A Multi-Relational Network to Support the Scholarly Communication Process


The general pupose of the scholarly communication process is to support the creation and dissemination of ideas within the scientific community. At a finer granularity, there exists multiple stages which, when confronted by a member of the community, have different requirements and therefore different solutions. In order to take a researcher's idea from an initial inspiration to a community resource, the scholarly communication infrastructure may be required to 1) provide a scientist initial seed ideas; 2) form a team of well suited collaborators; 3) located the most appropriate venue to publish the formalized idea; 4) determine the most appropriate peers to review the manuscript; and 5) disseminate the end product to the most interested members of the community. Through the various delinieations of this process, the requirements of each stage are tied soley to the multi-functional resources of the community: its researchers, its journals, and its manuscritps. It is within the collection of these resources and their inherent relationships that the solutions to scholarly communication are to be found. This paper describes an associative network composed of multiple scholarly artifacts that can be used as a medium for supporting the scholarly communication process.Comment: keywords: digital libraries and scholarly communicatio

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