Development and Performance of spark-resistant Micromegas Detectors


The Muon ATLAS MicroMegas Activity (MAMMA) focuses on the development and testing of large-area muon detectors based on the bulk-Micromegas technology. These detectors are candidates for the upgrade of the ATLAS Muon System in view of the luminosity upgrade of Large Hadron Collider at CERN (sLHC). They will combine trigger and precision measurement capability in a single device. A novel protection scheme using resistive strips above the readout electrode has been developed. The response and sparking properties of resistive Micromegas detectors were successfully tested in a mixed (neutron and gamma) high radiation field, in a X-ray test facility, in hadron beams, and in the ATLAS cavern. Finally, we introduced a 2-dimensional readout structure in the resistive Micromegas and studied the detector response with X-rays

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