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    Case of Resection of Hepatobiliary Cystadenoma, Difficult to Differentiate from Adenocarcinoma

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    症例は79歳の女性。主訴は上腹部痛であり,前医の腹部超音波検査で20 cmを超える嚢胞性病変を指摘され当科紹介された。血清腫瘍マーカーの上昇は認めず,腹部CTで肝右葉全体を占拠する内部に充実成分を伴った嚢胞性病変を認めた。術前画像診断では肝嚢胞腺腫と肝嚢胞腺癌の判別は困難であり,内容の確認と病変の縮小を企図して経皮的嚢胞穿刺吸引を行った後に拡大肝右葉切除術を施行した。摘出標本の病理検査で肝嚢胞腺腫と診断された。嚢胞腺腫と嚢胞腺癌の術前の鑑別診断は困難であり,特に巨大な嚢胞性病変に対しては切除を念頭にマネージメントすることが必要と考えられた


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    Background: With over 2 million foreign residents in Japan and the increased number of visitors from abroad, Japan must provide healthcare for the non-Japanese speaking population. The government has also implemented a plan to establish 30 medical institution hubs in and around the larger metropolis cities to have language services for visitors who are expected to come for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Though a small growing body of research has investigated communication difficulties between foreign patients and the healthcare institutions, there is much to be addressed. Our current study approaches this issue through a narrative-based approach. Method: Two researchers individually interviewed a total of 13 foreign residents who agreed to participate in interviews that were audio-recorded. Three main questions were asked: previous medical experiences in their own home country, reason for living in Japan (primarily Fukui) and their experiences and insights from their encounters with the healthcare system. These recorded sessions were transcribed and analyzed into categories of concerns expressed through the interviews. Results: Experiences were categorized into five main areas: 1) Privacy and confidentiality, 2) Cultural differences, 3) Mismatch in expectations, 4) Differences in medical systems, and 5) Language-related issues both spoken and written. Conclusion: This study found that while language problems exist, there are other concerns that make accessing healthcare in Japan a challenge for non-Japanese speaking residents. Previous experiences as well as cultural expectations of what should occur within a healthcare setting

    The Matrix Reeve-Loaded I : Dismantling Biases and Evaluating Diagrams of Relationships between Chaucer’s Reeve’s Tale, The Mylner of Abyngton, and Other Cradle-Trick Stories

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    福井大学教育・人文社会系部門紀要(人文科学) , 1, 201

    澤田瞳子「若冲」論 : 創造、模倣、そして生命の形象

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    福井大学教育・人文社会系部門紀要(人文科学) , 1, 201

    福井市との包括連携事業: もりたエコキャンドル2016 ~メインアート部門、グループ部門 W受賞

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    Investigation of Microorganisms in Rainwater Tanks(Analytical Methods for Microorganisms and Their Identification)

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    Storage of rainwater in tanks has been recognized to be useful for sustainable supply of water. Especially, heavy rains are frequently caused by typhoons in Japan. Although rainwater is clean when it is newly formed, little information has been obtained about the quality of rainwater during its storage in water tanks. Investigation of microorganisms in the tank is important in using the water for toilet flush, shower, drinking water, and so on if possible. In the current study, as the first trial, we collected six samples stored in two connected rainwater tanks in Higashi-ago Elementary School, Fukui, Japan, and then investigated microorganisms in each sample. We could finally identify six kinds of microorganisms based on their rDNA sequences. We also measured total numbers of bacteria in each fraction


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    The Relationship between Ability to Maintain a Stable Posture on an Unstable Stool and Area of Center of Gravity Displacement in Male University Soccer Player

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    Various tests have been developed to assess the ability to balance. The area of the center of gravity displacement test (voluntary stimulation test: VS test) assesses balancing ability when a person is subjected to added physical stimulation to make the body unstable. On the contrary, the test related to maintaining a stable posture on an unstable stool (involuntary stimulation test: IS test) assesses the balancing ability when a person is subjected to added physical stimulation while continuously standing. This study aimed to examine the relationship between each of these tests and balancing ability. The subjects were 16 male competitive soccer players (mean age, 19.3 years; SD, 1.2 years). The outline area for the VS test and the stable index for the IS test were selected as evaluation parameters. The relationship between these parameters was examined by Pearson correlation coefficient. The significance level in this study was set at p < 0.05. No significant correlation was attained between these two parameters (r = 0.04, p > 0.05). To conclude, the IS test is related to a different functional ability than the VS test


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