Affine deformations of quasi-divisible convex cones


For any subgroup of SL(3,R)⋉R3\mathrm{SL}(3,\mathbb{R})\ltimes\mathbb{R}^3 obtained by adding a translation part to a subgroup of SL(3,R)\mathrm{SL}(3,\mathbb{R}) which is the fundamental group of a finite-volume convex projective surface, we first show that under a natural condition on the translation parts of parabolic elements, the affine action of the group on R3\mathbb{R}^3 has convex domains of discontinuity that are regular in a certain sense, generalizing a result of Mess for globally hyperbolic flat spacetimes. We then classify all these domains and show that the quotient of each of them is an affine manifold foliated by convex surfaces with constant affine Gaussian curvature. The proof is based on a correspondence between the geometry of an affine space endowed with a convex cone and the geometry of a convex tube domain. As an independent result, we show that the moduli space of such groups is a vector bundle over the moduli space of finite-volume convex projective structures, with rank equaling the dimension of the Teichm\"uller space.Comment: 37 pages, 6 figures. Comments welcom

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