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    Views on Flourishing After the Age of Roe

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    Special Collections 2022-2023 Annual Report

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    The 2022-2023 annual report from Augustana College\u27s Special Collections

    Gender as an Environmental Stressor in Individuals Genetically Predisposed to Mood Disorders: A Preliminary Analysis

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    Given the recent ‘epidemic’ of mental health disorders, we urgently need to better understand who is suffering and how. One aspect of this that research has come closer to identifying is where symptoms and diagnoses are missed in certain individuals, especially based on gender. However, if certain genders are actually more likely to deal with certain disorders we need to understand why and where that comes from. There is a general consensus in the medical field that some individuals are simply genetically predisposed to various disorders based on sex, but there is limited evidence that sex actually determines genetic predisposition. Additionally, key research findings indicate that the role of environmental stressors is crucial in determining whether even a predisposed individual will actually present symptoms to a point of a diagnosed disorder. Therefore, if there is such a measurable difference between men and women in the presentation and diagnosis of certain psychiatric disorders, gender must be considered as a potential environmental stressor itself which might compound predisposition and lead to an actual difference in the rates of certain types of disorders by gender. ADHD and clinical depression are two specific psychiatric disorders that are widely associated with men compared to women and vice versa. Therefore, they will serve as benchmarks to analyze gender differences in psychiatric disorders and potential factors like genetic predisposition and gender itself. If there is a truly measurable difference between the actual rates of prevalence of these disorders based on sex, gender itself must be considered as an environmental stressor that might compound factors like genetic predisposition, leading to the presentation of certain symptoms and diagnoses in different individuals

    Inhabiting Sore Butt Cracks : Queering the U.S. Long-Term Care System

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    In the face of a failing long-term care system, the author positions a queer theoretical lens as a potential source of creativity and empathy to help us build a care system that supports the dignity and personhood of all patients. The comedic work of a long-term care patient, Youtuber Clay-The-Comedian, is analyzed through a queer-theories lens as a new approach to long-term care that celebrates the personhood of all types of bodies, while also never diminishing the often difficult reality that folks in need of care face. This queer rhetoric engages with the messy, embodied experiences of patients to develop a remedy to our broken system, wherein the inevitable period of disability between old age and death is recognized as still valuable. When we inhabit difficult spaces with one another, we may discover exciting, non-normative forms of fulfillment

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    About the Cover

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    My Butterfly

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    This poem explores the experience of a father during the Holocaust. It shows the different losses he and his daughter went through during their time in the camps

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    A Reconsideration of the Political Approach to Abortion

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    From the Editor: Vocation [in] Disruption

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