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    Can Women Business Leaders Save Mother Earth?

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    Global climate change is an urgent issue. Two Bryant University Seniors present their research from a collaboration with the Harvard Radcliffe Institute that shows that women business leaders hold the power to save the world

    ChatGPT in Context

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    The rapidly changing nature of disruptive technologies like ChatGPT can cause confusion and even discomfort. This presentation addresses these concerns by evaluating the uses and capabilities of AI through the lens of the Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL) Framework

    Earthquakes and Market Capitalization: A Historical Perspective Using Panel Data

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    We test if earthquakes could create market value as companies invest to recover. Using a large firm-level data set spanning 299 earthquakes, in 15 years, in over 50 countries, we find evidence consistent with the creative destruction hypothesis. However, a closer look shows that earthquakes create value for firms in less developed countries (non-G8) while destroying value in developed countries (G8). We interpret this as a sign that innovation can be easier in poorer countries where the economies of scale of adopting new technologies are bigger. We also report a magnitude effect: large earthquakes tend to increase firm value while smaller earthquakes are associated with value destruction. We posit that large earthquakes trigger large corporate responses that increase productivity while smaller earthquakes are dealt with temporary measures. Finally, we report new moderators of the positive impact: multinationality of the firm, a country’s disaster preparedness and a country’s non-life insurance consumptio

    Registration and Exhibit Hall Opens

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    Beverly Johnson Introduced by Dr. Inge-Lise Amee

    Welcome Remarks

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    The Future of the Workforce Depends On Generation Z: A Study On Generational Workforce Preferences

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    This research paper closely analyzes Gen Z in order to better understand their views, preferences, and expectations of the workforce. We are living in the era with the largest generational diversity to date. The idea of a multigenerational workforce has become an integral part of the workforce itself. With Gen Z’s coming of age and beginning to enter the workforce en masse – with them a unique set of skills, values, and expectations. It becomes of utmost importance for businesses and organizations to understand Gen Z workforce preferences as the demographic group is determined to shape the workforce. As Gen Z will compose almost 30% of the workforce by 2025, it is time to deep dive into this generation’s preferences and adapt workplace policies and procedures, allowing for the creation of a symbiotic relationship between the generation and the workforce

    An Empirical Analysis of the Effects of Government Influence on Deforestation in Latin America

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    This paper investigates government influence and factors that may increase the rate of deforestation in Latin American countries. An empirical analysis will be conducted to measure the change in deforestation rates based on several potential influences. The analysis will look specifically at countries in Latin America that have a high level of deforestation including Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Columbia, Paraguay, Peru, and Venezuela from 1996 until 2011. Variables studied include accessibility, suitability for agriculture production, corruption perception, government effectiveness, political stability, GDP per capita, foreign direct investment, and trade openness. The results show that as more forest cover is lost, and higher rates of deforestation occur, the government institution becomes more corrupt and less politically stable. Additionally, when there is less foreign direct investment, there is also lower rates of deforestation due to the recently diminished levels of natural resources in the area

    Bell\u27s Vireo

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    Drag Bingo - Ninth Image of Crowd

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    Photograph of first Drag Bingo event at Bryant University held in the Stephen Bello Grand Hall. The event was sponsored by the Krupp Library, IDEI, the Pride Center, Bryant Pride, Queer @ Bryant, and Student Affairs. Drag hosts and performers were Ladda Nurv and Lucy Diamonds


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