L'ICSI in pazienti poor responders: la metodica migliore?


Objective: to evaluate and, if it possible, to improve the result of FIVET cycles in "poor responders" patients by intracitoplasmatic spermatozoon injection (ICSI). Methodology and materials: from january 2006 to june 2008 we tested 80 poor responders women with normal semen partner (sec.WHO 1999: n° spermatozoon >20 million /ml; mobility > 50%; normal forms > 30%) or with light oligoospermia. The 80 women were random selected into 2 groups: the group 1 with 40 poor responder women with 40 ICSI cycles. The group 2 with 40 poor responder women with 40 FIVET cycles Results: significant differences between the 2 groups about the stimulation and fecundation parameters weren’t highlighted while the implantation and the normal pregnancy rates where significantly in favour of ICSI. Conclusions: ICSI in poor responder women, with normal semen partners, gives the best results about implantation and pregnancy rates in comparison to FIVET

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