Mueller Navelet jets, jet gap jets and anomalous WWγγWW\gamma \gamma couplings in γ\gamma-induced processes at the LHC


We describe two different important measurements to be performed at the LHC. The Mueller Navelet jet and jet gap jet cross section represent a test of BFKL dynamics and we perform a NLL calculation of these processes and compare it with recent Tevatron measurements. The study of the WWγγWW\gamma \gamma couplings at the LHC using the forward detectors proposed in the ATLAS Forward Physics project as an example allows to probe higgsless and extradimension models via anomalous quartic couplings since the reach is improved by four orders of magnitude with respect to the LEP results.Comment: Proceedings of the Forward Physics at LHC Workshop, Elba Island, Italy, May 27-29 201

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