The B\to D_s^{(*)}\eta^{(\prime)} decays in the perturbative QCD


In this paper, we calculate the branching ratios for B+β†’Ds+Ξ·,B+β†’Ds+Ξ·β€²B^+\to D_s^+\eta, B^+\to D_s^+\eta^{\prime}, B+β†’Dsβˆ—+Ξ·B^+\to D_s^{*+}\eta and B+β†’Dsβˆ—+Ξ·β€² B^+\to D_s^{*+}\eta^{\prime} decays by employing the perturbative QCD (pQCD) factorization approach. Under the two kinds of Ξ·βˆ’Ξ·β€²\eta-\eta^{\prime} mixing schemes, the quark-flavor mixing scheme and the singlet-octet mixing scheme, we find that the calculated branching ratios are consistent with the currently available experimental upper limits. We also considered the so called "fDsf_{D_s} puzzle", by using two groups of parameters about the Ds(βˆ—)D^{(*)}_s meson decay constants, that is fDs=241f_{D_s}=241 MeV, fDsβˆ—=272f_{D^*_s}=272 MeV and fDs=274f_{D_s}=274 MeV, fDsβˆ—=312f_{D^*_s}=312 MeV, to calculate the branching ratios for the considered decays. We find that the results change 30%30\% by using these two different groups of paramters.Comment: 12 pages, 1 figure. Typos removed, minor correction

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