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    A review on thermal management of battery packs for electric vehicles

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    The development of efficient Electric Vehicles (EVs) is related to the management of different parts of the powertrain, as the Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries. An important feature which affects their safety, performance, and useful life is the average temperature which must be included in an optimal range to prevent several dangerous phenomena. For this reason, Thermal Management Systems (TMSs) of battery packs of EVs are necessary to guarantee correct functioning in all environments and operating conditions. This review has the intention to divulge the recent developments in the thermal management of Li-ion batteries of EVs reached by researchers and car manufacturers to compare academic studies to the state of the art of the automotive industry from a thermal engineering point of view. Several experimental and numerical studies published in literature have been reported, and nine EV models have been analysed to explain how car manufacturers have developed their new models launched on the market. The choice of the models has been made since the quantity and the quality of data available on the official sites of manufacturers and specialist journals. In conclusion, the future perspectives of thermal management of battery packs are resumed to understand which path research and car manufacturers are following for the next generation of EVs

    SWCNT-Si Photodetector with Voltage-Dependent Active Surface

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    New works on Carbon Nanotubes-Silicon MIS heterostructures showed that the presence of thickness inhomogeneities in the insulating layer across the device can be exploited to increase its functionalities. In this work, we report the fabrication and the characterization of a device consisting of a Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube (SWCNT) film onto an n-type silicon substrate where the nitride interlayer between the nanotubes and the silicon has been intentionally etched to obtain different thicknesses. Three different silicon nitride thicknesses allow the formation of three regions, inside the same device, each with different photocurrents and responsivity behaviors. We show that by selecting specific biases, the photoresponse of the regions can be switched on and off. This peculiar behavior allows the device to be used as a photodetector with a voltage-dependent active surface. Scanning photo response imaging of the device surface, performed at different biases highlights this behavio

    Exploring Influence of Production Area and Harvest Time on Specialized Metabolite Content of Glycyrrhiza glabra Leaves and Evaluation of Antioxidant and Anti-Aging Properties

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    Calabrian Glycyrrhiza glabra is one of the most appreciated licorice varieties worldwide, an its leaves are emerging as a valuable source of bioactive compounds. Nevertheless, this biomass is usually discarded, and its valorization could contribute to boost the economic value of the licorice production chain. In this study, the effects of production area and harvest time on the specialized metabolite content of G. glabra leaves (GGL) and also the antioxidant and anti-aging properties are evaluated to explore the potential of this untapped resource and to select the most optimal harvesting practices. GGL exhibited high levels of specialized metabolites (4–30 g/100 g of dry leaf) and the most abundant ones are pinocembrin, prenylated flavanones (licoflavanone and glabranin), and prenylated dihydrostilbenes. Their levels and antioxidant capacity in extracts are influenced by both production area and harvest time, showing a decisive role on specialized metabolites accumulation. Interestingly, GGL extracts strongly attenuate the toxicity of α-synuclein, the intracellular reactive oxygen species (ROS) content, and cellular senescence on Saccharomyces cerevisiae expressing human α-synuclein model, showing great potential to prevent aging and age-related disorders. These results provide insights into the phytochemical dynamics of GGL, identifying the best harvesting site and period to obtain bioactive-rich sources with potential uses in the food, nutraceutical, and pharmaceutical sectors

    Il "rimosso" nell'operazione filosofica. Il pensiero di Sarah Kofman

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    Il pensiero di Sarah Kofman indaga le impasses presenti nel cuore della filosofia occidentale, interrogandosi sulla precisa posizione sessuata del discorso filosofico. La sua ricerca spazia tra l’estetica, la metafisica, la letteratura con un originale metodo di lettura-scrittura al tempo stesso rigoroso e sperimentale. Avvalendosi della doppia chiave di lettura nietzschiana e freudiana di cui è stata una grande specialista, apre un corpo a corpo con le istanze della speculazione metafisica e della riflessione psicoanalitica. Il particolare intreccio tra vita e filosofia forgia in lei una scrittura singolare capace di esprimere la profonda complessità e ambiguità dell’essere umano. Il suo sguardo critico, la sua parola tagliente, la sua ironia diffidente, si mettono in ascolto di tutti quei “resti” che, occultati e svalutati, sono invece rivelatori dell’irriducibilità a qualsiasi mistificazione. Per mettere in maggior rilievo la forza di questa pensatrice, si propone una traduzione dei saggi di Françoise Collin, Jean-Luc Nancy, Jacques Derrida e della stessa Sarah Kofman, pubblicati in un numero speciale dei Cahiers du Grif dopo la sua scomparsa

    Transparency in the use of assets confiscated from mafia organizations

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    Several remedies can be adopted in the fight against organized crime and mafias. One of the most effective is the confiscation of their assets. After confiscation, assets can be used to provide services to citizens, frequently thanks to the support of non-profit organiza- tions. With a focus on Italy, this study investigates the transparency of the confiscation process and the factors that explain why local governments provide (or do not provide) information on confiscated assets

    Phytochemical study on the essential oils of Callitris glaucophylla Joy Thomps. & L.A.S. Johnson, and assessment of their antioxidant, anti-enzymatic and allelopathic effects

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    : Callitris glaucophylla Joy Thomps. & L.A.S. Johnson is a coniferous forest species of the Cupressaceae family native to Australia. This species is rich in essential oils (EOs) but few studies about variability and biological activity of these EOs are available in the literature. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the variability of production of C. glaucophylla EOs in relation to the different plant parts (needles, cones and stems) and to investigate their antioxidant, anti-enzymatic and herbicidal properties. EOs were obtained by hydro distillation and analyzed by GC and GC-MS. The antioxidant potential of EOs was assessed by ABTS, FRAP and DPPH assays, their phytotoxic activities were evaluated against germination and shoots and radical growth of Sinapis arvensis, Trifolium campestre, Lepidium sativum and Lolium rigidum. The EOs were evaluated for their possible anti-enzymatic effects with spectrophotometric assay. EOs resulted rich in monoterpenes hydrocarbons (61.04-77.82 %) and oxygenated monoterpenes (19.52-25.26 %). The main compounds were α-pinene as major compound in all plant parts (36.99-59.84 %), 1,8-cineole (19.88 % in stems) and limonene (18.94 % in needles). Herbicidal assays showed that all EOs have remarkable and significant phytotoxicity towards germination, roots, and aerial parts growth of the tested plants, depending on the EO, the doses and tested species. The EOs showed significant free radical scavenging potential and resulted more active against cholinesterases than α-glucosidase and α-amylase. The data obtained constitute an important contribution in selecting and valorizing appropriate forestry tree biomass as sources of antioxidant and phytotoxic molecules for sustainable application in food preservation and weeds control. The activities against the tested enzymes confirmed a possible use of these EOs as natural pesticides

    A methodology for Debris Flow Risk Analysis

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