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    How Relationship Between Religious and Life Skills With Athlete's Performance in Volleyball

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    Purpose. This study aims to investigate the relationship between religious and life skills with the performance of athletes in volleyball. Material and methods. This study adopted a correlational type of research. The participants involved in this study were athletes from volleyball at Singaperbangsa University, Indonesia (n=45). The instrument used to measure religion was the Religious Faith Questionnaire, while Life Skills Scale for Sport was used to measure life skills. The measurement of athletes’ performance level covered skills, volleyball skills test, physical fitness test and psychological tests. All statistical tests were analyzed through IBM SPSS. First, conducting normality test. The second step of statistical descriptive testing was X±S. Third, assessing the relationship between religion and life skills with performance using Spearman's rank correlation coefficient analysis. Results. First, there was a correlation between positive religious and performance (p<0.05), but negative religious did not have a significant correlation (p>0.05) towards performance. Second, life skills had a significant correlation with performance (p<0.05). Conclusions. Thus, we emphasized that to possess a good level of performance was related to the level of positive religion and life skills of athletes. This research contributes as information to coaches/lecturers, athletes and stakeholders in volleyball about the importance of fostering and integrating religious and life skills among athletes, so that they will have good performance to take part in professional sports in the future

    Study Komparatif: Perlindungan Hukum pada Perempuan Korban Kekerasan Dalam Rumah Tangga Di Indonesia dan Malaysia

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    The aim of the first writing is to find out what the regulations regarding domestic violence are in Indonesia. Second, to find out what the legal protection regulations are for victims of domestic violence in Malaysia. The method in this research is normative legal research. Normative legal research is a type of legal research obtained from literature study, by analyzing a legal problem through statutory regulations, literature and other reference materials. Examining criminal acts of domestic violence in Indonesian criminal law, namely Law Number 23 of 2004 concerning the Elimination of Domestic Violence, and in Malaysian criminal law, namely the 1994 Domestic Violence Act (Deed 521) and the Malaysian Violence Code. Results of This research is that legal protection for wives who are victims of domestic violence according to this law is (1) temporary protection. Temporary protection is protection that is directly provided by the police and/or social institutions or other parties, before the issuance of a protection order from the court. (2) Imposition of a protective order by the court; (3) Providing a Special Service Room at the police station; (4) providing a safe house or alternative residence; (5) providing legal consultations by advocates to victims at the level of investigation, prosecution and examination at court hearings. Legal protection for wives of victims of domestic violence in Malaysia is based on the Management and protection of victims of domestic violence is based on the 1994 Domestic Violence Act (1994). Help obtain interim protection orders and protection orders from the court, provide shelter, provide counseling services, provide advice and guidance, and refer to other agencie

    The Impact Of Rosetta Stone On Students’ Pronunciation For English Subject

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    The Objective of the study was to ascertain how Rosetta Stone in English class affected students’ ability to pronounce English. This methodology employed a quasi-experimental pretest-posttest design with 30 samples split into two groups. The technique used was non-probability sampling. Pronunciation test technique was employed for data collecting. To compare Pronunciation abilities before and after using Rosetta Stone, data analysis used a t-test. The findings demonstrated that the t-Stat statements derived from the material discussed had value. A key element of Pronunciation is the students’ capacity to pronounce the words and sentences that are practiced by imitating the application. The findings of this study have significance for students’ knowledge of how to pronounce the words and sentences correctly and influence their level of pronunciation. The findings demonstrated that the t-test-table value was (1,699 1,331), indicating that Rosetta Stone gave a significant effect on treatment class on students’ pronunciation. This result finding recommend other researcher to use the Rosetta Stone as an alternative media used for future


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    Rosetta Stone For Pronunciation

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    Words And Bots : An Emprical Experiment Vocabulary Mastery With Robotics In Young Children

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    This study aims to determine the impact of educational robot on increasing English vocabulary as a foreign language. Pre-experimental research design was conducted with 35 first grade junior high school students as sample. The pre-post English vocabulary test was given to the sample and the research were done in eight meetings. In the control class there was no action treatment and did not use robots in learning but in the treatment class, researchers used educational robots, namely the Evoce robot in learning. From the comparison between the two classes both the control class and the treatment class from the pre and post English vocabulary tests, the result finding showed in the t-test score based on the value of df = 35-1 = 34 at a significant level of 5%, a ttable of 1.0691 is obtained and at a significant level of 1%, a ttable of 2.441 is obtained. With a tcount of 9.899, which means that it is greater than ttable at a significance level of 5% and 1%, (1.0691 2.441) then Ho is rejected and Ha is accepted. In summary, the Evoce robot has given contribution in young learners’ English vocabulary. It recommended that the educational robot may become one of alternative media to be used for recent days for English vocabulary clas

    Turnitin Results

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    Model of General Government Affairs in Mandau Sub-District, Bengkalis Regency, Riau: Dilemmatic in Planning Preparation

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    Residual affairs, better known as general government affairs (UPU), will be less likely to exist if the more detailed the classification of government affairs. The basis for this research was carried out because the re-emergence of UPU regulations in Law No. 23 of 2014 concerning regional government which previously in Law No. 32 of 2004 was not clearly regulated or even mentioned but appeared to be regulated regarding general government duties (TUP). In practice, UPU in local governments and sub-district governments still has many problems and confusions in implementation, especially related to UPU planning. The purpose of this research is to analyze the implementation of related UPU in the preparation of planning carried out by the Mandau sub-district government, and design the right model related to UPU planning in the sub-district. The approach used in this study is qualitative method of explosive descriptive type. The preparation of the District UPU in planning programs and activities asks for input and proposals from OPD and vertical agencies. In practice, the predetermined planning is submitted to the Regent of Bengkalis to be submitted in the local government work plan which for budgeting is sourced from the APDB which should be submitted to the central government and budgeted through the APBN. The right model in implementing future UPU planning is to make UPU an attributive authority for sub-districts


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