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    New Concept on Radiant Cooling

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    Day by day, energy consumption is increases in huge amount. As we know during summer days the electricity requirement is very high. During summer days, all humans requirement is fresh cool air. For that purpose they bring Air Conditioner(AC) or ceiling fans but here the big problem is that if we are using AC/Fans as room cooler then what ever the energy consumed by these equipment is very high. As currently we are having many of hurdles in electric supply. And the big fact about these equipment is that they never able to give thermal comfort. To overcome from these disadvantages our team is going to introduce the “New Concept on Radiant Cooling (RC)” through this paper. In this we are briefly solved the chilled water problem by storing and cooling point of view using Earthen pot tank. Why we are selected earthen pot tank, what is the science behind this is discussed in this paper. This RC system may can applied to houses, homes, IT companies, as well for Educational Institutes. But chilled water solution is only for small scale buildings .This paper shows you how we can able to apply this system to institutes and Homes in very low cost

    Dynamics of a Slip Power Recovery Scheme

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    This research paper mainly focuses on the simulation of Static Scherbius Drive Scheme for efficient speed control using Inverter firing angle control method. A slip ring induction motor (SRIM) which is an asynchronous type is used, since the rotor does not run in synchronous speed with the stator poles. It is employed in high power, narrow range of speed applications and the slip power is regulated to yield the adjustable speed drive system. The slip energy recovery scheme is carried out using power electronic based converter technique in the power recovery and energy saving via thyristor control. It was observed that the torque of the drive varies linearly with the dc link current. Moreover, the increase in efficiency has been observed as compared to rotor resistance method of speed control. The simulation is carried out in MATLAB environment

    Astromechanic Theory, an Application of Mechanical Engineering Principles to Relativity Theory

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    The following research paper uses plasticity theory of deformation to describe the yielding of space-time fabric (i.e., the increase in the area of the space time fabric without any application of force) on a stress strain curve. It considers the space-time fabric as an elastic material undergoing deformation in form of yielding, which also explains the reason of expansion of the universe. In this paper a mechanical prospective is applied to the relativity theory to explain the mechanics of the space time fabric in a very practical sense. Calculus of variation is used to mathematically derive the boundary conditions before big bang. The research paper in detail explains the reason of occurrence of big bang using the concept of space-time fabric and describes the elementary particles in form of 3-dimensional crushed energy fabric

    Segmentation of Defects in Textile Images Based on Adaptive Sparse Domain Selection Method

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    Generalized fabric inspection system needs perfect and efficient pattern recognition to detect and identify different types of defects in various kinds of fabrics. The inspection system needs on good environment for managing the fabric manufacturing unit and inspection unit with better results. In real time production environment, it is difficult to detect defects automatically for whole fabrics, although fabrics may be characterized by color, pattern, texture, and material quality. Human visual system is labor prone, costly, less accuracy and time consuming system. These drawbacks are overcome by automated fabric inspection system which provides warning to manufacturing unit to stop and recover the production, if it detects abnormalities in the process

    Evaluation of Anthelmintic, Analgesic and Neuropharmacological Activity of the Plant Abutilon Indicum

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    The present investigation was conducted to determine the anthelmintic, analgesic and neuropharmacological activity of the methanolic extract from the barks of Abutilon indicum. Anthelmintic activity was investigated using earthworm (Pheretima posthuma) and fresh leaf juice of the plant. In anthelmintic activity test, the time of paralysis for leaves juice was range from 25min 37 sec to 65min 12 sec whereas the time ranges for standard drug albendazole was 31 min 57 sec to 75min 27 sec. On the other hand the time of death start from 31 min 43 sec and end to 72 min 09 sec for leaves juice and for albendazole the time of death start from 39 min 22 sec and end 84 min 19 sec respectively at different dose (5mg/ml, 10mg/ml, 20mg/ml, 50mg/ml, 100mg/ml) which indicate highly significant anthelmintic activity. Analgesic activity was investigated using two thermal (hot plate and tail immersion) and one chemical (acetic acid-induced writhing test) methods at the dose of 200 and 400 mg /kg in Swiss albino mice. In analgesic activity test, the latency time of thermal threshold was prolonged in hot plate and tail immersion tests, whereas it was inhibited by acetic acid-induced writhing test. Thus the extract of the Abutilon indicum barks showed moderate analgesic activity. Neuropharmacological activity of the plant was observed by open field, hole cross, and dark/light box tests at the doses of 200mg/kg and 400 mg /kg in Swiss albino mice. The extract significantly decrease the locomotor activity as shown by the open field, hole cross test which indicate highly significant antidepressant activity. The results also showed similar activity in dark/light box test. Thus the obtained results in the study provide a support for the use of this plant for medicinal purposes and encourage further investigations for more fruitful results

    Internal Quantum Efficiency of Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon Based Plasmonic Thin Film Solar Cells Using Photonic Crystal Back Reflectors

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    Of various light-trapping schemes commonly employed in the plasmonic solar cells, the photonic crystal back reflectors are proved in the literature to enhance the absorption of photons in the near infra-red wavelength region significantly. In these cells, the photonic crystal back reflectors are usually placed at the bottom of the cell along with diffracting Brag’s reflector (DBR). These reflectors block and reflect back the long wavelength light to the absorbing region. Therefore, the absorption of photons in the near infrared region has been significantly increased and the internal quantum efficiency in this wavelength region has been improved resulting in increased power conversion efficiency. In this work an analytical derivation of internal quantum efficiency has been developed to model such effects of photonic crystal back reflector on the internal quantum efficiency of a plasmonic solar cell based on hydrogenated amorphous silicon (a-Si: H) based absorber. The model results show the significant improvement in the internal quantum efficiency in the near infrared region, as expected

    Smart Public Toilet System for Saving Water and Electricity

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    In the 21st century, the use of water, as well as electricity, has been increased. Also, in the toilets, people use plenty of water and electricity. To solve this problem, a Smart Public Toilet System for Saving Water and Electricity” using an embedded system platform is designed to reduce the water and to create awareness in the user. So the proposed system introduces an efficient use of water and electricity. In this system when the user enters or not in the toilet, it is sensed by using an ultrasonic sensor by using LDR the light will automatically turn ON. As the user leaves the toilet the light will turn OFF until the next user enters. Also, during the user present in the toilet, the audio clip “Please Save Water” will be played after every 30sec in the regional languages e.g. Marathi, Hindi English. This system will help to create awareness in people of saving water and electricity

    Web Application based Electric Load Forecasting using Machine Learning

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    The motivation behind the momentary power de-mand expectation is to conjecture ahead of time the framework load. Force request gauging is significant for financially proficient activity and compelling control of intensity frameworks and empowers to design the heap of creating unit. An exact burden determining is required to keep away from high age cost and the turning save limit. Under-forecast of the requests prompts a lacking store limit readiness and can compromise the framework security, then again, over-expectation prompts a C. P. Kedia2 enormous hold that prompts a significant expense arrangement. Various direct relapses are the soonest system of load forecasting tC. P. Kedia2echniques. Here, load is communicated as an element of informative climate and non-climate variables that impact the heap. The powerful factors are distinguished based on relationship examination with load, and their centrality is resolved through factual tests, for example, True and False tests. This examination utilizes the straight static parameter estimation system as they apply to the twenty-four-hour disconnected gauging issue

    Conservation of Eco-Tourism Site in Nigeria

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    The study is an aim for discovering four eco-tourism site in Nigeria, discussing their current status with reasons why they should be conserved. The study utilized the primary and secondary sources of data. Primary sources of data such as reconnaissance survey, interviewed through well-structured questionnaires, and secondary sources of data which include the use of Archive and internet search engine were utilized. Out of the six geo-political regions, four regions were representatively selected such as south- south, north eastern, south west and south east region and one eco-tourism site where chosen from each region which include Biseni forest, Yankari games reserve, Osse river park and Nkpogolo forest reserve respectively. Using multi-stage sampling, purposive sampling and simply random sampling techniques 100 questionnaire were distributed to the staff of the ministry of Arts and Culture in the four selected regions. Finding shows poor state of eco-tourism site. Recommendations revealed some reasons why these areas should be conserved which include: Conserving eco-tourism site will help in balancing man’ activities in the ecosystem to reduce global warming; it will serve as a good and attractive site for tourism and recreational activities thereby generating income for the country. It will prevent forest resources such as plants and animals in the natural habitat from extinction

    Golden Rules of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

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    The basic rules in any good manufacturing practice (GMP) regulations postulate that the pharmaceutical manufacturer must maintain appropriate documentation and records. Documentation helps to build up a detailed interpretation of what a manufacturing function has done in the past and what it is doing now and, thus, it provides a base for planning what it is going to do in the future. Regulatory evaluators, during their inspections of manufacturing sites, often devote much time on examining a company’s documents and records. Effective documentation boosts the visibility of the quality assurance system
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