Evolution in the Design and Functionality of Rubrics: from “Square” Rubrics to “Federated” Rubrics


The assessment of learning remains one of the most controversial and challenging aspects for teachers. Among some recent technical solutions, methods and techniques like eRubrics emerge in an attempt to solve the situation. Understanding that all teaching contexts are different and there can be no single solution for all cases, specific measures are adapted to contexts where teachers receive support from institutions and communities of practice. This paper presents the evolution of the eRubric service [1] which started from a first experience with paper rubrics, and, with time and after several I+D+R [2] educational projects, has evolved thanks to the support of a community of practice [3] and the exchange of experiences between teachers and researchers. This paper shows the results and functionality of the eRubrics service up to the date of publicationa.) Project I+D+i EDU2010-15432: eRubric federated service for assessing university learning b.) Centre for the Design of eRubrics. National Distance Education System -Sined- Mexico. [

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