Modulation of the Curie Temperature in Ferromagnetic/Ferroelectric Hybrid Double Quantum Wells


We propose a ferromagnetic/ferroelectric hybrid double quantum well structure, and present an investigation of the Curie temperature (Tc) modulation in this quantum structure. The combined effects of applied electric fields and spontaneous electric polarization are considered for a system that consists of a Mn \delta-doped well, a barrier, and a p-type ferroelectric well. We calculate the change in the envelope functions of carriers at the lowest energy sub-band, resulting from applied electric fields and switching the dipole polarization. By reversing the depolarizing field, we can achieve two different ferromagnetic transition temperatures of the ferromagnetic quantum well in a fixed applied electric field. The Curie temperature strongly depends on the position of the Mn \delta-doped layer and the polarization strength of the ferroelectric well.Comment: 9 pages, 5 figures, to be published in Phys. Rev. B (2006) minor revision: One of the line types is changed in Fig.

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