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    Interreligious relations become an integral part of the discourse of social parity. The creation of harmony between individuals and groups is very important to review, given that human existence is filled with dynamic aspects, such as culture, situation, and context. This study aims to describe and examine the essence of the existence of Parsahutaon social associations in building social solidarity between religious people in Tarutung City, North Sumatra. A descriptive qualitative methodology was utilized in this research, with literature review serving as the primary data collection technique. The results showed that a prosocial essence was present in the Parsahutaon community. First, it becomes the foundation for realizing compliance in the midst of plurality. Second, the means of implementation in the construction of social solidarity amidst the diversity of faith traditions in the city of Tarutung.Relasi antar umat beragama menjadi bagian yang tidak terpisahkan dari wacana paritas sosial. Terciptanya harmoni antar individu dengan kelompok sangat penting untuk dikaji ulang, mengingat bahwa eksistensi manusia dipenuhi dengan aspek dinamis, seperti: budaya, situasi dan konteks. Penelitian ini bertujuan mendeskripsikan dan menelisik esensi dari keberadaan asosiasi sosial Parsahutaon dalam membangun solidaritas sosial antar umat beragama di Kota Tarutung, Sumatera Utara. Penelitian dilakukan dengan menggunakan pendekatan kualitatif deskriptif melalui studi pustaka sebagai teknik pengumpulan data. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa, komunitas Parsahutaon memuat esensi yang prososial.  Pertama, menjadi basis terwujudnya konformitas di tengah pluralitas. Kedua, sarana sarana aplikatif dalam membangun solidaritas sosial di tengah keberagaman tradisi iman di Kota Tarutung

    Persepsi Mahasiswa Terhadap Budaya dan Perilaku Sosial Pada Masyarakat Yogyakarta

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    This study aims to determine student perceptions of the culture and social behavior of the people of Yogyakarta. The subjects in this study were active students aged 18-23 years. This study used qualitative research methods and data collection techniques used in this study were semi-structured interviews. The result of this research is that the cultural environment has a great influence on the formation of oneself and one's behavior. In Yogyakarta society itself, the presence of a culture such as gotong royong can provide positive reinforcement and influence on social behavior to the people around them.Keywords: Perception, Culture, Social Behavio


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    The objective of this research is to analyze the viewpoints of young Indonesians during their adolescence and adulthood about trust between different religions, social interaction, and political inclinations. Specifically, it emphasizes how the duration of secondary school education might shape their viewpoints. This study used ordinal logistic regression analysis to examine panel data collected from the Indonesian Family Life Survey, which comprises a sample size of over 20,000 respondents. The findings indicate a decrease in the standard of individuals' interfaith conduct between 2007 and 2014. The research indicates that those who finished secondary school during the New Order era exhibit higher levels of tolerance towards interfaith ideas in comparison to those who completed secondary school during the Reformation era. The disparity might be attributed to the policies of the New Order administration, which prioritized national cohesion and stability while actively opposing religious "extremism". The research findings indicate that those who finished secondary school during the post-New Order era have a heightened inclination towards interfaith political socialization and preferences. The results of this study hold significant relevance in the current climate of growing intolerance and religious division, particularly with regards to the determinants of interfaith attitudes and behavior, as well as the role of education in fostering ideals of tolerance. Hence, this study underscores the necessity for additional longitudinal and comparative research on interfaith community interactions, including a broader spectrum of age cohorts and geographical areas.Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengulas perspektif generasi muda Indonesia pada usia remaja dan dewasa pada kepercayaan (trust), sosialisasi, dan preferensi politik lintas agama. Secara khusus, penelitian ini menyoroti bagaimana masa pendidikan sekolah menengah dapat memengaruhi perspektif mereka. Melalui analisis regresi logistik ordinal, penelitian ini menganalisis data panel yang diperoleh dari Survei Kehidupan Keluarga Indonesia, yang mencakup lebih dari 20.000 responden. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan adanya penurunan kualitas perilaku lintas agama masyarakat pada tahun 2007 hingga 2014. Data penelitian ini memperlihatkan bagaimana generasi muda yang menyelesaikan sekolah menengah pertama pada masa Orde Baru menunjukkan penerimaan yang lebih besar terhadap kepercayaan lintas agama dibandingkan dengan mereka yang menempuh pendidikan sekolah menengah di masa Reformasi. Perbedaan ini mungkin disebabkan oleh kebijakan rezim Orde Baru yang menitikberatkan pada pentingnya persatuan dan stabilitas nasional serta cenderung menentang 'ekstremisme' agama. Penelitian ini juga menunjukkan bahwa sebagian besar masyarakat yang menyelesaikan pendidikan SLTP/SLTA pasca Orde Baru menunjukkan kecenderungan yang lebih besar dalam aspek sosialisasi dan preferensi politik lintas agama. Temuan penelitian ini juga sangat penting dalam konteks meningkatnya intoleransi dan polarisasi agama saat ini, terutama terkait faktor-faktor yang mempengaruhi sikap dan perilaku antarumat beragama dan pentingnya pendidikan dalam mempromosikan nilai-nilai toleransi. Oleh karenanya, penelitian ini menekankan perlunya kajian longitudinal dan komparatif lanjutan tentang hubungan masyarakat lintas agama yang mencakup rentang kelompok usia dan wilayah yang lebih luas


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    Campaigns carried out by the Ministry of Health and other government collaborations will not be successful without mass media broadcasts. Hence a phenomenon occurs that there is still a lack of discussion regarding the media raises the issue of stunting in the media. Thus this study aims to find out how concerned the media is in news portals regarding child stunting issues in Indonesia. The theory which is used in this study is the theory of health communication and online reporting. This study uses a post-positivistic paradigm, a digital media content analysis method with a qualitative approach. The data collection technique captures big data regarding stunting news in the news portal during November 2022 on National Health Day. The results of the study show that the online news portal with high awareness is tribunnews.com around 528 news out of 750 news. The most widely published issue is the government's commitment to reduce the stunting rate in Indonesia and the government's campaign programs as evidence of a concrete movement to increase public awareness regarding the prevention and treatment of stunting in society. The benefits of this research are expected to further strengthen the insights of researchers both in terms of expertise and scientific competence of researchers


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    This research delves into the prospects and obstacles associated with utilizing large-scale data in developing public policies within the Indonesian context. Integrating big data technology holds promise as a tool for government agencies aiming to refine the public policy formulation process, ultimately providing enhanced services to the populace. Despite its inherent complexity and costliness, incorporating big data offers the government a means to furnish the most up-to-date, precise, and granular information pertinent to developmental issues. For instance, in the agricultural sector, big data can offer an intricate understanding of the diverse requirements of farmers in distinct regions, such as the differentiation between rice varieties sought by farmers in Kalimantan compared to those in Java. Furthermore, the expansive reservoirs of geophysical and meteorological big data hold the capacity to significantly bolster the government's initiatives concerning natural disaster mitigation policies. Nonetheless, the practical integration of big data still needs to be improved by a dearth of comprehensive regulations governing its application. Additionally, the perils of recurrent data breaches in the Indonesian context pose a formidable challenge. This comprehensive analysis concludes that using big data in policy formulation within Indonesia encounters substantial hurdles that threaten to overshadow the potential advantages this technology could offer in enhancing public policy crafting


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    Si Bolang has aired in Trans7 since 2006 and achieved various awards as a kids-friendly show. However, this show never showed a girl as its main character and limited the appearance of women or girls. The contents of Si Bolang become a discourse representation of its producer. This research reviewed the women's discourse in the Si Bolang by elaborating on the screen's symbolic annihilation of girls and women. This research used Norman Fairclough's critical discourse analysis method to analyze through three dimensions: text, discourse practice, and social praxis. This research analyzed the full episode of Si Bolang uploaded on YouTube by the official account of Trans7. The perspective framework used in this research is the symbolic annihilation of Gaye Tuchman. The text analysis shows that there are absences of women or girls. They have a limited appearance and only appear in the domestic realm, which is also a form of trivialization. There are discourse practices of femininity, mothering, the culture of domesticity, and the division of work in the hunting-gathering society that influence Si Bolang's content. Women's annihilation and role restriction of women on the screen shows that Si Bolang formed from patriarchal discourse. This discourse tends to eliminate and limit women's role in society. Researchers need to review women's discourse in TV or other media kids' shows to encourage gender equality in Indonesia's media


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    The rise of Islam-nationalist ideology in Indonesia's political contestation brings various Muslim figures to be involved. One of the most popular in the 2024 General Election is the appearance of ‘Gus’ as a representation of youth and religious politicians. This research focused on the construction of ‘Gus’ as a political image, and explored how their public relations team used visuals as an essential channel for storytelling, persuading, and image building. Adopting the agenda-setting theories and Burke’s dramatist pentad, this research draws the visual framing, answering ‘what is shown’ to the public and ‘how it is characterized’ as a presentation in social media. This research conducts the qualitative data analysis of four figures: Gus Muhaimin Iskandar, Gus Saifullah Yusuf, Gus Taj Yasin Maimoen, and Gus Ahmad Mudlor Ali. As a result, this research validates that the PR team used socially mediated images to build images based on “Islamic idealism”, the power of a local strongman, the leadership, and the point of view to legitimize their political position. To understand the political visual rhetoric, this research adopted the pentadic reading by looking at the element of social media post. It identifies the commodification goals of every figure, and shows where messaging priorities lies


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    This research aims to create a model for the development of halal tourism destinations based on the perspectives of the actors of the Sapi Sonok culture in Pamekasan, Madura. The challenge for tourism development after the pandemic is forming a concept that adheres to local wisdom. Cultural tradition can inspire the development of tourism destinations without exploiting the values of the local residents. The phenomenological approach was employed through an interpretive paradigm, and four informants were recruited through purposive sampling. Data were collected through in-depth interviews, documentation, and observation. Meanwhile, analysis techniques use bracket; intuitive; analysis; and description. The research reveals, first, the artistic philosophy of the actors forms social cohesion even though there is competition within it. The actors’ philosophy includes beauty contests and the beauty of animals; tancek-guyup, harmony, and gratitude as well as social cohesion. Second, harmonious forms of cultural identity are adapted to local values. Halal tourism communication methods include observation, accessibility, amenities, and promotion of business actors. Finally, the right model is the one to develop halal tourism destinations based on the cultural actors of the Madurese Sapi Sonok culture which refers to the strength of the internal community and external groups


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    In Indonesia, stand-up comedy performances have become popular in recent years. Stand-up comedy performances are completed and broadcast regularly on Indonesian television, and easily be found on social media such as YouTube. However, some stand-up comedy material is considered offensive and has resulted in legal cases. This includes materials that carry religious themes. This research analyzes the representation of Islam in the stand-up comedy material of Priska Baru Segu and Boris Bokir on Deddy Corbuzier's YouTube channel. This study is descriptive qualitative research. The stand-up comedy material of Priska Baru Segu and Boris Bokir is examined using critical discourse analysis by Teun A. van Dijk. This research concludes that the representation of Islam in the stand-up comedy material of Priska Baru Segu and Boris Bokir depicts Islam as hegemonic. This image emerges in the relationship between the majority group (Islam) and minorities in Indonesia. The strengthening of majoritarianism further solidifies the hegemony and dominance of Islam. Priska and Boris present material that represents religious issues in Indonesia: the closure of churches, the pros and cons of saying Merry Christmas, raids on restaurants during Ramadan, and issues of identity politics. Comedy based on religious material that Priska and Boris deliver operates under the shadow of societal sensitivities and accusations of blasphemy

    Peran Regulasi Diri dalam Belajar terhadap Prokrastinasi Akademik pada Siswa Madrasah Tsanawiyah

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    Academic procrastination is a detrimental behavior, including in the context of students at Madrasah Tsanawiyah. This study aims to analyze the role of self-regulated learning towards academic procrastination in Madrasah Tsanawiyah students. The study population was students from class VII to class IX at Madrasah Tsanawiyah IB, totaling 215 students consisting of 111 male students and 104 female students. Determination of research samples using cluster random sampling technique and obtained a sample of 140 students. The research data was obtained using a self-regulation scale in learning with a reliability value of 0.899 and an academic procrastination scale with a reliability value of 0.903. Simple linear regression was chosen as the research data analysis. Based on the results of the analysis it is known that self-regulation in learning is negatively related to academic procrastination with a regression coefficient of -0.817 with a value of p = 0.000 (p <0.05). The role of self-regulation in learning towards academic procrastination is shown by the R-Square of 0.421, meaning that the variable of self-regulated learning plays a role of 42.1% on the variable of academic procrastination. Prokrastinasi akademik merupakan perilaku yang merugikan, tidak terkecuali dalam konteks siswa di Madrasah Tsanawiyah. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk emnganalisis peran regulasi diri dalam belajar terhadap prokrastinasi akademik pada siswa Madrasah Tsanawiyah. Populasi penelitian adalah para siswa kelas VII sampai dengan kelas IX Madrasah Tsanawiyah, berjumlah 215 orang yang terdiri dari 111 orang siswa laki-laki dan 104 orang siswa perempuan. Penetapan sampel penelitian menggunakan teknik cluster random sampling dan didapatkan sampel sebanyak 140 siswa. Data penelitian diperoleh menggunakan skala regulasi diri dalam belajar dengan nilai reliabilitas sebesar 0,899 dan skala prokrastinasi akademik dengan nilai reliabilitas sebesar 0,903. Regresi linier sederhana dipilih sebagai analisis data penelitian. Berdasarkan hasil analisis diketahui bahwa regulasi diri dalam belajar berhubungan negative dengan prokrastinasi akademik dengan koefisien regresi sebesar -0,817 dengan nilai p = 0,000 (p < 0,05). Peran regulasi diri dalam belajar terhadap prokrastinasi akademik ditunjukkan R-Square sebesar 0,421, bermakna variabel regulasi diri dalam belajar berperan sebesar 42,1% terhadap variabel prokrastinasi akademik


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