A Comparative Study on Patients’ Satisfaction in Health care Service


Nowadays, patients’ satisfaction is an integral part of hospital management across the world. The health care industry in recent years has restructured its service delivery system. The restructuring has focused on finding effective ways to satisfy the needs and desires of the patients. Patients’ satisfaction is a basic requirement for healthcare provider because, the satisfaction related to quality of healthcare is provided by hospitals. The main focus of the study is to measure the patients’ satisfaction in healthcare service provided by the two hospitals. In these two hospitals, a sample of 400 in- patients were selected to collect the primary data through SERVQUAL model and also Donabedian’s framework was used to measure the patients’ satisfaction. The finding of the study shows that the private hospital is performing better in providing service quality and give satisfaction according to the needs of the patients. Keywords: Hospital, Satisfaction, Healthcare, SERVQUAL, Patien

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