Branching Ratio and Polarization of B→ρ(Ο‰)ρ(Ο‰)B\to\rho(\omega)\rho(\omega) Decays in Perturbative QCD Approach


In this work, we calculated the branching ratios, polarization fractions and CP asymmetry of decay modes B→ρ(Ο‰)ρ(Ο‰)B\to\rho(\omega)\rho(\omega) in the Perturbative QCD approach, which is based on kT\mathbf{k}_T factorization. After calculation, we find the the branching ratios of B0→ρ+Οβˆ’B^0 \to \rho^+ \rho^-, B+→ρ+ρ0B^+ \to \rho^+ \rho^0 and B+→ρ+Ο‰B^+ \to \rho^+ \omega are at the order of 10βˆ’510^{-5}, and their longitudinal polarization fractions are more than 90%. The above results agree with BarBar's measurements. We also predict the branching ratios and polarizations of B0→ρ0ρ0B^0 \to \rho^0 \rho^0, B0→ρ0Ο‰B^0 \to \rho^0 \omega and B0→ωωB^0 \to \omega \omega, which will be measured in future. We predicted the CP asymmetry of B0→ρ+Οβˆ’B^0 \to \rho^+ \rho^- and B+→ρ+ρ0B^+ \to \rho^+ \rho^0, which will play important role in determining angle Ξ±\alpha.Comment: 13 pages, 4 figure

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