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    A lightweight and robust authentication scheme for the healthcare system using public cloud server

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    Cloud computing is vital in various applications, such as healthcare, transportation, governance, and mobile computing. When using a public cloud server, it is mandatory to be secured from all known threats because a minor attacker’s disturbance severely threatens the whole system. A public cloud server is posed with numerous threats; an adversary can easily enter the server to access sensitive information, especially for the healthcare industry, which offers services to patients, researchers, labs, and hospitals in a flexible way with minimal operational costs. It is challenging to make it a reliable system and ensure the privacy and security of a cloud-enabled healthcare system. In this regard, numerous security mechanisms have been proposed in past decades. These protocols either suffer from replay attacks, are completed in three to four round trips or have maximum computation, which means the security doesn’t balance with performance. Thus, this work uses a fuzzy extractor method to propose a robust security method for a cloud-enabled healthcare system based on Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC). The proposed scheme’s security analysis has been examined formally with BAN logic, ROM and ProVerif and informally using pragmatic illustration and different attacks’ discussions. The proposed security mechanism is analyzed in terms of communication and computation costs. Upon comparing the proposed protocol with prior work, it has been demonstrated that our scheme is 33.91% better in communication costs and 35.39% superior to its competitors in computation costs

    Kajian Rintis Penilaian Literasi Digital : Kesediaan Guru Prasekolah Menggunakan Platform Pembelajaran dalam Talian untuk Pendidikan Pemakanan = (A Pilot Study Assessing Digital Literacy: Preschool Teachers’ Readiness to Use Online Learning Platforms in Nutrition Education)

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    eToyBox is a learning management system for preschool teachers to improve their health literacy, which ultimately aims to improve children’s obesity-related behaviour. As part of the development process of eToyBox, assessment on digital literacy, acceptance of digitization of education materials, and perceived barriers in adopting online learning is needed. Fifty-four preschool teachers under the Community Development Department (KEMAS) in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, and Sarawak, who participated in ToyBox Study Malaysia intervention in 2018, took part in this cross-sectional study. An online self-administered questionnaire was used to assess sociodemographic background, use of communication tools and media, and teacher’s views on adapting the ToyBox modules to digital education materials. Respondents were contacted, and questionnaire link was shared through WhatsApp messages. Most participants (74.0%) were Malay females aged 31 to 40 years old. Most participants had internet access (94.4%) and owned at least a smart phone, laptop or tablet (94.4%). Participants perceived their computer skills to be average (75.0%). Majority of respondents (65.0%) reported advanced and higher abilities in word processing and email, but only 22.0% in spreadsheet skills. The main barrier to accessing online material was unstable internet connection (74.1%). Most respondents (90.0%) agree that adapting effective modules to online learning will be beneficial for professional development and teaching practices. In conclusion, most participants supported digitizing Toybox Study Malaysia educational content and were comfortable 72 with its implementation via an online learning platform. The findings from this study can advise future development of online learning materials for preschool teachers in Malaysia

    The Velocity, Temperature and Concentration Profiles for Triple Diffusive Casson Fluid Flow Subjected to the Soret-Dufour Parameters

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    The triple-diffusive convection with the involvement of non-Newtonian fluid has many applications in the science and technology field, industrial processes, and also in research works. Therefore, the mathematical model of the triple diffusive convection of Casson fluid by the mathematical approach is investigated. In addition, a mathematical model for the triple-diffusive convection of Casson fluid flow beyond a nonlinear compressing sheet has been formulated and solved by numerical approach, where this is the main objective of this study. This model is subjected to mass transfer and heat transfer, known as Soret and Dufour effect (Soret-Dufour). The Soret effect is occurred when the temperature gradient is produced, whereas the differences in mass cause the Dufour effect. The model is formed by the continuity equation, momentum equation, energy equation, and concentration equations of component 1 and 2, together with the boundary conditions. They have been reduced to ordinary differential equations, and subsequently, they have been implemented in bvp4c programme provided by MATLAB software to get the numerical solutions. The solutions obtained were profiles of velocity, temperature and concentration of both components. Next, the effect of Casson parameter, Soret parameter, and Dufour parameter have been investigated by changing their values of inside the coding in MATLAB and observing the behaviour of the related profiles due to these parameters. The main results from this study were: The velocity of the Casson fluid reduced as the Casson parameter enhanced, increment in both Soret and Dufour parameters caused the temperature to decrease, and the fluid concentration was higher for the increasing Soret numbe

    Emerging Trends in Composite Structures : Select Proceedings of ICC-IDEA 2023

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    Presents select proceedings of ICC-IDEA 2023 Covers topics of structural engineering and health monitoring Provides latest research in civil engineering

    The difficulties social workers have when putting interventions into reality to achieve the SDGs.

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    Social work as a committed profession-dealing with social problems, functions in various contexts and within complex situations. Working in complex contexts such as in terms of resources, policies, social problems, culture, and belief will influence social work interventions. How social work is functioning and response to many different contexts in which it operates will determine their interventions in order to make the reality of the SDGs. Understanding the context and utilization of a holistic approach to social work will influence the way social workers think and what to do, and this will strengthen the way their work and intervention is carried out by their service users. The challenges faced by social work practice should be addressed holistically. The innovative framework for approaching the SDGs through various social services and social work education and practice in the future should be a promising approach and relevant to its context. How best to integrate and frame a social work approach and practice in strengthening the SDGs with various social services must be further explored in order to sustain its development and achieve goals

    Method Development for Heavy Metals Analysis and its Accumulation in Pepper (Piper nigrum L.) Cultivation Area, Sarawak, Malaysia

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    A method of ICP-MS/MS for the determination of heavy metals in black pepper berries based on microwave-assisted digestion method was established in this study. The method was optimised by optimising gas flow rate, digestion temperature, digestion power, and acid digestion system. The optimisation was successful with satisfactory recoveries between 98.14-114.83%. LOD for As, Pb, Hg, Cd and Sb were established at 0.006, 0.01, 0.003, 0.003 and 0.008 mg/kg respectively. Good linearity was observed with correlation factor (R2) above 0.999 for all the metals of interests. Uncertainties of the method were in the range of 7.21 – 18.29%. The optimised method was then applied to 115 randomly selected imported and domestic pepper berries where 53.91% of the samples analysed were found to contain As (0.01 – 7.00 mg/kg), Pb (0.01 – 3.61 mg/kg) and Cd (0.02 – 1.37 mg/kg). The method is further used to determine uptake of heavy metal in pepper cultivated in Sarawak and heavy metal concentration in compartments of pepper vines. All target elements’ concentration in parts of pepper vines, berries and soils collected from the south, middle and north region of Sarawak were found to be below the maximum allowable limit recommended by relevant standard. This shows that the pepper berries collected in Sarawak were completely safe for consumption and soils used in the cultivation area were safe for agriculture use. The value of EF and TF recorded were lower than 1, which shows that there were no hyper accumulations of heavy metals in pepper vines. Non-carcinogenic (ADD, HQ and HI) and carcinogenic (LCR and CRt) calculated shows that there were risk by consumption of pepper presents in local adults. PCA shows clustering between pepper berries and soil samples from the same region, but no clustering involving concentration of heavy metals and its location in pepper leaves and stem. Statistical analysis (ANOVA) was applied on the samples and there was significant difference between the average concentrations of target elements against area of sampling

    Reliability and validation of the malay version of the gender equitable men scale questionnaire

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    Gender role beliefs refer to individuals’ belief that men and women should shoulder their role-related behaviour. Evidence showed that patriarchal gender roles are directly associated with violence perpetration. Gender roles can be measured with the GEMS questionnaire, which was developed in English. Thus, it needs to be adapted to the local language to be used in a family violence study among married men in Sarawak, Malaysia. This study aims to translate and validate the original English version of the GEMS into the Malay language. The English version was translated forward and backward into Malay, followed by content validation by six public health and language experts. The scale was further tested for face validity among 30 people from the general population, followed by a cross-sectional study involving 200 male respondents. The item-level content validity index (I-CVI) ranges from 0.83 to 1. Exploratory factor analysis resulted in three components within the scale, and confirmatory factor analysis established convergent and discriminant validity. The overall Cronbach’s alpha ranged from 0.778 to 0.921. In conclusion, the Malay version of the GEMS is a valid and reliable tool for measuring gender equitability among men in Sibu, Sarawak

    Carbon emission price forecasting in China using a novel secondary decomposition hybrid model of CEEMD-SE-VMD-LSTM

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    Effective forecasting of carbon prices helps investors to judge carbon market conditions and promotes the environment and economic sustainability. The contribution of this paper is constructing a novel secondary decomposition hybrid carbon price forecasting model, namely CEEMD-SE-VMD-LSTM. It is noteworthy that the sample entropy is introduced to identify the highly complex signals rather than empirically determined in previous studies. Specifically, the complementary ensemble empirical mode decomposition (CEEMD) model is used to decompose the original price signals. The sample entropy (SE) and variational mode decomposition (VMD) are conducted to recognize and secondary decompose the highly complex components, while the long short-term memory (LSTM) model is employed to forecast the carbon price by summing up the predicted intrinsic mode function (IMF) components. The conclusion shows the proposed model has the smallest forecasting errors with the values of RMSE, MAE and MAPE are 0.2640, 0.1984 and 0.0044, respectively, the secondary decomposition models are better than other primary decomposition models and the forecasting performances of LSTM-type models are better than those of other GRU-type models. Further evidence convinces us that short-term forecasting accuracy is superior to long-term forecasting. Those conclusions and model innovation can provide a valuable reference for investors to make trading decisions

    Structural and optical properties of samarium doped silica borotellurite glasses for optical switching application

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    The quaternary 56TeO2-24B2O3-(20-x)SiO2-xSm2O3 (x = 0.01, 0.02, 0.03, 0.04 and 0.05 M fraction) glasses were fabricated by using melt quenching method. XRD analysis reveals the amorphous nature of the prepared glass samples. FTIR and deconvolution studies show that Sm2O3 influences the modification of the glass network in the silica borotellurite glass system. The optical band gap and Urbach energy increases and decreases respectively with the addition of Sm2O3 beyond 0.02 M fraction. The overall refractive index of the glass system decreases along with the decrement in polarizability and optical basicity. The synthesized glass samples possess metallization criterion values of 0.30399 to 0.31068 which indicates that the glasses can be used for non-linear applications. The nonlinear behaviour of the fabricated samples which include the nonlinear absorption coefficient, nonlinear refractive index, and third order susceptibility attributed to changes in the glass structure. Silica borotellurite glass doped with 0.05 M fraction of samarium ox


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