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    Konsep Darurat Dan Implikasinya Dalam Menyikapi Pandemi Covid 19: Telaah Tafsir Al-Munir Karya Wahbah Al-Zuhaili

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    This research aims to reveal how the emergency situation actually is and its implications for responding to the COVID-19 pandemic by focusing on the monumental work of Syekh Wahbah az-Zuhaili, namely al-Tafsir al-Munir fi al-'Aqidah, wa al-Syari'ah wa al-Manhaj. This interesting and significant research was carried out by researchers to examine and explore how the concept of emergency is in Tafsir al-Munir and what are its implications in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic with all its disruption consequences. This research was conducted through a qualitative approach to the type of literature research. The primary data source for this study is Tafsir al-Munir with primary data in the form of the results of Wahbah az-Zuhaili's interpretation of ahkam verses containing the concept of emergency. The secondary data of this research is an explanation related to the research topic. Meanwhile, content analysis is used to analyze the data. Checking the validity of this qualitative research data was carried out using theoretical triangulation techniques. Wahbah Zuhaili's interpretation of the emergency clause is relevant when applied to dealing with a pandemic, in this case the conditions of the PSBB and the permissibility of using the AstraZeneca Vaccine without neglecting other types of vaccine

    Ontology Of Pengembangan Masyarakat Islam (PMI) Da'wah Science In The Community Development Approach

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    This research aims to understand the potential and impact of integrating the science of Islamic propagation (Ilmu Dakwah) within the context of Islamic Community Development (Pengembangan Masyarakat Islam - PMI) in a Community Development approach. It explores the fundamental concepts of Ilmu Dakwah PMI and Community Development and investigates how their integration can bring about positive change within Muslim communities. The study identifies several benefits, including increased community participation, sustainable development, and enhanced religious understanding, but also highlights challenges such as resistance to change, conflicting interpretations of religion, and logistical aspects in implementation. Additionally, it underscores the significance of a deep understanding of social and cultural contexts, as well as the role of information technology, especially social media, in the success of this integration.  This research demonstrates how the integration of Ilmu Dakwah PMI with Community Development combines Islamic values, propagation methods, and community development principles to enhance the quality of life for Muslim communities. The advantages of this integration include increased community participation, sustainable development, and a better understanding of religion. However, challenges such as resistance to change, conflicting interpretations of religion, and logistical aspects must be addressed. A deep understanding of local culture and the effective use of information technology, particularly social media, also play pivotal roles in the success of this integration

    Comparative Analysis Of The Thoughts Of Umer Chapra And Dawam Rahardjo In Syariah Banking

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    This research aims to compare two Islamic economists, namely Umer Chapra and Dawam Rahardjo, regarding Islamic banking, which includes its goals, principles, and systems. The method used in this research is the literature study method; besides that, this research also uses a comparison method between two Islamic economists, namely Umer Chapra and Dawam Rahardjo. The results of this study indicate differences and principles of thought between Umer Chapra and Dawam Rahardjo; Umer Chapra disapproves of the use of riba in the banking process because there is a legal basis for prohibiting riba in the Qur'an. This is different from Dawam Rahardjo's view in principle; several conditions allow excess borrowing of money or riba due to a decrease in the value of the currency so that the value in the past is not comparable to the value of money in the future (inflation theory) so that additional funds are needed to cover losses arising from the decline in the value of money. Regarding the principles of Islamic economic development, these two figures have the same thoughts related to recommended economic development cooperation, such as using the zakat, alms, and waqf methods, and have the same thoughts regarding Islamic banking in terms of management. Also, there is support related to implementing sharia-based banking in Indonesia

    Sejarah Kebangkitan Madrasah Sebagai Lembaga Pendidikan Islam

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    Madrasah is a place or institution for the implementation of Islamic education that has a long history. The rise of madrasas is the beginning of the formation of formal Islamic educational institutions. Institutionally, since the classical period until now, we can see the development of Islamic education from various aspects, on the other hand, general institutions that have an Islamic style have developed into madrasas, including kuttab, mosques and other institutions. Topics surrounding madrasas have their own uniqueness and are very interesting to study as material for discussion, the beginning of formal institutionalization of Islam was marked by the rise of madrasas. Referring to the scientific side, this discussion about madrasas is interesting for us to study. &nbsp

    Module Hypercontent for Gross Motor Learning

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    This study aims to develop a hypercontent-based gross motor learning model. The subjects of this research were students of the Early Childhood Education Teacher Education Study Program at STKIP Kusuma Negara Jakarta. This study uses the Research and Development (RnD) method. Develop gross motor learning models conceptually, procedurally and physically. Through expert one-to-one tests in the field of early childhood education materials, learning design, learning media and Indonesian. As well as one to one tests, small group tests and large group tests for students. This research can be a guide for future researchers in developing gross motor learning with the same approach or a different approach. This research produced learning products in the form of gross motor learning models, printed modules and learning videos. Hypercontent-based gross motor learning can facilitate students and increase student success in early childhood gross motor learning

    Ibn Taymiyyah’s Concept of Tawḥīd and Its Influence on Modern Radicalism

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    This research is an attempt to examine some of Ibn Taymiyyah’s writings and their influence on the latest radical and extremist movement. Writings by Ibn Taymiyyah had a significant impact on the salafiyah movement, which carries the spirit of tajdīd and iṣlāḥ (renewal). Some of his views are often cited by the latest extremist and radical groups to justify their approach, which tends to be harsh towards fellow Muslims. This study specifically intends to examine Ibn Taymiyyah’s concept of tawḥīd as it relate to his influence on the radical tendencies of some salafiyah groups. The study utilize textual method and conceptual analysis on the works of Ibn Taymiyyah and also the writings of the salafi scholars. The study reveals a definite influence of Ibn Taymiyyah’s ideas on radical groups, particularly in their view of tawḥīd and their categorization of it into three categories. The classification of tawḥīd could be the basis for the tendency of takfiri group to rise amongst Muslims. But reading Ibn Taymiyyah’s texts attentively, thoroughly, and without taking anything literally could prevent one from developing radical or extremist tendencies

    Teaching language skills at the secondary stage in the light of the concept of total quality

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    This study aimed at identifying the teaching skills degree of Arabic language teachers at secondary schools in Abha in the Asir region. Additionally, to pinpoint variations in the teaching skills degree those are attributable to characteristics (gender and years of experience). There were (195) Arabic language teachers in the secondary schools in Abha who made up the study's sample, which was selected at random. The researcher developed the study instrument, which included listening skills, reading skills, speaking skills, and writing skills, to gather data. The results showed that the level of teaching skills was generally at a moderate level. Also, reading skills were in the first rank with a moderate degree, followed by the listening skills in the second rank with a moderate degree, while the writing skills were in the third with a moderate degree and the last rank were speaking skills, with a moderate degree. However, there were no statistically significant variations in the means of Arabic language teachers' use of teaching skills from the viewpoint of Arabic teachers in Abha secondary schools that could be attributable to characteristics (gender and years of experience)

    Learning Sejarah Kebudayaan Islam through Google Sites

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    This research aims to address the issue of students shunning SKI (Islamic Cultural History) due to its perceived boring nature and lecture-based teaching. The study suggests that educators should adopt a more student-centered approach, allowing for greater creativity and critical thinking. To facilitate this, the use of Google Sites is proposed as a tool for creating interactive and engaging teaching materials. The method used involves preparing students to access Google Sites and guiding them through its features and functions. The result shows that using Google Sites can make SKI more interesting and effective, and promote greater student engagement and participation. The research concludes by recommending the use of Google Sites as a valuable teaching resource for educators


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    One effective method of teaching science is through experiments/practicals, which can be conducted using simple tools and materials that are easily found around us. The purpose of this research is to determine the activity and learning outcomes of fifth-grade students at Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Negeri 4 Lampung Selatan in the topic of heat transfer using the practical method that utilizes tools and materials that are easily found in the surrounding environment. This research is included in the Pre-Experimental Design research with One-Shot Case Study design. The population in this research is all fifth-grade students of MIN 4 Lampung Selatan in the academic year 2022/2023, with a total of 30 students all of whom are used as research samples. The research instruments used are observation sheets for student learning activity and test questions in the form of essay questions. The data analysis technique used is descriptive statistical data analysis. The results of the research and data analysis show that the category of student learning activity is very high at 77% and high at 23%, while for student learning outcomes that reach the Minimum Mastery Criteria (KKM) is 83% and those who have not reached KKM is 17% with an average score of 82.83. The results of the research indicate that the activity and learning outcomes of students in science learning using the practical method are very high

    Penerapan Interdisipliner Terhadap Penyelesaian Nusyuz Guna Menciptakan Keharmonisan Dalam Keluarga

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    The disputes that occur in the marriage are a problem that must be faced by every couple in the family. One of them is the occurrence of nusyuz that carried out by one of the partners, especially for couples who have been going on for a long time. This problem is feared to result in dharar if not resolved immediately. The purpose of this paper is to examine a problem with an interdisciplinary approach that elaborates two or more methods, data, techniques, theories, or perspectives in answering a problem that is more context-adaptive, as well as knowing how to apply interdisciplinary methods in studying a problem. This type of research is field research with an interdisciplinary approach that uses two theories: first, the nash grouping theory. Second, symbolic interactionism. In this research, it can be concluded that the concepts that were born from the combination of theories in this paper include; First, in grouping the nash objectively intend to perpetuate a marriage, temporally provide several sanctions as a settlement step and provide "advise" communication steps as the first way to eliminate nusyuz. Second, eliminate selfishness in order to protect the feelings of your partner. Third, establish communication that promotes alienation both verbally and nonverbally so that it becomes an attraction for couples to grow affection, as well as in advising wives or husbands who doing the nusyuz


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