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    Determinants of Credit Risk : The Case of Selected Commercial Banks in Ethiopia

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    Risk assessment is the careful analysis and evaluation of the diverse factors that can bring risks. Risk assessment provides the banks an opportunity to determine the vulnerabilities and risk associated with a banking system. The aim of this study is to assess determinants of credit risk in selected commercial banks in Ethiopia. To this end, secondary data from ten commercial banks over the period 2010 to 2017 were collected from the audited financial statement of the selected banks available in the National Bank of Ethiopia. The assumption tests were made and indicate the fitness of data for further tests and also the post estimation tests recommend pooled ordinary least square for the regression analysis. The result indicated that predictor variables like efficiency ratio, return on equity and bank size have statistically significant positive effects on the dependent variable (credit risk). In addition, the study showed that capital adequacy had statistically significant negative effect in predicting the dependent variable, credit risk. However, predictor variables like return on asset, leverage and loan to deposit ratio didn’t make any statistically significant effect on credit risk. Finally, it was recommended that, commercial banks in Ethiopia are advised to become more effective, in management to use funds contributed by shareholders, in spending sufficient resources on analyzing loan application, introduction of modern risk management technology, that are believed to improve the effectiveness of commercial banks in Ethiopia

    Influence of Price Formation in Indian Gold Market

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    The paper inspects the general productivity of Gold Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) against spot gold and gold prospects in Indian situation utilizing a progression of regular and limit cointegration insights. The outcomes uncover that gold ETFs and spot gold just as gold ETFs and gold prospects combine over the long haul. Likewise, developments in spot costs and prospects costs are found to lead those in ETF costs, in this manner, giving a degree to executing beneficial exchanging methodologies ETFs. The examination further investigates the plausible reasons that may represent the relative wastefulness saw in ETF costs. Gold ETFs and gold fates speak to two such sections that empower speculators to gain presentation to the value development of gold in a way like that of stocks exchanged at the trade. With various portions of the market following a similar resource class, the present examination endeavors to research the general proficiency of one market over the other for example between spot cost of physical gold and gold ETFs just as between gold ETFs and gold fates in Indian setting which records for perhaps the biggest buyer of the metal on the planet. Utilizing different econometric strategies, for example, cointegration, Vector Error Correction Model (VECM), Gregory-Hansen (1996) insights and Toda-Yamamoto trial of causality, the outcomes uncover that gold ETFs, when contrasted with their spot and prospects partners, are generally wasteful. ETF costs are found to slack both the spot just as prospects costs. Restricted cooperation, constrained mindfulness, illiquidity, and nonappearance of edge exchanging are observed to be the prime reasons clarifying the general wastefulness of gold ETFs. The examination likewise accommodates the alert that should be practiced while deciphering the outcomes for straight cointegration which may neglect to distinguish the presence of a long run connection between the factors within the sight of auxiliary brake characteristic in the information arrangement

    Management of Recurrent respiratory disorders: A Case Study

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    Recurrent respiratory tract infections are especially common in young children; in developed countries, they affect up to 25% of children under one year of age and 18% of children one to four years of age. Immune deficiencies are considered as underlying conditions predisposing to this pathology. This work is about to determine when and how to explore the immune system when facing recurrent respiratory infections. A 01 year and 05 months old female child came with complaints of recurrent common cold and cough since birth. Swarnaprashan maintained general health of the body and works as an immunomodulatory which decreased recurrent common cold and cough in children. Duration of swarnaprashan can be determined depending upon the administered and its duration can be determined depending upon the desired effects like decrease morbidity rate and increase immunity level in children

    Emerging Freeze Drying Process Development and Scale up Issues

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    Albeit a few rules do exist for stop evaporating process advancement and scale, there are as yet various issues that require extra consideration. The goal of this survey article is to examine some rising procedure advancement and scale-up issue with accentuation on impact of burden condition and freeze drying in novel compartment frameworks, for example, syringes, Lyoguard plate, ampoules, and 96-well plates. Understanding the warmth and mass exchange under various burden conditions and for freeze-drying in these novel compartment frameworks will help in building up a hearty freeze-drying process, which is likewise simpler to scale-up. Further innovative work needs in these rising regions have likewise been tended to. While deliberate rules have been created to address a considerable lot of these scale-up issues, there stay numerous issues that require extra consideration. The point of this audit article is to address the new rising stop evaporating process advancement and scale issues. In this study, glass syringes were suspended through a plexiglas holder. A relatively lower degree of super cooling and hence lower product resistance were found for product in syringes. In agreement with an earlier report, a decrease in sublimation rate with increasing chamber pressure was observed, but the syringe heat transfer coefficient was found to be independent of pressure. The dominant mode of heat transfer was demonstrated to be via radiation. For radiation heat transfer, the scale-up issue is not as severe since the contribution from radiation heat transfer can be estimated from the geometric view factor to the emissivity of the surfaces. Also, in this second study, significant differences were observed for freezing drying in a syringe compared to a vial

    Future of E-commerce: An Analysis of Ecommerce in Retail Business

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    The recent decade has observed a drastic change in the field of commerce. With the introduction of e-commerce in the early 2000's thousands of retail and consumer businesses have set up their platforms online. It is only through internet that e-commerce has gained so much popularity, where things have become digitalized and are now available with just a click of the mouse or tap on the screen. Starting as a simple process of executing commercial transactions through Electronic Data Change and Electronic Funds Transfer to selling almost anything and everything, E-commerce has change the way businesses operated once. However, due to advancement of technology ecommerce platforms face several complexities and competition. Till date ecommerce model is by far the most successful platform served on the internet. Today some of the most popular countries such as UK, China, Norway, Finland and South Korea has the largest E-commerce suppliers and buyers. All of the following countries have total e-commerce sales ranges in between 10-15% of their total spending. Some of the most prosperous and established organizations such as Amazon and eBay have E-commerce as their base. E-commerce has made the day to day tasks of various businesses and consumers so rapid that gone are the days when it took over a week to sell or buy a product. With all this being said there is still a lot more to unravel about this vast field of commerce. This study revolves around further improvements and suggestions related to the future and growth of ecommerce in retail businesses. (Reynolds, 2000

    An Analysis in Encouraging and Promoting Women to turn into Entrepreneurs by Developing their Entrepreneurial Skills in Abu Dhabi (U.A.E)

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    The main aim of this study is to examine the Female entrepreneurship skills which motivate them to turn into a successful female entrepreneur. United Arab Emirates has always welcomed Women's no matter what color, religion, language sex or nationalities. Being the safest place on earth United Arab Emirates has always given special respect and place for Women in all sectors The main functions of a women entrepreneurs is to explore the prospects of starting a new venture, Undertake risks, handle the risks and economic uncertainty which happens in business, innovate new ideas and technologies, Coordinate administer, control Supervise and possess to be a good leader. At present United Arab Emirates is welcoming and opening new opportunities for Women's to explore their ideas here. United Arab Emirates is a welcoming landscape for startups. United Arab Emirates has a diverse economy which is a very huge opportunity for an entrepreneur. In Abu Dhabi, Last decade Women Entrepreneurs have been recognized as the untapped source of economic growth. However they still represent a minority of all entrepreneurs. Many authors have examined the Women entrepreneurs but up to date no studies has been conducted in Promoting Women entrepreneurship skills in United Arab Emirates. This may be because of the lack of information's. The research aims to focus in encouraging and promoting Women Entrepreneurs by developing their entrepreneurial skills which will turn them to become a successful. This research study will adopt ethnological nature of design. This study is predominantly based on primary data. This study collected information from primary data and secondary data also for the best effective way to make the study convenient personal interview or structured and unstructured interview will be framed for the collection of data from the sample women entrepreneurs. The collected data will be arranged, classified and organized as per the logic, similarities, uniqueness and methodology. The collected data will be analyzed using statistical package for social science software (SPSS). It's a software to manage the data and calculate a wide statistical data's. A pilot test will also be carried out to check the feasibility and reliability of the structured interview. The study adopted statistical tool Chi Square Test. The study also uses Correlation and ANOVA tool for analysis. The study further discusses the ways to improve the skills by Development, motivation and training programs. Women entrepreneur has been observed as a major source of knowledge about women's entrepreneurship and they are increasingly recognized as a valuable tool for its development and promotion. Women entrepreneur is related to both women's position in society and role of entrepreneurship in the same society. Women entrepreneurs must be taken seriously at individual level( the choice of becoming self-employed) and at the firm level( the performance of women owned and managed firms).The study also discussed about the training programs, in which models are considered to study into the relationship between the Women entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship skills, and the market. This study concluded that if the women is motivated more and encouraged will surely lead to become a successful women entrepreneur in United Arab Emirates, promoting the economic growth of the country and increasing employment opportunities and setting up example showing the women are no lesser than man and se. Noting is impossible for women also. The author thus submitting a theoretical study of Encouraging and promoting women entrepreneurs by developing their skills in United Arab Emirates .Only if the Entrepreneurial Skills are developed and focused on, the Women entrepreneurs can develop into a successful Entrepreneurs

    Social Media in Steel Industry: Digital Marketing

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    These days Social Media is a go to platform to check and analyze reports regarding any products before actually purchasing. It has a swift and improved way to gather all the required information at one place. The content that has to be received by the customers or the solutions that has to be provided by the industries, can be obtained in a single platform in other words it is best fit for all the customer's needs. Now a day, steel companies not only invest in share markets (or) ad agencies but also on social platform where the awareness spreads to a crowd of people in very less time. In this digital era with all these rapid changing periods, the steel industry will have to constantly raise in its communications process. With the immense growth of social media marketing and online outsourcing, major steel industries are approaching social networking platforms to get their work done ( I.e. spreading awareness across the country from one place). After the introduction of social marketing, promotions has become lot easier and can receive real time analysis of everything on how the product is working, because of which company can rectify all the lacks and present mistake-free project to the customers. Also, social media marketing focuses on targeted people. One of the main purpose of introducing social media in steel industry is that breaking 'long standing' stereotypes and reaching out to people in a lot easier way

    IR and IF for IoT Based Applications - A Survey

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    Present era is considered as internet of things and digital era, all type data (text, image and video) are stored in digital form. This data are retrieved from different sources (IoT, Cloud, so on) in various application fields medical, satellite to do analysis. To carry out analysis multiple views of object to be considered, Image Registration (IR) and Image Fusion (IF) are the process that can be initiated to do analysis. Image Registration (IR) is the process of combining two images taken at different views and Image Fusion (IF) is the process of combining multiple viewed images taken from different views. Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of inter-related devices having ability to compute and transfer the data over the network. IR and IF for IoT based applications is a challenging task and the combination of both is imaginary. This paper aims at studying the different methods in IR (like similarity methods, correlation methods, wavelet-based methods, soft computing methods and MI-based methods, etc.) and IF (like Principal component analysis, High pass filtering wavelet transforms, Artificial Neural Networks, and Discrete cosine transform) to produce better performance metrics - Peak Signal Noise Ratio (PSNR), Root Mean Square Error (RMSE), Entropy (E), and Mutual information (MI) by determining the best method for registration and fusion to improve the most important parameters like quality and accuracy which shall applicable for IoT based complex applications in the field of Image Processing (IP). Based on study still there is a need of using IR & IF methods to improve the quality of high resolution images and also to get better performance of space and time complexity

    Automated Modular Data Analysis and Visualization System with Predictive Analytics Using Machine Learning for Agriculture field

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    Economy of an India is majorly depending on growth of agricultural yields, and its allied agro industry products. Prediction of agricultural yield growth is a most difficult for the agriculture departments across iglobe. 1The agricultural yields growth is depending on several factors. In this paper historical data is analyzed and a predictive model was designed. 1Several Regression models such as linear model, multiple linear model and nonlinear models were tested for an effective prediction, or for forecasting the agricultural yield for a variety of crops. Along with this the crop trade for local farmers is a very complicated and tedious task and can get easily mislead by the system we are proposing helps them to analyze the crop availability and also according to market prices can be able to predict various characteristics of the trade. The proposed method is capable of producing the visual representation after data analysis and provides the prediction results in a visual format. And also the unstructured data analysis is implemented in the system. In the proposed method, the pre-processed input data will be sent to perform a descriptive analysis and a predictive analysis. In the descriptive analysis, the data is analyzed and the summary of the analysis is given as the output.In Predictive analysis, there are steps to be considered for the analysis. At the end summary of predicted results are given as output and summary of both descriptive analysis and predictive analysis is given as final report in visual format

    Dynamics of Decision Making in Traditional Companies Using Three-Level Quadratic Programming Problem with Random Rough Coefficient in Constraints

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    This paper presents three-level quadratic programming problem with random rough coefficient in constrains. At the first phase of the solution algorithm, and to avoid the complexity of this problem, we begin with converting the rough nature in constraints into equivalent crisp form. At the second phase, a membership function is constructed to develop a fuzzy model for obtaining the optimal solution of the three-level quadratic programming problem. An auxiliary problem is discussed as well as an example is presented


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