discussed. In this case the cost of Turkey or sing with a clearer impact on market conditions functioning in Turkey will be investigated.In this study, time series analysis will be studied. As the dependent variable is the number of immigrants who are present in Turkey determined arguments producer price index, consumer price index and gross domestic revenue. Gretel Lab Cloud program will use Breusch-Godfrey autocorrelation analysis. The study will be analyzed to cover the years 2005-2023. On the other hand, the data set to be used in the analysis will be discussed on an annual basis.Machine learning models have the ability to detect hidden patterns in data and identify complex relationships between variables. The machine learning algorithms that will be used in this research can help us to analyse the factors affecting the migration phenomenon in Turkey and the effects of these factors on economic indicators.Machine learning methods can reveal important information about the migration phenomenon in Turkey. Moreover, machine learning models can also be used to predict future migration trends. This may be effective in making more informed decisions while shaping Turkey’s policies on migration phenomenon.However, should also consider the limitations of the machine learning methods. To use in our project. The quality and representativeness of the data set may affect the reliability of the machine learning results. Also, the complexity of the model and the interpretability of the results are important

    Unveiling Animal Individuality: Depictions of Equine Personalities in Jane Smiley’s Fiction

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    This paper explores the representation of animal individuality and personality in Jane Smiley’s literary works, specifically focusing on equine characters in Horse Heaven and The Horses of Oak Valley Ranch series. Smiley’s narrative vividly delineates distinct equine personalities, challenging traditional anthropocentric biases and highlighting the uniqueness of each animal. Animals in her novels cease to serve merely as symbols or metaphors for humans; instead, they emerge as fully realized characters, each possessing its own crucial status and distinct personality. Smiley’s narrative intention is to portray animals not as a collective entity but as individuals with their own complexities. The novels underscore the significance of recognizing and appreciating animal individuality, challenging readers to view animals through a lens of uniqueness rather than uniformity.

    The Motivation to English Vocabulary Acquisition: A Comparative Study of English and Non-English Major Students in Vocational University

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    It is noticeable that the plethora of researches has investigated motivation to acquire English vocabularies only in general universities. There is still scarce research that compares the motivation of English vocabulary learning between English major and non-English major students in vocational university. Therefore, it is not known if students who choose to study English as their major differ from those who are required to study English as the minor component of their wider degree in vocational education.Drawing on SDT, the study reports on the findings of a quantitative study designed to investigate the comparison in motivation for English vocabulary acquisition demonstrated by English major (n = 94) and non-English major students (n = 87) in a vocational university. The study revealed that both English major and non-English major students in vocational university tend to possess high levels of Identified Regulation(ID) and External Regulation motivation(EX) to acquire English vocabulary. English major students felt more intrinsically motivated and less mandatory to learn English.This paper argues that it is imperative for lecturers in vocational university to assist students in internalising these External Regulation motivation (EX) to English vocabulary acquisition to prepare for their future profession, which contributes to fostering students’ intrinsic aspirations to English vocabulary acquisition

    Issues on Revitalization of Endangered Languages From Eco-linguistic View: An Exemplary Analysis of Manchu Language

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    Ecological view of languages advocates linguistic diversity, endangered language protection and revitalization. Critically endangered Manchu, Altaic Tungus language, has intrigued worldwide interests. Manchu revitalization has been propagated for decades in China, which achieved some kind of success. However, the wholly effects are not optimistic. This paper aims at discussing the existing problems and strategies in Manchu revitalization from the ecological facets of Manchu vitality factors so as to reassess the revitalizing project, which consequently has constructive significances.

    Sustainability in Sanitation: A Comparative Analysis of Cities in Brazil and Canada

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    This paper presents a comparative analysis of sanitation practices in Brazil and Canada, focusing on the challenges faced and efforts made to improve sanitation facilities and universal access to clean water and hygienic treatment. The study utilizes a qualitative research design, incorporating a systematic document review methodology to examine peer-reviewed articles, governmental reports, policy documents, and official statistics from both countries. The analysis reveals the specific challenges encountered in Brazil, particularly in rural areas and marginalized communities, as well as the initiatives taken by the government to enhance sanitation. Similarly, the study explores Canada’s commitment to sustainable development, including the obstacles encountered in ensuring access to clean water and sanitation, with a special emphasis on indigenous communities. Thematic analysis is employed to identify commonalities and differences between the two nations, leading to valuable insights and conclusions. While the study acknowledges limitations such as the broad scope of the topic and the absence of primary data collection, it contributes to the existing literature on sanitation issues and underscores the importance of a multi-sectoral approach in addressing water and sanitation challenges

    Case Analysis of Female Sculptors

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    The essence of women is their unique qualities, a manifestation of emotions that are ultimately embedded in the sculpture, influenced by different eras. Women’s nature has found extensive expression in sculpture, carrying its unique cultural value and historical significance. Sculpture art conveys emotions and conceptual meanings through formative expression. Throughout its development, many works by female sculptors have depicted the distinctive qualities and spirits of women. This analysis explores the strength of women’s emotions in female sculpture works. As a carrier of artistic expression, sculpture art conveys the artist’s ideological and spiritual aspects. Through the expression of self-awareness and self-worth, female artists highlight the spirit of women’s independence and empowerment, showcasing women’s self-awareness and social existence across various eras. This expression reflects their understanding and concern for reality and society, further conveying spiritual and emotional aspects to the audience. It reveals the multidimensionality and complexity of female strength in sculpture, providing deeper contemplation and understanding

    Effects of Graphic Organizers on Reading Comprehension of Pupils With Dyslexia in Primary Schools in Owerri, Imo State Nigeria

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    Dyslexia is a specific learning disability that is characterized by difficulties with accurate and/or fluent word recognition, by poor spelling and decoding abilities. A good number of pupils experience it. Therefore, intervention strategies are needed to ameliorate these challenges because of its effect on learners and their learning. This study examined the effects of graphic organizers on reading comprehension of pupils with dyslexia in primary schools in Owerri North Local Government Area of Imo State, Nigeria. Participants were 80 pupils with dyslexia selected through convenience sampling. Pretest-posttest quasi-experimental design was used for the study. Three hypothesis were tested using Analysis of Covariance (ANCOVA) and Multiple Classification Analysis (MCA). Results of data analysis shows that graphic organizer had significant main difference on reading comprehension of the participants (F-ratio = 85.329; p<.05) while gender had no significant main effect on reading comprehension of the participants (F-ratio = .344, p<.05). Significant interaction effect of graphic organizer on reading comprehension of the participants was also found (F-ratio = .305, p<.05). The need for workshop on the use of graphic organizer for teaching reading comprehension to pupils with dyslexia and the need to ensure gender balance should be considered while grouping pupils with dyslexia for graphic organizer were advocated

    The Syntax of Backgrounding Controversial Issues in Media Discourse: A Critical Analysis of New York Times COVID-19 Reports About China

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    This paper is concerned with the use of relative clauses in New York Times COVID-19 reports on China, aiming to reveal the manipulative strategies employed in media discourse in establishing a link between persuasive argumentation and the discourse functions of relative clauses. The study finds that through syntactically backgrounding potentially controversial issues in relative clauses regarding China’s Covid containment, reporters reduce the readers to accept the tacit truth of the presupposed propositions, thus enhancing the acceptance and manipulation of their political argumentation. The study further shows that relative clauses, by virtue of providing causal-explanatory links, facilitate a biased interpretation to occupy readers’ political cognitive space. The study further suggests a modification of the function taxonomy of relevance relative clauses on the basis of Loock (2007). Offering evidence from mass communication, our critical analysis is expected to shed new light on the link between syntax and manipulation


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