Correlation properties of interfering electrons in a mesoscopic ring under nonclassical microwave radiation


Original paper can be found at: Copyright World Scientific Publishing Co. DOI: 10.1142/9789812704474_0009Interfering electrons in a mesoscopic ring are irradiated with both classical and nonclassical microwaves. The average intensity of the charges is calculated as a function of time and it is found that it depends on the nature of the irradiating electromagnetic field. For various quantum states of the microwaves, the electron autocorrelation function is calculated and it shows that the quantum noise of the external field affects the interference of the charges. Two-mode entangled microwaves are also considered and the results for electron average intensity and autocorrelation are compared with those of the corresponding separable state. In both cases, the results depend on whether the ratio of the two frequencies is rational or irrational.Peer reviewe

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