Power corrections in charmless B decays


Power corrections seem to play an important role in charmless B decays as indicated by recent analysis using QCD Factorization. In this talk, I would like to report on a recent work on power corrections in charmless B decays. By using the ratio of the branching fraction of B+π+K0B^+ \to \pi^+ K^{\ast 0} to that of B0πρ+B^0 \to \pi^- \rho^+, for which the theoretical uncertainties are greatly reduced, it is shown in a transparent manner that power corrections in charmless B decays are probably large and that the B0Kρ+B^0 \to K^- \rho^+ decay could be explained with the annihilation term included. For ratios of direct CP asymmetries, QCD Factorisation with the annihilation terms included would predict the direct CP asymmetry of Bπ+πB \to \pi^+ \pi^- to be about 3 times larger than that of Bπ±KB \to \pi^\pm K^\mp, with opposite sign. In particular, the large measured value for Bπ±KB \to \pi^\pm K^\mp CP asymmetry implies naturally a corresponding large Bπ+πB \to \pi^+ \pi^- CP asymmetry as observed by Belle. Experimentally any significant deviation from this prediction or possibly the importance of long-distance rescattering effects.Comment: Talk given at the QCD Euroconference 2004, Montpellier 5-9 July 2004., LateX, 7 pages, 2 figure

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