Measurement of dsigma/dy for high mass Drell-Yan e+e- Pairs at CDF


We report on the first measurement of the rapidity distribution dsigma/dy over nearly the entire kinematic region of rapidity for e+e- pairs in the Z-boson region of 66116 GeV/c2. The data sample consists of 108 pb-1 of pbar-p collisions at sqrt{s}=1.8 TeV taken by the Collider Detector at Fermilab during 1992--1995. The total cross section in the Z-boson region is measured to be 252 +- 11 pb. The measured total cross section and dsigma/dy are compared with quantum chromodynamics calculations in leading and higher orders.Comment: 3 pages, Presented by Arie Bodek for the CDF Collaboration at DPF-2000, Columbus, Ohio, August 200

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