Urgensi Penanaman Nilai-Nilai Pendidikan Agama Islam Berbasis Multikultural pada Anak Usia Dini


The values multicultural Islamic education for early childhood, although a relatively new discourse in the treasury of Islamic education in Indonesia, but basically if studied from the essence has become the spirit or spirit of the basic teachings of Islam contained in the Qur'an and as-Sunnah, as references to the life of the Muslims since the last dozen centuries. The concepts or ideas of Islamic education based on multicultural that have been raised so far need to be continuously developed from both quantitative and qualitative aspects. The existence of multicultural-based Islamic education for early childhood developed in accordance with Islamic values and the dynamics of modern society, is actually very appropriate to answer so many issues concerning the dimensions of diversity and diversity. The rapid development of human life without the bounds of space and time, desperately requires an in-dividual awareness which then implies the collective consciousness to accept and place all these differences and diversity as a part that needs to be respected and respected

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