Corporate Governance, Internal Control And Voluntary Disclosures Of Environmental Accounting To Company Performance : Evidence From Hospital Industries In Indonesia


Purpose – To examine the relationship of corporate governance, internal control and voluntary disclosures and their impacts to the hospital industries performance in Indonesia. Design/methodology/approach – A conceptual model including dimensions of good corporate governance, internal control, disclosures of environmental accounting and its relationship to performances in hospital industries as the empirical research setting, this study concerns forty four  hospitals in Indonesia. The survey instrument is a questionnaire form which designed to achieve the research objectives. A total of 78 items questionaire (attributes) were identified to be the most relevant. Findings – Government Hospitals , teaching hospitals and general hospitals has above-average in implementing good corporate governance, internal controls and below in voluntary disclosures of Accounting environmental. Critical implications – The result can be used by the hospitals and ministry of health to creatively reengineer and redesign their quality in good corporate governace, internal control and higher in voluntary disclosure of environmental accounting. Originality/value – In this research, the study is described involving a new instrument and a new paradigm in public sector industries to measures its good corporate governance, internal control and voluntary disclosures of environmental accounting and its impact to performances by using four perspectives of balanced scorecard. Keywords: corporate governance, internal control, voluntary disclosure of environmental accounting, company performanc

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