The Place of Sun in the Vedas and Ancient Iranian literature


Sun is very important in the Vedas Ancient Iranian literature. It is known by two names in the Vedic hymns namely Sūrya and Savitr. Sometimes one name occurs exclusively, sometimes they are used interchangeably and sometimes they are used as though they represent quite distinct object. It is supposed that Savitr is referred to the Sun when it is invisible; while Sūrya refers to him when he is visible to the worshippers. Sun is the name of an ancient Iranian god and it is the name of a “Yazata” in the Avesta book. The Avestan form of this word is “Hvarexšaeta” (Hvarekhshaeta) and it is said “Xvaršēt” in the Pahlavi texts, and “Xoršid” (Khoshid) in the Persian. The Sun from a long time ago was praised by Aryan people and ancient Iranian even before Zoroaster. Greek Historians have written something about Iranian who respected the Sun and Sun shine

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