Design Factors for Two-Dimensional, External-Compression Supersonic Inlets


Geometric and aerodynamic design factors were studied for the design of two-dimensional, external-compression inlets operating at a freestream Mach number of Mach 1.7. Computational simulations of the inlet flows were performed to obtain the inlet performance metrics consisting of the inlet flow rates, total pressure recovery, and total pressure distortion at the engine face. The key design factors identified included the external diffuser Mach number, cowl lip interior angle, bleed slot length, throat section aft centerbody slope, and subsonic diffuser length. Using the results of the Mach 1.7 inlet study, inlets were designed for Mach 1.4 and 2.0. The results provide useful insight on the significance of the design factors for the design of such inlets for commercial supersonic aircraft

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