Fermionic decays of scalar leptoquarks and scalar gluons in the minimal four color symmetry model


Fermionic decays of the scalar leptoquarks S=S1(+),S1(),Sm S=S_1^{(+)}, S_1^{(-)}, S_m and of the scalar gluons F=F1,F2F=F_1, F_2 predicted by the four color symmetry model with the Higgs mechanism of the quark-lepton mass splitting are investigated. Widths and branching ratios of these decays are calculated and analysed in dependence on coupling constants and on masses of the decaying particles. It is shown that the decays S1(+)tlj+,S1()νib~,Smtν~j,F1tb~,F2tt~ S_1^{(+)}\to tl^+_j, S_1^{(-)}\to \nu_i\tilde b, S_m\to t\tilde \nu_j, F_1\to t\tilde b, F_2\to t\tilde t are dominant with the widths of order of a few GeV for mS,mF<1m_S, m_F<1 TeV and with the total branching ratios close to 1. In the case of mS<mtm_S < m_t the dominant scalar leptoquark decays are S_1^{(+)}\to cl_j^+, S_1^{(-)}\to \nu_i\tilde b, S_m\to b\l_j^+, S_m\to c\tilde \nu_j with the total branching ratios Br(S1(+)cl+)Br(S_1^{(+)}\to cl^+) \approx Br(S1()νb~)1Br(S_1^{(-)}\to \nu\tilde b) \approx 1, Br(Smbl+)0.9Br(S_m\to bl^+) \approx 0.9 and Br(Smcν~)0.1.Br(S_m\to c\tilde \nu) \approx 0.1. A search for such decays at the LHC and Tevatron may be of interest.Comment: 11 pages, 1 figure, 1 table, to be published in Modern Physics Letters

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