Demons and Abelian Projection QCD: Action and Crossover


I evaluate S_{APQCD}, the exact action of Abelian projection QCD, using the microcanonical demon method. Starting with a trial action consisting of L=1, L=2, & L=3 LxL plaquettes plus a Smit-van-der-Sijs magnetic monopole ``mass'' operator, I show that coefficients of the L=2 and L=3 plaquettes vanish at all beta_{SU2}. In fact, at strong coupling S_{APQCD} is essentially the 1x1 compact QED action with beta_{U1}=beta_{SU2}/2. Beyond beta_{SU2}>=2, S_{APQCD} gains an exogenous negative 1x1x1 magnetic monopole mass shift. Note that my approach differs fundamentally from the Smit-van-der-Sijs approach in that I do not make an a priori assumption about monopole or plaquette size in S_{APQCD}. Indeed, these results suggest that QCD monopoles are pointlike, in contrast to the ``effective'' condensation picture put forth by Smit and van der Sijs.Comment: to appear in Physics Letters B347 (1995) 367-37

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