Evaluating Religious Education in Nigerian Catholic Schools


Religious Education (R.E) has been one of the most important subjects being taught in the Secondary Schools in Nigeria. This is because the subject helps to streamline the thought, character, moral and aspiration of the students. It also offers hope for a future integrated, disciplined, harmonious and progressive society. Religious Education is a vast subject and it is taught at all levels of education in the country. In this study, the discussion was limited to Christian Religious Education that is, Christian Religious Studies, as it is taught in the secondary schools in the Nigeria. The study tried to analyze the kind of influence religious education has or does not have on the social and personal life of the students. This is necessary because of the youth’s involvement in some negative social practices, like drug abuse, permissiveness, armed robbery, racial violence, prostitution, indiscipline and other moral vices. Before the evaluation, the opinions of some authors on the subject will be discussed. Keywords: Religion * Religious Education* Education *Evaluation* Nigeria* Catholic* Schools* Curriculum* Teaching* Learning

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