Derivation of forces acting on the liquid weld metal based on arc pressure measurements produced using alternating shielding gases in the GTAW process


As part of an ongoing process to fully evaluate the effects of an alternating shielding gas supply on the gas tungsten arc and gas metal arc welding processes, a comparison between arc pressures produced using argon, helium, alternating gases and GTAW-P has been conducted. The alternating shielding gas process is reported to create a dynamic stirring action within the liquid weld metal as a result of three independent phenomena: a) variation in weld pool fluidity, b) arc pressure variation, and c) arc pressure peaking. These effects have been the basis of previous advantages associated with the process, however these phenomena have not previously been verified and are based solely on theoretical assumptions. Arc pressure measurements are presented which allowed for the numerical derivation of various forces acting on the liquid weld metal in order to estimate the flow vectors present when each shielding gas is present

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