Mott Transition in the Hubbard model


In this article, I discuss W.Kohn's criterion for a metal insulator transition, within the framework of a one band Hubbard model. This and related ideas are applied to 1-dimensional Hubbard systems, and some intersting miscellaneous results discussed. The Jordan Wigner transformation converting the two species of fermions to two species of hardcore bosons is performed in detail, and the ``extra phases'' arising from odd-even effects are explicitly derived. Bosons are shown to prefer zero flux (i.e. diamagnetism), and the corresponding ``happy fluxes'' for the fermions identified. A curious result following from the interplay between orbital diamagnetism and spin polarization is highlighted. A ``spin-statistics'' like theorem, showing that the anticommutation relations between fermions of opposite spin are crucial to obtain the SU(2) invariance is pointed out.Comment: 15 page

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