Archaeological Investigations at Moody Reunion and Fairgrounds, Floresville, Wilson County, Texas


Archaeologists from the Center for Archaeological Studies (CAS) at Texas State University conducted an intensive pedestrian survey including the excavation of 5 mechanical trenches and 50 shovel tests in Moody Reunion and Fairgrounds, Floresville, Texas, from January 10 through February 23, 2018. The survey was executed in order to assess the project area for potential impacts to cultural resources in advance of the installation of a new baseball complex and associated infrastructure by the City of Floresville. Work was carried out by CAS archaeologists Jacob Hooge and David Macias under Texas Antiquities Permit Number 8276, assigned to Principal Investigator Jacob Hooge. The area of potential effects (APE) includes Floresville River Park, Kiddie Park, and an area extending approximately 1,400 meters northwest of the Floresville Events Center. Other than modern refuse, only one single prehistoric stone tool was observed in a secondary context within a gully near the San Antonio River. The source of the tool could not be identified leading to its classification as an isolated find, and thus, holds little research value, and are not significant to the city’s, state’s or nation’s history. Although soil profiles observed in trenches and a natural erosion feature exhibit potential for buried archaeology, no other prehistoric or historic cultural materials were observed during survey. Accordingly, CAS recommends full regulatory clearance for the installations of all of the proposed features

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