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    A 30 GHz Slotted Bow-Tie Rectangular Patch Antenna Design for 5G Application

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    This Article presented the  study of a single pacth antenna and array patch antenna. We will focus on the design based on a small size at a resonant frequency of 30GHz. using the software CST Microwave Studio (FEM method) and ADS software (Moments method) to find internal parameters (S... parameters, bandwidth ,VSWR) and external characteristics (gain, directivity and radiation pattern, efficiencies) .         To increase the total gain of the antenna and to have a wider bandwidth band width and taking advantage of the functionality of the radiation overlap of several elements radiating in the same direction, we suggest the second and most important step to design a most important step to design an antenna array grouping patches identical to our first patch antenna proposed in first patch antenna proposed in the first ste

    Subcarrier Filtering For Spectrally Efficient Multicarrier Modulation Schemes and Its Impact on PAPR: A Unified Approach

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    Multicarrier modulation (MCM) based schemes have been a major contributing factor in revolutionizing cellular networks due to their ability to overcome fading. One of the popular scheme orthogonal frequency division multiple access (OFDMA), having been part of 4G, is also adapted as part of 5G enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB).  Though it has several advantages, spectral efficiency (SE) and peak to average power ratio (PAPR) have been two major concerns which have attracted lot of attention resulting in proposals of several other MCM schemes.  But most of these studies have treated the two issues independently. This paper in particular studies the subcarrier filtering approach to improve the spectral efficiency of MCM scheme and its impact on the overall PAPR of such schemes. The analysis shows that the PAPR improvement is also achieved by such filters meant for spectral confinement and the simulation results validate the same provoking a unified research direction less explored till now

    Efficient FPGA implementation of Recursive Least Square adaptive filter using non-restoring division algorithm

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    In this paper, Recursive Least Square (RLS) and Affine Projection (AP) adaptive filters are designed using Xilinx System Generator and implemented on the Spartan6 xc6slx16-2csg324 FPGA platform. FPGA platform utilizes the non-restoring division algorithm and the COordinate Rotation DIgital Computer (CORDIC) division algorithm to perform the division task of the RLS and AP adaptive filters. The Non-restoring division algorithm demonstrates efficient performance in terms of convergence speed and signal-to-noise ratio. In contrast, the CORDIC division algorithm requires 31 cycles for division initialization, whereas the non-restoring algorithm initializes division in just one cycle. To validate the effectiveness of the proposed filters, a set of ten ECG records from the BIT-MIT database is used to test their ability to remove Power Line Interference (PLI) noise from the ECG signal. The proposed adaptive filters are compared with various adaptive algorithms in terms of Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR), convergence speed, residual noise, steady-state Mean Square Error (MSE), and complexity

    FPGA Implementation of Neural Nets

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    The field programmable gate array (FPGA) is used to build an artificial neural network in hardware. Architecture for a digital system is devised to execute a feed-forward multilayer neural network. ANN and CNN are very commonly used architectures. Verilog is utilized to describe the designed architecture. For the computation of certain tasks, a neural network's distributed architecture structure makes it potentially efficient. The same features make neural nets suitable for application in VLSI technology. For the hardware of a neural network, a single neuron must be effectively implemented (NN). Reprogrammable computer systems based on FPGAs are useful for hardware implementations of neural networks

    A Tiny 2.4 GHz Monopole Water Antenna

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    We designed, fabricated, and evaluated a monopole water antenna (WA) filled with pure water. A 2.4 GHz patch antenna (PA) was used for measurement comparison, and the current density distribution and 3D field strength radiation distribution and reflection coefficient of the PA had a fundamental mode and a higher-order mode at 3.5 GHz, whose polarization was 90 degrees different. The 2.4 GHz monopole WA could receive only the fundamental mode of the PA. The 3.5 GHz WA could receive the higher-order mode of the PA by rotating the WA by 90 degrees. The transmission coefficient of the 2.4 GHz WA decreased with the square of the spacing, similar to the spatial propagation characteristics of electromagnetic waves. Almost the same results could be expected if planar or three-dimensional antennas were used instead of monopole electrodes

    Downtime measurements of generator-powered microgrid during planned and unplanned transfer to island mode

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    Growing popularity of distributed generation isdrawing special attention to communication technologies in smartpower grids. This paper provides a detailed overview of thecommunication protocols utilized in the modern distributed gridlaboratory. It describes both wired and wireless technologies usedin Smart Grid and presents the remote operation of switchingthe subsystem from grid mode to island mode operating undernominal conditions. It shows the duration of power outagesduring a transfer to island mode with diesel generator runningon idle - which simulates planned islanding and diesel generatorstationary, which simulates unplanned islanding. Latency betweenregistration of disturbance and executing control commandis measured. The results obtained are compared with currentlegislation. The consequences to the power system that arepossible in both scenarios are highlighted. Obtained results anddescription of the communication technologies can be useful forthe design of distributed power grids, island-mode power grids,and Smart Grids, as well as for further research in the area ofusing combustion fuel generators as a primary power supply inthe microgrid

    Metrological Aspects of Controlling the Rotational Movement Parameters of the Auger for Dewatering Solid Waste in a Garbage Truck

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    In the article, a device for measuring the parameters of the rotational movement of the auger for dewatering solid waste is proposed based on the analysis of signal processing methods and measurement of physical quantities. It can be used in the development of high-performance special vehicles for transporting waste as the main link in the structure of machines for the collection and primary processing of solid waste. The structural scheme of the means and block diagram of the microcontroller control program algorithm for implementation of the device for measuring the parameters of the rotational motion are proposed. The main technical characteristics of the proposed means are given. The results of experimental tests for measuring the parameters of rotational motion are shown. The results of experimental studies, which are given in the work, confirmed the reliability of the measured parameters

    Optimal SAT solver synthesis of quantum circuits representing cryptographic nonlinear functions

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    In this article we present a procedure that allowsto synthesize optimal circuit representing any reversible functionwithin reasonable size limits. The procedure allows to chooseeither theNCTor theMCTgate set and specify any number ofancillary qubits to be used in the circuit. We will explore efficacyof this procedure by synthesizing various sources of nonlinearityused in contemporary symmetric ciphers and draw conclusionsabout properties of those transformations in quantum setting. Inparticular we will try to synthesize optimal circuit representingASCON cipher SBOX which recently won NIST competition forLightweight Cryptography standard

    Wearable Textile Antenna for Glucose Level Monitoring

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    Wearable antennas are becoming increasingly popular as a result of their wide range of applications, including communication, health parameter monitoring, and so on. If the wearable antenna is built of textile material, it is highly comfortable to wear and has numerous benefits, such as light weight, compact size, and low cost. A 1.3 GHz microstrip antenna made from jeans substrate is presented in this work. For conducting patch and ground plane copper material is used. The electromagnetic properties of the jeans substrate are dielectric constant ℇr = 1.7 and loss tangent tan ẟ = 0.01. The main application of this antenna is glucose level monitoring. Three levels of glucose, i.e., hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia, and normal glucose level, are observed using this antenna. The antenna is placed over the arm in the first scenario, while the finger is placed over the antenna patch in the second case. When the glucose concentration in the blood varies, the blood properties change, and the antenna frequency shifts as a result. That frequency shift is used to find out the three glucose levels. The advantage of jeans substrate is that you can wear this antenna very easily over your arm. The antenna was designed using HFSS software and tested using an arm phantom and a finger phantom designed in HFSS.

    Adaptive Monitoring of Companies' Information Security

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    Additions were proposed to the method of organizing the information security (IS) event management process of companies. Unlike existing solutions, the algorithm of the "Event handling" subprocess was detailed. This detailing is a complex, which includes the IS event processing substage. In addition, the proposed detailing of the "Event Handling" subprocess allows for covering the entire life cycle of an IS event. The performed research allows in practice to fill in potential gaps in information when creating a company's ISMS. An additional advantage of the proposed solution is the possibility of using this sub-process as an independent one. The proposed approach makes it possible to simplify the procedure for managing the information security of a company as a whole, as well as potentially reduce the costs of its construction for small companies and enterprises. Also, this sub-process can be considered as an independent information security management process, for example, for a company's CIS. The proposed solutions and additions, in contrast to similar studies, are characterized by invariance with respect to the methods of implementing the company's IS infrastructure solutions, and in particular its CIS. This ultimately allows, without changing the methodological tools, to scale this approach and adapt it to the ISMS of various companies


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